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Hector the Horrid! is the fifth episode of the eleventh series its being remade in CBR3 by Cosofilms.


Thomas is given a job to shunt coal trucks for James and Edward to deliver. Then, Bill and Ben arrive with a new coal hopper named Hector to deliver to the coal yards. Thomas asks why Hector needs two engines to deliver one truck and they say that he does not like to be shunted and warn Thomas that he is very aggressive. Thomas is not scared as he is sure that he can shunt Hector firmly. But when Thomas arrives at the coaling plant and tries to shunt him, Hector roars "Keep away!!!!" at Thomas. Thomas backs away from Hector after that. As Thomas is filling the trucks with coal, the coal manager arrives to tell Thomas that Rosie is coming to help him fill Hector with coal and add him on James' train. Later Thomas saw BoCo and BoCo told Thomas to help rosie with hector. when Rosie comes to help, Hector scares her away when he roars again to her and Thomas, "Keep away!!!!"  This makes Thomas very angry and decides to finally teach Hector a lesson; he bumps Hector so hard that he accidentally tips over and derails. Thomas apologises to Hector after realising what he has done and asks him why he does not want to be shunted. Hector then admits he was scared because he's new and did not know what being shunted or being filled with coal was going to feel like.

After Rocky helps Hector back on the rails, Thomas shows him it is no hardship by going under the coal hopper and shows him that it is not scary to be filled with coal. Now Hector is the best-behaved coal truck in the yard and wants to be filled with coal. Thomas fills Hector with coal and shunts him to the back of James' train. James and Edward arrive and are surprised to see Hector on James' train and congratulate Thomas. James and Edward leave with their deliveries as Thomas whistles good luck not only to the engines but for his new friend, Hector.



  • Cosofilms had an idea of remaking an episode while he was playing CBR3 i think?
  • and BoCo is gonna have an role in the remake.
  • Ashima from the great race she was originally going to appear but due to her not appearing in CBR3 She was dropped.



Hector The Horrid! (PREVIEW)