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Gordon has a dream in which he has a misearable life after being mean to the Troublesome Trucks. Will he ever change his ways?


One day, James was pulling Troublesome Trucks. He came to the station were Gordon was. Gordon made fun of James because he always crashed when he pulled trucks. James ignored Gordon and kept doing his job. James had trouble pulling the trucks and he ran out of steam. Gordon was called to pull the trucks, so Gordon came and pulled the trucks. He was mean to the trucks. He said they were the worst part about the railway and were very useless to the engines. The trucks told Gordon to think how would it feel like if he was a truck. Gordon finally finished and went to the sheds that night for a rest. Gordon couldn't stop thinking about what the trucks told him. Gordon feel to sleep, he soon opened his eyes to discover he was in the yard with other Troublesome Trucks. Philip came and started bothering Gordon. He then shunted him to the back of Henry's train. The trucks started playing tricks. Gordon soon started to do what the trucks did. He pushed and pulled. Then Henry got mad at the trucks, even Gordon. Gordon now felt very bad. He knew what he had done. Gordon was a truck, he was very sorry and wanted his dream to end. The next morning, Gordon woke up, and was glad to know he wasn't a truck. He told James about his dream and the Troublesome Trucks. James was very confused about this, so he left. Gordon was never mean to the trucks ever again.



  • This is the second episode in Lukeillie's Series.
  • This episode is also called Gordon the Truck.
  • The Gordon Tanker is based on a fantasy from The Great Race from Thomas and Friends
  • All of James' crashes he had involving the Troublesome Trucks were mentioned by Gordon.
  • This is the first episode in which Luke and Millie do not appear in any way.