Good Luck is the fifteenth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


Delete was now at the Steamworks. His buffers were soon replaced, as well as a new funnel. He was starting to feel good luck.

The workmen hadn't cleaned him when it happened. Daisy the Diesel Rail-Car broke down. She had been taking some visitors on a tour of the Island. And Delete could've sworn that they have seen them.

"Ugh, sputter, cough!", complained Daisy.

"Well, that does it", said the Driver. "We shan't go futher."

The workmen got the call.

"Daisy has broken down, and you are the only engine and crew available", the Steamworks manager told them.

"We're ready", said the Fireman.

They had been testing the funnel, so Delete's fire was burning.

"But, are you sure you..."

"Dirty engines, are Really Useful ones", interuppted Delete.

And they steamed off.

"Well hullo there, young fellow", Daisy greeted. "You've got to make up five whole minutes. Need seconds and milliseconds."

"No thanks", Delete replied, and he was off.

When they got to Vicarstown, another engine was waiting to take them to London.

They said to him, "You certainly have good luck to be here with a controller who knows how to dealt akward situations, as I see you are from the London and North Eastern Railways."

"Thanks. I guess I do", he replied, and hooted back.

On his way he said, "They're right."

"On what?", asked his Fireman and Driver.

"Being here on the North Western Railway", he replied.

And they had to agree.


  • Delete
  • Daisy
  • Sir Topham Hatt (mentioned)
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