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Hector is brought to help Oliver and Duck keep the Troublesome Trucks in order.


Oliver and Duck always work with Troublesome Trucks and they always keep them in order. One day, Thomas brought S.C.Ruffey and some of his friends, which were considered the worst of the trucks. Oliver and Duck worked hard but these trucks were very troublesome, not even Toad could keep them in order. Duck decided to get another engine to help. Duck went to the shunting yard. Stanley saw Duck and he asked kindly to Duck what was the problem. Duck asked if Stanley could he help but he said he couldn't however he knew someone who could. He brought Duck to a place where there was a truck. Stanley intruduced Duck to Hector and said he could help keep trucks in order. Duck was happy and he took Hector with him. When he came back, S.C.Ruffey and the other trucks were calling Oliver and Toad names. Hector told the trucks to be quiet and they did. The Great Western engines agreed Hector was very useful. The trucks tried to be troublesome to the engines, but Hector kept them from being troublesome, even S.C.Ruffey wouldn't mess with Hector. The trucks were never troublesome when Hector was around.



  • This episode reveals S.C.Ruffey went back to being troublesome after Toad Stands By from Thomas and Friends.
  • This is Fred Pelhay's first time in an episode as he only appeared on the RWS book, Oliver the Western Engine
  • This is Old Bennett's first time in an episode as he is a magazine only character.
  • This is Rickety's first time in an episode as he is a merchendise only character.