Hill Rescue is the sixth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


As the workmen worked on Delete's new coat of paint. On the other side, James was being cleaned.

"Thanks so much you morons", James said to the workmen, "You are so kind. I'd do anything for you."

"Very well", replied one of the them, the one in charge, "You can take that goods train Norman was suppose to take."

"Twenty trucks, you crazy", scoffed James.

"Fine. Paxton shall take five."




"Fine, seven", grumbled James. "See if I care."

Paxton arrived as James back up.

"Be careful with these trucks. They're troublesome and devilish", warned Paxton.

"Dirty Diesels", whispered James, and he was off in a flash.

He was going so fast, the trucks didn't want to. So, he bumped them. And whenever they were going to pay him back the signal turned red.

At last they devised a plan. They helped James up Gordon's Hill.

"Thanks", said James.

"Ha!", screamed the trucks.

As the Fireman was shoveling, the sudden jerk made the Fireman lose his balance and off the train. The Guard sent a chain so he could climb on, but he lost balance! Once the Driver knew this, he put on the brakes. The trucks were too furious to stop.

As they thundered through Edward's Station, Edward took action.

"Runaway coming. It's James. Clear the lines", warned Edward's Fireman.

"OK, Sid. We'll send Delete to catch James."

Edward's Fireman told James' Driver.

"OK", agreed James' Driver.

James was screaming, he was terrified.

Meanwhile, Delete had no idea what the heck was going on. He was in a pink undercoat. His tender was finished. It now said, NWR/LNER 61251. Delete's lining had just been done, when they got the call.

"Couple up his tender. Your the only ones who could help."

Luckliy, Delete was fast at getting warmed up.

James had just passed Henry's Station when he saw Delete.

"Out of the way. Are you crazy? You could die you idiot", screamed James.

But, Delete started backing up.

"Phew", said James relieved.

Eventually the Driver found the train was slowing down.

"Yes! A mile and we'll do it.", said the Driver

But they couldn't. Behind Knapford, is where the Ballast Chute was, but no-one except engines on Duck's Branch Line, could go. So they only had three-fourths of a mile.

Delete thought, "We'll do it."

But rounding the bend, James tipped, and so did his trucks. Delete was left in total silence.


  • James
  • Delete
  • Paxton
  • Edward (non-speaking role)
  • Norman (mentioned)
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