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Haunted Henry's Forest
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date March 5th, 2018
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Haunted Henry's Forest is the third episode of the second season of The Adventures on Sodor.


It was a misty moonlit night on the Island of Sodor, and Henry was at Tidmouth Sheds getting ready to pull the Flying Kipper. Henry was excited tonight as he was delivering fish to Hawin Lake Station, which was run by his friend, Old Bailey. Henry hadn't seen Old Bailey in a while, and he was looking forward to seeing him tonight.

"Oh, this'll be exciting", Henry told his driver. "I can't wait to see Old Bailey again."

"Haha, neither can I", laughed his driver.

"But the only problem is, is that I have to travel through the dark woods in order to get to the station", Henry said. "And it's kind of scary in there."

"I agree with you there, Henry." his driver replied. "Remember those few years ago, when we saw Old Bailey's coat, a crossing open and signal turning red by themselves, the light in Old Bailey's Station before restoration", he said.

"And when I caused the goods train I was taking to fall off a ravine?" Henry added. "Yes, I do remember."

"And when I raced past you with the express, and I frightened you Henry", Gordon added.

"Yeah," smirked James, "you were just petrified when he went by."

"I didn't know he was there," Henry responded, "besides, it also happened not so long ago as well. Anyway, I thought you weren't going to tease me again?"

"I know we said we were," Gordon huffed. "but-"

"But we're only bringing back memories, Henry", James interrupted.

"Well, I suppose", Henry muttered.

"All right Henry", said his driver. "It's time we get going."

"Yes of course", Henry replied, and he steamed away to the docks. However, there was some unpleasant news over at the dockside. Henry arrived to find that the ship with the fish hadn't arrived yet from the Mainland. "Huh, that's strange, where's the ship?" Henry asked Porter.

"Apparently, the ship has had an accident far out at sea", Porter explained.

"So, no fish?" questioned Henry.

"Yah, I think there still will be fish, me hearty", Salty answered. "You never know what could of happened, maybe a sea monster has captured it", And Salty began laughed.

"Salty, this is serious", said Porter sternly. "That ship has had an accident far out at sea!"

"I have to agree with that one, Porter", agreed Cranky.

"Yah, I'm only just entertaining Henry", huffed Salty, quite aggressively.

"Yes, but you could scare him", Porter wheeshed.

"No, I'm fine", said Henry. "I'm just waiting for the ship to arrive that's all." And Henry waited for the ship. He waited and waited, but the ship had not arrived. Salty however was in the mood for telling sea stories.

"Yah, waiting is so boring," he sighed, "it's about time, we'd tell a story."

"Oh, not another one of your silly fake stories", groaned Cranky.

"Fake, what do 'ye mean, fake?" Salty exclaimed.

"Well, it's quite obvious that every single sea story you've told ever is fake", Cranky answered.

"Yes, but it could be true. You never know Cranky", Salty responded. "Anyway, as I was saying, time to tell a story, and you know what type of story I'm really wanting to tell?"

"What?" Henry asked, raising an eyebrow.

"A ghost story!" Salty chugged. "Yah, haha."

"Ghosts? Not a story about ghosts, Salty, please!" Henry pleaded.

"See what I mean", Porter groaned.

"Oh, please Henry, I'll assure you, this'll be interesting", Salty convinced.

"Huh, it probably won't be", Cranky retorted.

"Quiet, you!" hissed Salty. "Anyway, let me begin the story... Once upon a time, a long time ago, an engine was heading back home after a long busy day. He had to travel through Hawin Lake Forest, which I'm guessing that's where you'll be passing tonight, Henry", Salty began.

"Yes I am", Henry replied. "Anyway, continue."

"Yes of course me hearty," And Salty continued, "and as the engine puffed through the dark, gloomy woods, he saw lots of missing and forgotten about stuff. A fogman's coat and a sign reading "Danger! Beware of the Viaduct!"

"Wait, sorry for intruding there Salty, but I saw the exact same things when I first travelled through the forest a few years ago, long before you arrived on the island", Henry said.

"I know that me hearty," Salty replied, "but this story actually happened before the station on the Hawin line had been restored, and even before you went down that line", he said.

"Oh, I see now", Henry muttered.

"Yah, continuing with the story; as the engine chuffed through the forest, he saw a signal turn red all by itself and the crossing gates also opened on their own. Again I assuming you've witnessed all this when you went down that line", Salty narrated.

"Yes, indeed", Henry replied.

"The engine was kind of scared, and so was his crew. Then they saw an abandoned station in the distance, which has now become Old Bailey's Station, like you'll obviously know Henry, but as they stared at the station, a light flickered and the shadow of a strange figure could be seen. The engine gasped and started to become even more scared, he really wanted to go home, but didn't want to travel through the dark, creepy woods. The engine bravely made his way through the forest, but as he headed on his way, he heard the sound of a ghostly whistle. The engine became startled, and grew more scared, and grew even more scared when a strange light appeared right in front of him", and Salty laughed menacingly.

Henry whimpered slightly. "Salty, stop! You're making this story sound too scary for me."

Salty stopped laughing. "Yah, sorry Henry, it's just I kind of like stories like this. And as we were saying, the bright light in front of the engine had gone, he was still scared though, not wanting to go through the woods. He then heard an evil menacing laugh coming from behind him; it was a ghost engine who showed up into view.

"Hahahaha, prepare to be scrapped!!" The ghost engine scowled, and he chased the engine all the way down the line up to a landslide, again you had an accident here Henry, right?" Salty questioned.

"Yes", Henry responded.

"The engine saw the landslide and stopped just before a dead end in the tracks, but the ghost engine didn't stop. Instead he bumped right into the back of the engine, causing him to fall into the ravine. The engine was gone, and all was left of him was several of his parts, his crew had jumped clear luckily, but they stared down at the remains of their now dead engine. However, their crew have claimed that the engine's ghost is haunting the whole line, teaming up with the Forest Ghost, waiting for someone to pass through the forest... Yah, and there's the story mateys", Salty finished, with a calm sigh.

Henry, Porter and Cranky were surprised, they couldn't believe what they had just heard. "O-Oh, m-my..." Henry stuttered. "That i-is... s-scary."

"Indeed", agreed Porter.

"S-Sounds scary enough to make it l-look real", Cranky stammered.

"But that's confusing; if this happened before I went down that line, then how come I didn't encounter the ghost the first time I went there?" Henry asked.

"Well, I dunno matey", said Salty. "Perhaps the ghost engine doesn't come out every night."

"I hope he's not out this night", Henry worried. "Anyone, what is its name?"

"Oh I forgot didn't I, its name is 'The Forest Ghost'", Salty told Henry, quite eerily. At last, the ship had arrived, with very little damage. "Oh look, the ship's arrived", Cranky said.

"What happened?" The Dock Manager asked the ship's captain.

"We hit a rock out of sea", The captain explained. "The lighthouse over near the Mainland is broken."

"Okay, but we're already late to deliver the fish to the stations, get unloading now!" The manager ordered, and Cranky unloaded all the fish from the ship, then the workmen put the crates of fish into the Flying Kipper.

"Okay, now we're ready", Henry wheeshed.

"Yah, I'd say be careful out there, Henry", reminded Salty. "Just in case of the ghost."

"I h-hope so..." Henry stammered, as he left the docks with the Flying Kipper. Everyone was worried about Henry.

"I do hope Henry remains safe", Porter worried.

"Wow Salty, that story sounded so realistic this time", said Cranky. "That's like the first time it's actually real."

"But is it really though?" Porter questioned.

"Well, I suppose that... yes, it is", Salty sighed, even he was starting to worry about Henry.

Henry chuffed along the Main Line as fast as he could. He was late bringing the fish to the stations, but luckily the stationmasters knew why. Henry had to go to the last station for the night, Hawin Lake. He was very worried of going through the woods. "Oh, I do hope so", Henry worried to himself, but as he was heading towards the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, he saw the sun rising. "Now I'm extremely late", Henry sighed.

"I'm afraid that we can't deliver the fish to Hawin Lake tonight", said his driver.

"Oh, phew", Henry was glad that he didn't have to go down the line at Hawin Lake, but he was kind of sad that he didn't get to meet his old friend.

A few minutes later, Henry had been told by the Fat Controller to help Edward take a goods train to Vicarstown. He arrived at Wellsworth where Edward was waiting. "Hello Henry", Edward whistled. "I'm glad you came, I can't pull this train myself."

"Well, I'm here now", steamed Henry. Edward and Henry were soon coupled up to the goods train and they steamed away to Vicarstown, where they arrived there right on time. Afterwards, Henry and Edward returned to Wellsworth and it was almost night time. "It's nearly night time now", Henry chuffed.

"I know," replied Edward, "I heard about you being late with the Flying Kipper last night."

"Yes, and it was because of an accident out at sea", The green engine explained. "I'm actually kind of worried about tonight."

"Why?" Edward asked.

"Because Salty told me a story about an engine who was chased by a ghost engine down the line at Hawin Lake, and that the engine's ghost is now roaming the rails at night-time", Henry told him.

"I see", Edward puffed.

"Anyway, I have to get going to the docks to deliver the Flying Kipper. I'll see you later Edward", and Henry chuffed away.

"See you Henry, and good luck!" Edward called back, even he was worried about Henry. Henry waited for the fish vans to be loaded and he chuffed away, hoping he wouldn't be late again. Henry was making good time as he dropped off fish at the stations on the Main Line. After that, he had to go to Hawin Lake Station, where Henry had to pass through the forest. "Okay, here goes", Henry sighed as he switched onto the line that headed towards Hawin Lake. Henry saw the forest up ahead. "Oh, I really want to go and see Old Bailey", Henry sighed.

"I know you do, but first you'll have to travel through the forest", said his driver.

"I just hope I won't run into the 'Forest Ghost'", Henry worried.

"I'm sure there'll be no ghost around", encouraged his driver, and Henry slowly but surely moved forward into the forest.

"No ghosts anywhere, right?" he wondered to himself. "If I don't deliver these fish to Hawin Lake, I'll be in big trouble by the Fat Controller", worried Henry. Henry chuffed through the forest, the mist was thick and no sounds could be heard. Suddenly, the sound of chuffing could be heard. Henry heard it and immediately stopped. "What's that?" he asked worrying a little.

"It sounded like chuffing", his driver said. "I can't see any other engine around here."

"Neither can I", Henry chuffed.

"Besides Henry, we must deliver the fish or else we'll be in trouble with the Fat Controller", his driver said.

"Right", Henry sighed. As he puffed slowly through the forest, Henry could no longer see a sign there, likely meaning that the Hawin Lake Viaduct was finally finished with construction. Henry then looked at a signal, which turned red by itself and the crossing gates in front opened on their own as well. "Oh, this is exactly what it was like last time I came here", Henry chuffed.

"Go on, make it through Henry, you can do it!" encouraged his driver.

"I will now", Henry wheeshed, trying to feel brave. He continued puffing through the forest, but no sound could be heard. Henry then saw a sign on a tree, it said 'Danger! Beware the Forest Ghost!'. Henry couldn't help worrying when he saw the sign. "Oh, this won't turn out good", he puffed meekly, but he still carried on. Then he could hear scowling noises. Henry shivered a little. "W-W-hat was t-that?" Henry stuttered. "It s-sounds like a g-g-GHOST TRAIN!" he shrieked and Henry reversed away from the forest frightened.

"Henry, where are you going?!" His driver exclaimed. "You need to deliver the fish." But Henry didn't answer, and just reversed off of the line.

The next morning however, the Fat Controller wasn't happy with Henry. "That's two nights in a row, you haven't brought the fish to Old Bailey's station", he said. "And I thought you wanted to see Old Bailey."

Henry felt ashamed. "Sorry sir," he said, "but Salty told me a story about a ghost engine haunting the forest on the line leading to Hawin Lake", The LMS Stanier explained.

The Fat Controller chuckled a little. "Oh Henry, Salty's always telling these ghostly stories", he said. "I doubt you there'll be any ghost."

"I hope so, sir," Henry muttered, "but I do want to see my old friend, Bailey."

"And that is only if you manage to get to his station." The Fat Controller said, and he drove away.

"Oh, I do hope sir is right." Henry sighed. Night fell, and Henry was ready to take the Flying Kipper again, but he still couldn't keep his mind off the ghost. Henry arrived at the docks to collect the Flying Kipper and chuffed away, while Henry steamed along the line wimping, until he made it to the track that led to Old Bailey's. He went down the line and was approaching the forest. "Must be brave, I must!" Henry huffed, determined. He was now just outside the forest entrance, no sounds could be heard. "Everything seems to be okay." Henry wheeshed.

"So you can go through the words then." His driver called. Henry slowly but surely puffed into the forest, no ghost appeared in sight, he peered into the misty environment of the forest. Henry was glad that there was nothing ghostly around.

"Well, I'm safe now", he chuffed to himself. "Now I can go and see Old Bailey." But as Henry had said that, a sound suddenly echoed. "W-What was that?" Henry shrieked, alarmed, but it was only an owl hooting. "Oh, it's just an owl, stupid bird", Henry snorted. Aside from the owl, still no sounds were heard, and Henry was almost out of the forest. "I'm nearly there", he said, feeling quite relieved.

"You can do it, Henry!" His driver encouraged him. "Old Bailey will be pleased to see you."

"I know." Henry replied, feeling quite proud, as well as relieved. Suddenly, both chuffing and scowling noises echoed in the distance, the same ones that Henry heard the previous night. He immediately stopped moving and looked around.

"Now what's wrong, Henry?" His driver asked.

"I heard chuffing and scowling noises", Henry answered.

"Well don't stop now, look we're almost there, Old Bailey's station is just in the distance", the driver said.

"Yes, of course", Henry chuffed bravely and he continued on. The chuffing and scowling noises were still echoing, then the ghostly whistle that Henry, also heard the night before, sounded as well. Henry's boiler started to become cold, and his face turned a little pale. "It's t-that whistle, a-again..." Henry stuttered. "T-There is a g-ghost around h-here."

The driver was also turning scared. "It looks like it", he said, worriedly. But little did they know, that a strange-looking engine was right behind Henry's train. It was the Forest Ghost.

"Hehehehe!" The Forest Ghost sniggered, quietly. "He'll get the fright of his life." And he bumped into Henry's train. Henry jolted forward a little and shivered.

"W-W-W-What w-was t-that...?" Henry stammered, his boiler ran cold and his face grew pale, the Forest Ghost bumped into his train again. "Who's pushing me?!!" shrieked Henry. Then the Forest Ghost disappeared and teleported to in front of Henry and stared at him with his bright glowing eyes.

"Hahahahaha!!!!" The Forest Ghost laughed, evilly.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Henry and his driver screamed, Henry reversed out of the forest as fast as he could, but the Forest Ghost teleported to behind his train, while the ghost of the engine who got destroyed by the Forest Ghost in Salty's story, appeared right in front of Henry. Henry was now trapped. "W-Where to go! WHERE T-TO GO!!!!" The big green engine cried.

"Hahahahaha, you'll never escape now!!" The Forest Ghost scowled. "You're the next engine to be burnt into the scrap heap!"

"Yeah, what he said!!" scowled the other ghost engine. Henry was so scared that he flew forward, but he simply moved right through the ghost without hitting him.

"Ha, miss!!!" The ghost laughed, menacingly. Henry raced along the line trying to get away from the ghost engines.

Meanwhile at Old Bailey's station, Old Bailey was there waiting for his fresh fish, even the Fat Controller was there, but Henry had not yet arrived. Old Bailey was confused. "Oh, when is Henry going to come with my fresh fish?" he wondered. "That's going to be a third night all together where I don't get my fish. Besides I've really wanted to see Henry, as I haven't seen him in ages."

"I know," muttered the Fat Controller, "I asked him yesterday why he didn't deliver the fish, and he said it was because of the forest over there." The stout gentleman told Bailey.

"That forest?" Old Bailey exclaimed. "Well, Henry must have heard about the ghost haunting the line there."

"Ghosts, really Old Bailey, Henry was saying about a ghost haunting the forest", The Fat Controller said.

"Yes, and this ghost is called 'The Forest Ghost'", Old Bailey told the Fat Controller.

"The Forest Ghost?" The Fat Controller exclaimed. "Oh please Old Bailey, you can't be serious right now."

"I'm afraid it is serious, sir", Old Bailey sighed. "Oh, I do hope the Forest Ghost hasn't got Henry."

"Same here", The Fat Controller sighed. Then suddenly, they saw Henry race by whimpering. Old Bailey and the Fat Controller were surprised.

"W-Was that Henry?" Old Bailey stuttered.

"Yes it was", replied the Fat Controller. "Why is he running around so scared? He's always doing that."

"He might've come face to face with the Forest Ghost", Old Bailey worried. "And he seems to be heading for the landslide up ahead."

"Oh no, Henry will fall." The Fat Controller cried. But while the two weren't looking, the Forest Ghost along with the other ghost engine went by. "Didn't you say Henry had an accident there, last time?" The Fat Controller queried.

"Yes, he did sir," Old Bailey answered, "but that time, it was the trucks that fell into the ravine, not Henry", The old fogman told the controller.

"Oh, but wait, you're saying that the landslide is still the same after all those years right?" The Fat Controller asked, waiting for an answer.

"Well, I suppose", responded Old Bailey.

Henry, however was heading for the landslide up ahead. "Wait, oh no, it's the landslide, and it doesn't seem to look different since last time I visited either." The two ghosts were behind Henry, trying to make him fall into the ravine. "Oh no, where I can go now?!" wailed Henry.

"This can't be the end!" cried his driver. The ghost engines laughed menacingly.

"Hahahaha, no where to run now!!" laughed the Forest Ghost. "I suppose you're not gonna enjoy being scrapped, will you?" he said.

"N-N-Noooo!!!" wailed Henry. "G-Go away..."

"Hahaha, no way now, you're trapped here with us!" grinned the other ghost engine. "Prepare to di-, or should I say, SCRAPPED!" But Henry didn't say a single word, he closed his eyes as the two ghosts prepared to push him down into the ravine.

"G-Goodbye, everyone..." quivered Henry, thinking it would be the last of him. Then all of a sudden, the lamp on the brake van shone brightly, hurting the ghost engines' eyes.

"Aah, watch my eyes!" The Forest Ghost cried.

"It's too light!" complained the other ghost, and altogether, the two ghosts disappeared. Henry slightly opened his right eye, feeling like it was the last of him.

"I-is this heaven?" he asked wearily.

The driver and fireman opened their eyes too. "I think so", muttered the driver. "It's now the end of our-"

"Wait," interrupted the fireman, "it doesn't look like heaven." And he looked back, and saw that the scenery was still the same and the two ghost engines were gone. "The ghost engines are gone", he said. "Does that mean we're alive?"

The driver then gasped. "Wait, we're still alive, Henry!" His driver called out.

Henry fully opened his eyes. "What, are we?" He looked around to check. "We are, we're still alive," Henry called out. "Are the ghosts gone too?" he wondered.

"Yes they are", said his driver.

"Oh, I'm glad", soothed Henry with a huge sigh of relief. Suddenly, Henry's crew saw Old Bailey on his rail trolley with the Fat Controller.

"Oh dear", muttered Henry's driver. Old Bailey and the Fat Controller weren't cross however, they were worried about Henry.

"Henry, I finally get to see you again after so long!" Old Bailey exclaimed. "How have you been?"

"Alright, thank you." Henry replied. "Nice to see you two, Old Bailey." The Fat Controller then turned to speak to Henry.

"Henry, I'm not cross with you, but I've heard all about your experience with the ghost", he said.

"Yes sir, I did try to tell you yesterday sir", Henry chuffed.

"Yes I know Henry, and Old Bailey here told me all about it", said the Fat Controller.

"But wait, Henry, did you encounter the ghosts?" Old Bailey asked, swiftly.

"Yes, I did," Henry told him, "to be honest, there were two ghosts, not just one."

"Two ghosts?" Old Bailey exclaimed, he was confused. "I've never heard of a second ghost on this line."

"Me neither", agreed the Fat Controller.

"Salty told me the story about the Forest Ghost, but also about another engine who fell into the ravine because of the Forest Ghost", Henry explained. "He also said that it happened before your station was repaired Old Bailey, and before even I first came down this line."

"Oh, right, I see now." Old Bailey said, itching his beard, "but then how come I never witnessed this ghost then?"

"I'm not sure, Old Bailey", Henry responded. "But do you know what they tried doing to me?"

Old Bailey was curious to know about Henry's experience with the ghosts. "What?" he asked, waiting for an answer.

"They tried to push me off the edge of the landslide", Henry told them, both Old Bailey and the Fat Controller were surprised.

"Really?" Old Bailey reacted. "So it makes sense of how you're all the way down here."

"Well, you're safe now Henry, and that's what I'm okay of", beamed the Fat Controller.

"But wait, where are the ghosts now?" Old Bailey wondered.

"I think, I've defeated them to be honest", Henry replied.

"Defeated the ghosts, after so many years, oh Henry I'm proud of you, well done!" Old Bailey praised.

Henry smiled. "Thanks Old Bailey", he said, but he kind of felt disappointed with himself. "Oh sir, and by the way, I just wanted to say, but... sorry for not delivering your fresh fish Old Bailey, the past two nights." The Stanier tender engine apologised.

"It's okay, Henry", Old Bailey said soothingly. "But do you know what is more important then fish around here, Henry?"

Henry thought carefully. "Uh, I don't know, what?" he asked Old Bailey.

"More important then delivering the fish is, meeting you again of course Henry." Old Bailey finished.

"Oh, I see, thank you Old Bailey." Henry whistled with delight, and while they were all talking about the events of the unusual ghostly night, they noticed the sun was beginning to rise.

"Oh, look the sun's rising", said the Fat Controller. "And Henry, I know you didn't make it to the station a third night round, but at least you were able to pass through the woods, even when the two ghost engines were coming after you. In fact, I am actually proud of you Henry", The Fat Controller praised. "Because you were brave enough to travel through a forest where ghost engines were roaming the rails at."

"Thank you sir", said Henry, while letting out a calm yawn.

"I can see your tiredness, Henry", chuckled Old Bailey. "How about you go and get some sleep, well it's up to Sir Topham, you wouldn't mind sir, would you?"

"Absolutely not," The Fat Controller replied, "I'd say Henry should get some sleep, because of the unexpected night he's been through, and also because of his braveness, I'll let him take the day off."

Henry was pleased. "Thank you *yawn* sir", he said exhaustedly, and he chuffed away home. Henry dropped off the Flying Kipper vans at the docks and came back to Tidmouth and backed into his berth. After such a long night of looking out for ghosts, Henry shut his eyes and went to sleep for the rest of the day. Henry was happy that he could take the day off, he was glad that he managed to defeated the ghost engines and was also glad that he was able to see his friend, Old Bailey.




  • Several references to the fifth season episode Haunted Henry is made, also when Henry hears the owl hooting, he says "stupid bird" which is also what he said in the same episode. A reference to the first season episode of TAOS, Henry the Warrior is also made.
  • Originally, the Forest Ghost that Henry would've faced off the ghost at would've been Henry's Forest, but this was changed to the forest near Hawin Lake Station.
  • The engine who was destroyed by the Forest Ghost in Salty's story is named "Timmy", but he is never referred to by name, as Salty simply refers to him as "The engine" and in ghost form, he is simply referred as either "The ghost engine" or "The other ghost engine".