Gordon is a big, blue, fast Express engine who usually pulls the Wild Nor Wester.




Arrived on Sodor



Doncaster Works


Sir Nigel Gresley


Experimental A1, 'A0'




He was designed by Sir Nigel Gresley as his experimental A1 'Pacific', referred to as the A0. He was built at Doncaster Works in 1922, and ran test trials on the Great Northern Railway. Gresley then opened him up to sale for a trial. The Fat Controller quickly bought him and he was successful enough on the North Western Railway, to become an official member.

Over the years, he has caused trouble for the Fat Controller, such as falling into a ditch, going on strike with James and Henry, bursting safety values, and more. However, he is still a reliable engine who takes great pride in being the fastest engine on the Island.

He is usually found pulling the Express on the Main Line.


Gordon's important position as the engine who usually pulls the Express has made him proud, pompous and arrogant, with good reason too; he is the strongest engine on Sodor. Gordon's philosophy "tender engines don't shunt" meant that he looked down on tank engines and tender engines who do shunt, but after being locked in the shed with Henry and James after going on strike, he seems to have abandoned this philosophy.

Because of his rank in the social order of the North Western Railway, Gordon expects to get the important jobs and either sulks when he does not, or gets jealous of those who do. Sometimes, Gordon acts as a bully, particularly towards Edward, but following misadventures where Edward had to help him, Gordon had to acknowledge that despite being old, Edward is still a very useful engine.

Sometimes Gordon shows a kinder side and gives the younger engines advice, usually after he has had some mishap as a result of his foolhardiness. Some of his advice is not exactly honest, though as James and Sir Handel have found out.


Gordon is the experimental A1, referred to as the A0 'Pacific'.


Gordon is painted NWR blue with red lining, a yellow '4' on his tender with a red border, and black rectangular buffers.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Gordon inhabits Tidmouth Sheds at Day in his Tiny State and at Night in his Tank State.

Tiny Gordon is a small blue humanoid with slightly thick thighs.

Tank Gordon is an enormous, blue, muscular humanoid with really big hands and his number on his stomach.


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