Franklin All Around Sodor
Season 1, Episode 20
Air date September 4, 2018
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Franklin All Around Sodor is the twentieth episode and the season finale of the first season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Franklin is a new forklift who works at Brendam Docks. He works very hard lifting and loading crates and cargo around to help keep things moving and loads the trains up fast so they can leave on time. Everyone agrees that Franklin is a huge credit to the dockside team and is a really useful forklift. Franklin feels proud of this as he loves being appreciated and loves his work at the docks. He really couldn't think of working anywhere else on the island and Salty, Porter, and Cranky are happy to have him as part of their team.

One day, Franklin was busily working at the docks unloading Hiro's train. There were several crates, pipes, and lumber and it was a lot of work, but Franklin didn't mind. He remained calm and cheerful and worked as hard as he could.

Hiro noticed this. "I couldn't help but notice, Franklin, but you seem to be quite the busy little forklift."

"Yep, you know it," replied Franklin cheerfully. "Nothing is too much for me. You give me any amount of work, and I'll take care of it in a jiffy."

"Well, it certainly seems like you're keeping your word," said Hiro. "I've never seen a forklift work so hard and quickly as you."

"Har, har, har, har," chuckled Salty. "That's probably because you've never met one quite like Franklin before, me hardy. Ever since the young lad arrived, he's been quite the helpful little shipmate around here and certainly a huge credit to the dockside team."

"Yep, with his help, work has been going much more smoothly and efficiently and there has been less confusion and delay too," added Porter.

"Well, that sounds impressive," admired Hiro. "You know Franklin, back in my day, I used to be called Master of the Railway, for my strength and excellent power, and you know what?"

"What?" asked Franklin.

"After seeing how well you're working, you must be the Master of the Docks, wouldn't you all say so too?" Salty and Porter chuckled, and Franklin grinned.

"I guess you say that, Hiro," chuckled Porter.

"Aye, certainly suits him," added Salty.

"And I like it," agreed Franklin, "though I don't know if I'm good enough to be called that just yet, but I would like to be known as that someday."

"Huh, well give it some time then," puffed Cranky. "You might be pretty experienced and hardworking by now, but you still got a lot to learn about working here, Franklin."

"Oh I know that, Cranky," replied Franklin. "It'll take some time for me to get used to everything, but I'm sure I can learn what I have to do in no time."

"Well hopefully you do eventually, Franklin," said Hiro. "You have the eagerness and willingness to make that happen." Franklin just smiled.

At last, after a little while, Franklin was finished unloading Hiro's train and Hiro was preparing to set off.

"Thank you again, Franklin," he said. "You really were quite fast and helpful and you certainly do deserve the title, 'Master of the Docks.' I must be off now, so you take care, Franklin, and to all of you as well."

"Thank you, Hiro," called the others, and Hiro puffed away.

Just then Edward puffed in. "Hello everyone," he called. "Did I just hear Hiro say something about 'Master of the Docks?'"

"Aye, you heard right, matey," replied Salty. "Hiro was just saying young Franklin here could be the very name you just said, based on his expertise and hardworking skills, and all of us…well most of us," he said, looking up at Cranky, "think he deserves the title."

"Well, the name seems to suit him, based on what I heard and saw from him," smiled Edward. "I never said that he doesn't deserve the name," said Cranky. "I'm just saying if he wants the name, he's got to learn a lot more rules and details, that's all."

"And I'm sure he will in time, Cranky," replied Edward. "No one is an expert at everything at first, you know, so Franklin will need some time to get used to everything he's supposed to do, right Franklin?"

"Right you are, Edward," said Franklin, "and that's what I told Cranky too." He added as he smirked at Cranky.

"Besides," added Edward. "For all you know, maybe Franklin will get tired of working here and will want to work some where else on Sodor, just to see if he really wants to work here or if he would rather work at another busy place."

The others stared at Edward, and Franklin had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Ha! Franklin working at another place other than the docks? Oh, har, har, har," chuckled Salty. "No offense, Edward me hardy, but I don't think that's very likely. Without Franklin's help, we would probably be in trouble all over again with crates overflowing, ships being backed up as far as the eye can see, and trucks clogging up the port."

"And also," added Porter, "I'm sure Franklin loves working here too and doesn't want to work anywhere else."

"Oh I wasn't serious about that," said Edward. "I was just saying it's a possibility. Plus, I know very well that Franklin likes working here too, isn't that right, Franklin?"

Franklin paused for a moment. "Well…that is true I like working here very much, but now that you mention it Edward, I actually wouldn't mind working some place else for the day."

Everyone stared at Franklin in surprise. "Really? Why is that, Franklin?" asked Cranky.

"Well I'm not saying I want to," began Franklin, "but after thinking about it, working some place else would be a little change of pace for me and I wouldn't mind seeing how different it is working else where. I know it wouldn't be quite the same as working here, but that would be the fun of it."

Salty, Porter, and Cranky looked at each other. "But Franklin, think about it," puffed Porter. "If you worked somewhere else, then what would we do here? Like Salty said, everything would go back to being the way it was before you came here with confusion and delay and work getting backed up. You don't want that to happen again do you?"

"I sure don't," huffed Cranky.

"Well no of course I wouldn't want that to happen," replied Franklin. "I like working here with all of you and I'm pleased to help. Besides, even if I really did want to work somewhere else, I probably wouldn't be able to because of how busy it gets here. You all need my help most of the time anyway."

"Har har, now you're talking matey," said Salty. "You really are a true and loyal shipmate. Besides, considering how fast you work, you could probably finish work in every place on Sodor in one day." This made Franklin's eyes widen with wonder.

"Alright, stop stuffing all these thoughts into Franklin's mind, all of you," huffed Cranky. "The more you talk about all of this, the more he will want to do all of that. Now I suggest we all get back to work."

"Cranky's right," said Edward. "We don't want to start up the confusion and delay again."

"Actually you all won't have to worry about that," said the dock manager, who just walked up. "I just received word that the next ship due to come in has been delayed, so the only work that'll be happening for a while is Cranky loading this ship with the cargo Franklin just unloaded."

"Oh, so what does that mean for Porter, Franklin and I, sir?" asked Salty.

"Well, for you and Porter anyway, you'll be shunting trains into their proper places," replied the dock manager, "but for Franklin, there's not too much for him to do. There's no other crates that need to be sorted for a while and the quay is pretty much clear, so…I'm not sure what Franklin can do."

Franklin thought about it for a moment, then he suddenly had an idea. "Um sir, just wondering, but how long is that ship delayed?"

"Oh quite a while, I'm afraid," said the manager. "Estimated time of arrival is late this afternoon, so it won't be anytime soon."

Franklin grinned. "Then if it's alright with you sir, would it be alright if I worked some place else until the ship does arrive? You know, just so I can keep myself busy."

The dock manager paused for a moment. "Hmmm, well where would you work, Franklin?"

"Anywhere that needs a forklift's assistance," replied Franklin. "Like…um, ooh! Wellsworth! There's a shunting yard there and I'm sure there's cargo that needs to be sorted out, right Edward?"

"Well yes there is as a matter of fact," said Edward, "but there's not enough work to keep you busy for very long. You would be done in no time."

"Oh, well it still sounds like you need me there anyway," said Franklin. "We'll see how long it takes and if I finish early, then I can come back here."

Edward thought. "I guess that would be fine, but as long as the manager says so."

The dock manager paused for a moment. "Hmm, well as long as Franklin is back by the time the ship arrives then that's alright with me, but you must be back on time, understand?" he asked Franklin. "Yes sir, of course sir," promised Franklin. "You can count on me."

"Alright then," conceded the manager. "Now I suggest the sooner you get moving, the better. Good luck to all of you, and work hard." Then the dock manager left.

Franklin was excited, but the other dockside crew were worried. "Um, Franklin, are you sure you know what you're doing, matey? You remember our conversation, right?" asked Salty.

"Yes I remember Salty," replied Franklin. "I know what I'm doing. It's just at Wellsworth and it's not too far away. I'll be back in no time, you'll see."

Salty, Porter, and Cranky looked at each other. "Well if you're sure about that, then good luck, Franklin," said Porter. "We'll see you later this afternoon."

"But please, like the manager said, be back on time," added Cranky.

"Don't worry I will," soothed Franklin. "Trust me on this." The others conceded.

Soon Franklin was placed on a low loader and was coupled up to Edward.

"Ready to go, Franklin?" asked Edward.

"Yep, ready when you are, Edward," replied Franklin eagerly.

"Alright then," said Edward. "Here we go." Then Edward whistled and started off.

"Good-bye, everyone!" called Franklin. "I'll see you this afternoon!"

"Good-bye!" called the others, then with that Edward and Franklin puffed out of the docks and headed for Wellsworth.

On their way, Franklin was getting excited. "You know, after thinking about it, Edward," he puffed. "I'm kind of really interested in working somewhere else. Sure it may not be the docks, but it's nice to try something new for a change."

"That is true," replied Edward. "Trying something new is always good, but sometimes it's better to be happy with what you already have, like working at the docks."

"Oh Edward, stop worrying," chuckled Franklin. "I keep telling you it'll be alright. I'll be back there in no time, you'll see. Everything will be fine in the end, I promise."

Just then they heard a whistle, and Thomas came up. "Hello you two," he whistled. "Where are you going?"

"I'm taking Franklin to help out with at Wellsworth," replied Edward.

"Yep, there's no work for me back at the docks at the moment, so until I am needed back there, I'm working somewhere else for the time being," added Franklin.

"Oh, that sounds good," puffed Thomas, "but uh…are you sure you're not going to be needed for a while, Franklin?"

"Yep I'm sure," replied Franklin. "I'm just going to do a little bit of work at Wellsworth then I'll be back to the docks when they do need me."

"Well alright then," puffed Thomas. "If you're sure about all of this, then good luck to you."

"Thank you, Thomas," replied Franklin, then Thomas puffed away and Edward continued to Wellsworth. Soon the two of them reached the yard. Franklin could see there was quite a lot of work to do.

"Wow," he puffed. "Looks like I got my work cut out for me, doesn't it?"

"I'll say," puffed Edward. "There's more cargo here than before."

"Well, good thing I'm here then," chuckled Franklin. "I'll have this mess sorted out in no time. " "Well good luck, Franklin," puffed Edward. "Seems like your assistance is needed after all. I have to get ready to take my next train now, so I'll see you soon."

"See you soon too, Edward," puffed Franklin, then with that, Edward puffed away and Franklin set to work at once.

He was soon busy doing what he does best: moving cargo around, clearing the area up, and loading the trucks and flatbeds that were in the yard. The workmen and the other engines that past by were impressed. Franklin just grinned when he noticed them.

Soon after a while, the yard was cleaned up and Franklin had loaded all the trucks up for the next engines.

"Nothing to it," he muttered cheekily to himself. "I'm wondering if there's anymore work to do around here."

Just then he heard a whistle and saw Percy puffing into the yard. "Oh hello there," he said. "You must be Franklin, the new forklift who works at Brendam Docks."

"Right you are, my friend," replied Franklin proudly. "The hardest working forklift you ever met. Who might you be by the way?"

"I'm Percy," he said. "I've come to collect this train of tar and taking it to the shunting yards at Knapford."

"Ooh, another yard?" asked Franklin eagerly. "Is there by any chance work that needs a forklift's assistance?"

"Well…there might be," replied Percy. "There's always crates and other things laying around there, by shouldn't you be back at the docks, Franklin?"

"Well, for now, there isn't any work for me back there for now, so I'm keeping myself busy until I am needed," explained Franklin.

"Oh I see," said Percy. "Well, if you're not needed at the docks for a while, then I guess you could work at Knapford Yards. I'm sure there will be some work for you."

Franklin was delighted. "Great! Mind if I hitch a ride with you to get there?"

"Sure," said Percy. "I'll couple you up to my train." So Franklin was placed back on his flatbed and once he was coupled up to Percy's train, they set off, but Franklin was starting to forget that he had to go back to the docks sometime that day.

When Franklin and Percy arrived at the yards, Franklin was already hard at work again. There was even more work there than at Wellsworth, which made Franklin pleased.

Stafford and Stanley who were working in the yards noticed him and they were impressed as well.

"Wow, he's quite the little expert, isn't he?" Stafford asked Percy.

"Yep, he certainly is, Stafford," he replied. "He did all the lifting and loading back at Wellsworth all by himself, and got everything done in no time. Makes me wonder how he's able to do all of that back at the docks."

"Well I guess getting used to working at a place like Brendam Docks makes work at any place easier for him," suggested Stafford. "Does that sound about right, Franklin?"

"Ha ha, that's one way of putting it," chuckled Franklin. "Compared to the docks, this work is easy-peasy for me."

"We can tell," smiled Stafford. "Well keep up the good work, little fellow." And Franklin continued on working as Percy, Stafford, and Stanley went back to work.

Soon Franklin's work at the yards was done. It was more work this time, but he didn't might a bit.

"Good work, Franklin," puffed Stafford. "Now all the trains will run right on time thanks to you."

"Thank you Stafford," replied Franklin proudly. "Happy to be at your service, any time."

Just then, Oliver arrived to collect a train, and when he saw Franklin, he was surprised. "Oh, why hello there, I don't believe we've met. Are you by any chance Franklin the forklift?"

"You are correct, the one and only," said Franklin, "and who are you?"

"I'm Oliver," he replied. "I work on the Little Western branchline along the western coast of the island."

"Nice to meet you Oliver," said Franklin. "Where are you heading?"

"I'm heading up to Arlesburgh West," replied Oliver. "I have this goods train to deliver to the Arlesdale Railway."

"Oh I see," said Franklin. "Is there a yard where you're going that needs help from me?"

"Well, there is a yard and there is cargo that needs sorting," replied Oliver, "but I thought you work at the docks, Franklin. Shouldn't you be heading back there by now?"

"Oh don't worry about that," soothed Franklin. "It's fine." And he explained his situation.

After he was finished, Oliver conceded. "Well alright then," he puffed. "If you're sure you'll be back in time, then let's get you coupled up." Franklin was delighted.

Soon Franklin was coupled up to Oliver's train and they set off for Arlesburgh West.

Stafford was worried. "Something's telling me that Franklin should be heading back to the docks by now," he thought to himself.

And Stafford was right. Back at the docks, the dock manager had some news for the dockside team. "Good news everyone," he announced. "I have just received news that the ship is well on its way and will be arriving here soon."

The others were pleased. "That's great to hear, captain," said Salty eagerly.

"Yep we can't wait until it gets here," added Porter.

"Oh, but that means we need Franklin back here very soon," cut in Cranky. "Any idea where he is?" "I think the young lad is still at Wellsworth, isn't he?" asked Salty.

"He should be," replied Porter. "He said he was only going to work there until it was time."

Just then Edward came back in. "Hey Edward," called Cranky. "Is Franklin still at your station?"

"Last time I was there, he was," replied Edward. "Why? Is it time for him to come back?"

"Aye-aye, matey," chuffed Salty, "and soon by the sounds of it."

"Oh alright," said Edward. "In that case, let me go ahead and get him. We'll be back before you know it." Then with that, Edward left his train and set off for Franklin. But when he arrived back at Wellsworth, he looked towards the yard, and was very surprised.

"Huh? Franklin? Franklin! Where are you?" he called. "Are you still here?"

"Um, I'm afraid he's not Edward," said the stationmaster. "Once he was finished with his work here, Percy took him to Knapford Yards to work there and as far as I know, he's still working there."

Edward was worried. "Oh dear, I had a feeling he might do this," he muttered. "Well as long as he's there, then everything should be alright." Then he headed for the yards.

When he arrived at the yards, he looked all around for Franklin, but there was no sign of him. "Excuse me, Stafford," Edward puffed. "Have you seen Franklin anywhere? I was told that Percy brought him here."

"Oh yes, Franklin was working here for a while," replied Stafford, "but once he was done, Oliver took him up to Arlesburgh West to help out with the work there."

Edward groaned. "Oh no," he sighed. "Franklin's due back at the docks by now. The dockside team needs him."

"Well he's still at up there as far as I know," chuffed Stafford. "I'm sure if you hurry, you can still catch him in time."

"I hope you're right Stafford," puffed Edward. "Thank you anyway." Then Edward hurried up to Arlesburgh West.

When he arrived there, he looked all around for Franklin, but all he saw was Thomas and the Arlesdale engines.

"Oh hello Edward," puffed Thomas. "What brings you up here?"

"Hello Thomas," said Edward. "I'm looking for Franklin. Have any of you seen him anywhere?"

"Oh yes, he was here a little while ago," replied Rex. "He helped load wool and cotton Mike and I brought onto Thomas' train."

"Yes," agreed Bert. "Franklin was quite helpful, I must say. Without him, the workmen would have had a hard time loading everything by hand. Wool and cotton isn't a light thing to load you know."

"That's nice to hear," said Edward, "but right now, it's Salty, Porter, and Cranky who need him. He supposed to be back at the docks by now."

"Oh," said Thomas. "Well, you're probably not going to want to hear this Edward, but I'm afraid once Franklin was done here, Ryan took him up to Arlesburgh Yard to work there."

Edward groaned again. "Oh bother," he grumbled. "Franklin's going to send me on a wild goose chase at this point."

"Don't worry Edward," soothed Thomas. "If Franklin's not there, then I'll help you find him. I need to deliver this wool and cotton to other places anyway, so I'll search for him too."

"Thank you Thomas," said Edward, "but we need to find him quickly. The dockside team is counting on us." Then Edward puffed off to Arlesburgh Yard.

As expected, when Edward reached the yard, he received some unpleasant news, for when he saw Ryan, he told him that Franklin had helped out in the yard a while ago, but now was taken somewhere else. Now Edward knew that he and Thomas were going to have to search for Franklin now, so when he arrived back at the junction, the two engines set off to find Franklin. They searched everywhere and asked everyone they came across if they had seen Franklin, but they all told them that Franklin was somewhere else and they had just missed him. They were becoming worried.

When they met each other again, they shared their news and said they had no luck finding the little forklift.

"Oh dear," sighed Edward. "I knew taking Franklin away from the docks was a bad idea. Now we'll never find him at this point."

"Cheer up Edward," said Thomas. "I'm sure we'll find Franklin soon. It's not like he vanished into thin air. He's bound to be somewhere on the island."

"Well I hope so," chuffed Edward. "Salty, Porter, and Cranky are probably wondering where he is right now."

"I'm sure they are," said Thomas, "but let's keep trying to find him so they won't have to worry about him for too long." But before they did, they heard Hiro puffing up.

"Hello you two," he said. "Oh, why the long faces? You seem upset about something."

"We are, Hiro," replied Edward, "and it has something to do with Franklin." And he told Hiro all about the situation.

"Oh I see," said Hiro. "Well I guess sometimes people better be careful for what they wish for. Besides, I'm sure Franklin still likes working at the docks, even if he wanted to work somewhere else today."

"I'm sure he does, Hiro," agreed Thomas.

"But right now, we need to find him and bring him back to the docks," said Edward. "Have you by any chance seen him?"

"Hmmm, you know, now that I think about it, I thought I saw Diesel bringing something that looked like a forklift to the Dieselworks a little while ago," said Hiro. "Perhaps that's where he is now."

Thomas and Edward's eyes brightened up. "Then that's where we'll go," said Edward. "Thank you Hiro."

"Yes thank you very much indeed," said Thomas.

"You're very welcome, you too," said Hiro, "and good luck." Then with that, Thomas and Edward raced off to the Dieselworks.

Sure enough, Hiro was right. Franklin was at the Dieselworks and was working hard. Den, Dart, and Diesel were watching and admiring him.

"Wow, I've never seen a forklift work so hard like him before," chuffed Den. "All of our forklifts can barely move as fast as him."

"What he means to say," Dart said to Franklin, "is that you're a very hard worker and we're pleased with all you've done so far."

"Oh sure, thank you," puffed Franklin. "I appreciate the feedback." And he continued working, though he was feeling rather exhausted from working all day.

"You know," suggested Diesel to the other two. "Perhaps Franklin can work here for us and move away from the docks. After all, they have Cranky over there lifting and loading everything and we don't have any other cranes or working machines to help with the work."

"Hey now there's a thought, Diesel," agreed Dart. "Franklin would be a huge help with moving crates, oil drums and the like around here."

"Yeah," added Den, "and he would show up all those other useless forklifts too."

"What he means to say is…" began Dart.

"I know what he means, Dart!" scoffed Diesel. Then quite suddenly, they heard grunting and spluttering sounds and they looked over and they saw Franklin come to a complete stop.

"Oh bother," he muttered. "I've ran out of gas. I must have been working so much, I forgot to fill up today." Franklin was upset.

"Oh cheer up, little guy," chuffed Den. "We got plenty of gas for you right here. Wait right there, and we'll have you up and running again."

"Back at the docks this time I hope," came a voice. It was Edward. He and Thomas had just arrived.

"Uh, who said anything about that?" scoffed Diesel. "Franklin's here now, so that means we get to have him."

"But Franklin isn't a Dieselworks forklift," protested Thomas. "He is a dockside forklift and he needs to go back there."

"And why?" huffed Diesel. "The docks already has Cranky and…"

"And Cranky can't do everything himself," interrupted Edward. "Franklin is a big part of their team. He helps tidy the docks up, he loads trains quickly, and helps keep things moving."

"Well he's doing the same here," retorted Dart, "and frankly between here and there, we need him here more."

"I'm sorry, Dart," said Edward, "but between here and there, he's needed more there. A ship has just arrived and Franklin's assistance is needed and…"

"Oh the ship's there?" asked Franklin. "Oh dear, I didn't know that."

"Exactly Franklin," said Edward. "So that's why Thomas and I need to take you back."

Franklin thought for a moment. He had enjoyed his time away from the docks and he wanted to continue working at other places, but at the same time, he knew that the dockside crew were counting on him and he really does work hard over there. "Well, I hate to tell you three this," he said to the diesels, "but Edward's right: I do need to go back. The docks is a very busy place and my assistance is almost always needed. Plus, I really do like working there too as there is always things for me to do and I like to stay busy. So with that being said, I have to go back to the docks now."

The three diesels sighed. "Well, I guess that makes sense," sighed Dart. "We would've liked more of your help Franklin, but if you like working at the docks more, then that's fine with us."

"Yeah, better to be somewhere where you feel comfortable and work well," added Den. "Right Diesel?"

Diesel squirmed. "Yes I guess so, and you do make a point that the docks is always busy and you are a big help, Franklin. So yeah you can go back to the docks."

"Thank you, you three," smiled Franklin. "Thank you for understanding. Oh, but mind if I still take some of that gas of yours?"

"Of course," replied Den. "What's ours is yours."

"What he means is," said Dart, "yes, you may have some."

So with that, the workmen filled Franklin's tank with fresh gas and once he was placed onto a flatbed, Edward and Thomas coupled up to him and they hurried off to the docks.

"Good-bye Franklin!" called Den. "It was nice having you here we hope to see you soon!"

"What he means is…" began Dart.

"He knows!!!" scoffed Den and Diesel together.

"Oh, okay then," said Dart meekly.

Edward and Thomas were soon hurrying on their way to the docks.

"Glad we found you when we did," puffed Thomas to Franklin. "According to Edward, it sounds like the docks might be in a mess right now."

"Oh I hope it's not," chuffed Franklin. "I'm already starting to regret leaving the docks in the first place. I should've just waited there until the ship arrived."

"Don't take it so hard Franklin," soothed Edward. "It was not all that bad. At least you got to do what you wanted to do and work somewhere else, though going all over Sodor might have been too far."

"Ha, ha, yeah sorry about that," said Franklin. "I got a little carried away, literally carried away from several engines."

Thomas and Edward laughed. "Well, good thing we were the next ones to catch you in that case," chuckled Thomas.

"Indeed," said Edward, "and I'm sure Salty, Porter, and Cranky will be delighted to see you again too."

"Aha, well they might be," chuffed Franklin, "or they might be a little mad at me for leaving them behind."

"I think right now, Franklin," replied Edward, "they are more concerned about having you back to help them with all the work that’s coming in."

"That's true, they probably are," said Franklin.

And sure enough, Edward was right. The docks was in a terrible mess. Trucks were everywhere, backing everything up, cargo laid everywhere, and Cranky was multitasking unloading the ship and loading the trucks, which was not that easy.

"Ah!" he groaned. "This is too much for an old crane like me! Where is that Franklin?"

"I don't know, me hardy," called Salty, "but just keep working to the best of your ability and I'm sure he'll be back soon."

"Well he better be," grumbled Cranky, "because once I see him, I'm going to…" but just then they heard a honking noise, and Franklin came right around the corner and set to work at once.

"Franklin!" exclaimed Salty and Porter together. "Great to have you back lad!" called Salty.

"Great to be back too," replied Franklin.

"Oh so now you come back," hissed Cranky. "Where have you been for the past…"

"Sorry Cranky, no time to talk right now, we got work to do," interrupted Franklin as he was busily moving cargo around. Cranky was speechless.

"Argh, the young shipmate's right, Cranky," called Salty. "Save the chit-chat later. We got a port to clear."

Then with that, everyone started working extra fast. It was tiring work, but thanks to Franklin being back, the work was getting done much faster than before. There were a few minor delays too, but everything was working out in the end.

At last, by night time, the important work was finished and the dockside team could finally rest for the day, all feeling very tired and relieved that the work was finished.

"Phew!" puffed Porter. "Well that was quite an eventful day."

"Har, har, but probably not as eventful as Franklin's," chuckled Salty. "Speaking of which, how was it working away from the docks today, lad?" he asked Franklin.

Franklin thought for a moment. "You know, Salty, I liked it very much. I got to see how different each place on Sodor was and how no place compared to the docks. I will admit however, that even though it was nice working at other places, I definitely prefer working here more. There's plenty of work here and it's a lot more tedious than other places as well, which I prefer."

"That's great to hear, Franklin," said Porter. "We're glad that you enjoyed your day, but I think for the future, you should probably stay here, just to avoid another mishap like today."

"Aha, yeah sorry about that, guys," apologized Franklin. "I got so caught up in going from place to place that I forgot about the work here, but I promise that this will be the only place that I will work at from now on."

"Har, har, that's the way to speak, me hardy," smiled Salty. "Glad to hear you say that, and besides, you still want to be known as the Master of the Docks, right?"

"Oh yes, I forgot about that," laughed Franklin. "Yes, I would like to be known as that some day, but that will probably take a little while longer."

Salty and Porter chuckled. "Well, you might have some competition with Cranky on that since he was trying to be that today with doing all the work," chuckled Porter.

"Um, excuse me," grunted Cranky. "That's because someone was missing and was trying to make me work hard enough for two cranes, thank you very much."

"Oh yeah, sorry about that too, Cranky," said Franklin. "It won't happen again, but you know, maybe having another crane here wouldn't be such a bad idea, considering you do work pretty hard yourself, you know."

Cranky laughed. "Another crane? Please. I work hard enough for two anyway and I don't need the extra help. Thanks for the suggestion, Franklin, but I don't think there needs to be another crane here."

Just then, they all heard clanking and banging and they looked over to see workmen laying down rails next to Cranky.

"Say," called Salty. "What's going on here now?"

"We laying down a new rail section," said a workman.

"Why?" asked Franklin.

"We don't know exactly why," said another workman, "but we heard that there's been talks about putting in a 'brand, new fancy crane' or something like that right here next to Cranky. Something the Sir Topham Hatt brought up."

The others gasped and looked at each other then up at Cranky, who was speechless...but we all know what happens next, don't we?




  • A reference and a foreshadow to the twenty-first season television series episode, Cranky at the End of the Line, is made at the end of the episode.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this is the last episode of a few things:
    • The last episode where Big Mickey appears without a face.
    • The last episode where Wellsworth Yard appears with all of the sidings.
  • This episode marks Hiro's only speaking role and Den and Dart's only appearances in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor series.
  • This is also the first episode of the series in which Skarloey appears, but does not speak.


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