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A new machine that Rex nicknamed the "The Rolling Thing" is brought to the Arlasdale Railway but this machine has some strange connection with Frank.


One day, The Small Controller tells his engines about a new machine that will come make jobs on the railway easier for the engines that day. He sends Rex to collect it. Frank is not impressed by the news and he decides to do his jobs. When Frank comes back, he sees the new machine being put into place. It rolled anything it had and pushed it into freight cars. The engines were very impressed by this except for Frank. The engines put trucks next to the machine and it loaded what had to be loaded. Soon, it was Frank's turn but the machine didn't do anything. He waited, but nothing happened. He decided to leave, but as he left, the machine loaded the stuff into the tracks. The other engines were cross at Frank for making a mess. This kept happening for days. Finally, one day, Frank had enough of this machine. He was going to destroy it. The machine had always messed him up and made him late and had made the other engines make fun of him. He found the machine and he pushed a flatbed of pipes that would stop the machine from rolling and would hopefully destroy it. The machine seemed to be working fine until it started to make strange noises and shooked and shacked and then there was a loud sound, a sound of destruction. The machine was in ruins. Frank left as soon as he could. That afternoon, The Small Controller was very cross and asked which of his engines caused the accident. Frank decides not to tell but he still remembers the sound the machine made when it got destroyed. The sound makes Frank think of his actions and what would happen. Frank can't take it anymore so he tells the truth. The engines were very surprised. Frank says sorry and the engines understand what this machine has done. The Small Controller promises he will never get another machine like that and that makes Frank feel better.



  • No standard or narrow gauge engines appear in this episode in any way.