Hay is the seventh episode of the seventh season.

Season 7, Episode 7
Air date May 14th, 2012
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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N- It was beautiful spring morning on the Skarloey Railway.

(Duncan whooshes by)

N- Well, for everyone except

Duncan- Why? Thin Controller knows I'm overworked, yet I have to take these stupid hay wagons to the Wharf.

N- As Duncan steamed into the Wharf he...

Duncan- Wheesh! I'm overworked I need a break!

TTC- No break for you right now. I need you to bring all the hay wagons.

Duncan- But, Sir! Peter Sam was going to do it.

TTC- Well yes, but, but. Duncan? Oh well, OK

Duncan- Hurry up, I haven't all day.

Workmen- We'll take our time.

Duncan- No you won't!

N- threatened Duncan. The workmen finished at last

Duncan- Finally

N- and he puffed on. Too fast perhaps.

Duncan- Hmm, the trucks are broken, so... I'm out of a job!

N- The Thin Controller was surprised to see him.

TTC- What are you doing back so soon? What happened?

Duncan- Umm.. The trucks broke.

TTC- Hmm, well you must clean the mess.

Duncan- Yes, sir.

N- At the end of the day, Duncan really was tired.

TTC- Well, Duncan you are indeed are very useful engine.


  • Duncan
  • Thin Controller
  • Peter Sam (mentioned)
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