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Hector (the name stands for "Heavily Engineered Coal Truck On Rails) is a large coal hopper.



ICI Hopper Wagon


When Hector first arrived on Sodor, he was afraid of being loaded with coal, and was rude to the other engines, specifically Thomas, Bill and Ben, and Rosie. However, with Thomas' help he learned to get over his fear. Later, he was on James' train during a snow storm, and at first James refused to listen to his advice, but Hector helped him out after the train got stuck in a snowdrift.


Hector used to be mean and aggressive to hide his fear of being filled with coal. Thanks to Thomas, he learned that there was no need to be scared and is now friendly to the engines.


Hector is painted black with "HECTOR" painted on both sides in white.


Sodor Adventures

  • Season 1 - Improper Engines and The Wrong Way (cameo)
  • Season 2 - Molly and the Mountain Engines
  • Season 3 - Hector the Ballast Hopper
  • Season 4 - Polar Opposites (cameo) and George Strikes Again
  • Season 5 - Sodor Snowstorm and Samson and Logan
  • Season 6 - The New Diesel Fuel

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