Good Intentions is the third episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine


Delete was enjoying his life on the Island of Sodor. All the engines had been kind and the Fat Controller had decided to let him start real work. Previously, he had just been shunting.

"Shunting isn't always dignified for big engines like you, Delete", said Gordon one day. "I'm very thrilled you'll be pulling coaches. Or at least work on the Main Line."

"I don't care with who, or where I work, as long as I'm being a Really Useful Engine", replied Delete

For some reason, Gordon was at a loss for words.

The next day, the Fat Controller arrived to give orders.

"Delete. Henry has to make a longer journey with the Flying Kipper. So, you will pull the first train, so, hmm. Donald and Douglas before you bring a ballast train here. Shunt Delete and Gordon's trains please", ordered the Fat Controller

"Right awa', Sir", replied Douglas, and he and Donald left.

Delete followed them to the station.

"I'll do the shunting then", complained Thomas, "Now hurry along you morons."

So Donald and Douglas left.

Delete watched Thomas quickly shunt the coaches, but smoothly and gently.

Delete was on a siding, so he would have to back up to the coaches.

"All ready", said Thomas, "I'll be off."

Delete was quite nervous about the coaches, but he breathed, and backed up. A tad too quickly. They jerked back an inch.

"Hey. Watch it. You'll ruin our style", grumbled the coaches.

"Sorry", apoligized Delete.

The passengers were soon on board. The Guard blew his whistle, and they were off. Delete was going rather fast, and his Driver tried to slow him down. Soon, they came to Wellsworth, where Edward was waiting. Delete rolled over the platform leaving two coaches off.

"Sorry, my bad", said Delete.

"That's alright", soothed Edward, "I stopped bad on my first train."

But the truth was, Delete was nervous. So nervous in fact, he overran every platform, and nearly made a head on collision with the buffers at Vicarstown. For Delete, it had been rough, he wanted a rest. He puffed into a siding.

But the points diverted him into another siding, the Coal Chute, where James was loading trucks! He couldn't stop in time. James tumbled into a coal pit, and thick cloud covered Delete's already scratched up paint, and James' shiny new coat of paint.

"This is why, I hate this job", exclaimed James.

(Series One ending theme plays)


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Douglas
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Donald (non-speaking role)
  • Henry (mentioned)
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