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Gordon and Alex
Season The Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends Series 1, Episode 5
Air date 27th October 2020
Written by whywontitletmehavegeneralbacon
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Gordon and Alex is the fifth episode of the first series of The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends.


It was autumn by the time Gordon was mended, he and Tornado worked the line together for a week before Tornado went back home to the mainland. Everyone said goodbye to Tornado and he left feeling happier than ever.

Whilst Gordon was being mended the Fat Controller had bought a new shunting engine to help Stanley and Phillip at Knapford station, he had six wheels joined by side rods just like Thomas but unlike Thomas his water tanks were unusually long and stretched all the way to the end of his smokebox. His name was Alex and he didn’t like it when the bigger engines teased a smaller engine about their size. He hadn’t met Gordon before and Gordon had never seen him before too but they were in for a rough first time…

“Poop, poop. Where is that silly little diesel box cab with my coaches?” Gordon whistled one morning as he waited outside the station. Then Alex bustled in with Gordon’s express coaches.

“Look at that funny little tank engine!” laughed Gordon “Isn’t strange with its long tanks, we tender engines would never be seen looking so ridiculous.”

This made Alex cross he didn’t like being teased by the other engines because of his design. He began making a plan.

That evening, Gordon was resting in a siding before he took the 6:25 express to Vicarstown. Alex was busy preparing a goods train for Henry to take to the mainland. Alex saw Gordon and got a naughty idea.

“If I tell Gordon he has to pull Henry’s trucks, he won’t like it and he will get into trouble.” He thought. He went over to Gordon.

“Gordon,” he said “Sir Topham Hatt wants you to take a special goods train to the mainland.”

“Can’t Henry or someone take it instead” replied Gordon, barely opening his eyes.

“No, Sir Topham Hatt specifically requested that you pull the train and if you don’t he’ll probably get mad at you.”

Gordon didn’t like the idea of getting in trouble only a few days after coming back from repairs so did as he was told.

At the station all the passengers were furious.

“We want our money back!” they demanded. The Fat Controller came out of his office to see what all the commotion was about. Just then Henry bustled in.

“Someone has taken my goods train.” He complained.

“Ah, Henry, Gordon appears to have left the express and taken your goods train for some reason please take the express for me.”

Henry liked pulling the express and pulled as quick as he could to make up for lost time.

The next the Fat Controller spoke to Gordon.

“Why did you abandon your coaches and take Henry’s trucks?” he asked

“It was that new tank engine sir, he told me it was a special and you wanted me to pull it.”

“I see,” said the Fat Controller, “Now where are they?”

Alex puffed quietly up alongside Gordon

“Ah, Ale-“

“I’m sorry sir,” said Alex, “about the tricking Gordon sir. I didn’t mean to cause any confusion or delay.”

“Alex, you shall have to stay in your shed for a two weeks" said the Fat Controller, he turned to face Gordon. “Gordon, you should know better than to believe anything Alex tells you. You take orders from me or another member of Railway staff not other engines.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” Replied Gordon

“As a punishment you will not be allowed to pull the express.”

“But sir, who will pull it instead of me?”

“We have plenty of other engines capable of express duties.”

“But sir, when I was out of action before you had to get another engine to do my jobs.”

“I know Gordon, but you can still do other jobs.”

And with that, the Fat Controller walked away back to his office




  • This marks the first appearance of Alex.
  • Going by production order, this is the first episode of the first series.
  • This episode was the first episode of The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends thought up. The plot was rather different as Douglas had Alex's role and Gordon teased him about forgetting about Thomas' Special Coach, however Whywontitletmehavegeneralbacon felt that Gordon teasing Douglas about something that happened decades ago would seem weird and so wrote The Danger of Fire and had Gordon tease Douglas about his trucks catching fire but Whywontitletmehavegeneralbacon felt that would undermine the lesson of said episode as it would make it seem as if Gordon had forgotten the lesson and as such he created a new character, Alex, to take on the role.