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Flying Objects is the ninth episode of the nineteenth season.

Flying Objects
Season 19, Episode 9
Air date 31 December 2014
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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Thomas the Tank Engine was puffing along his branch line with his two coaches right on time.

He stopped on the bridge near the Football field.

"Bother that signal!" thought Thomas. "But, hey, football! I'll just watch a bit."

Just then, one of the players kicked the ball out of his opponent's reach!

The signal dropped.

"Off we go!" sang Thomas.

"We're coming along! We're comin' -"

"Ouch!" cried Annie.

"What happened?" asked Thomas.

"Something hit me!"

They stopped at the next station and inspected.

"Was anyone hurt?" asked the Guard.

"They needn't throw things!" exclaimed Annie.

"That will do, my girl," soothed Thomas.

Later, Bertie the Bus was driving along the road.

"Ah! It's a beautiful day. What can go wrong?"

"Watch out!"


(football hits Bertie)


Then, . . .

"Ah! Driver! Look out!"

His Driver swerved, narrowly missing another car.

"Phew! That was close! Silly footballers!"

Later, Bertie saw Thomas at Knapford.

"Those silly footballers almost caused an accident," said Bertie.

"I know, they broke one of Annie's windows and dented her," agreed Thomas.

"I wish we could pay them out."

"But how?"

That afternoon, Thomas took some empty trucks back to Anopha Quarry.

"Great, no stopping. I'll just be on my way and - Oh! What was that?"

Then, from the playing field -

"Ouch! What?"

"Your side rod broke Thomas," said his Driver.

He was rudely interrupted.

"Hey, up there! Stop throwing things! You nearly injured me!" said the football that had been hit.

Thomas laughed.

"Well, you stop throwing your footballs at me!" he laughed.

Repairs took sometimes, but finally, they unscrewed Thomas's side rod off, and puffed on their way, with Thomas still laughing.

Later, he told his story to Bertie and the other engines.

"That serves them right," laughed Bertie.

Then, the Fat Controller arrived.

"Oh, great," thought Thomas.

"Well, Thomas. I heard all about it, and but I can't blame you for your side-rod breaking. It will teach those men a lesson, and I have warned about this too. I hope you watch out for flying objects in the future."

"Yes, Sir."

"Tomorrow, you will go to the Steamworks to be fixed."

"Yes, Sir."

"And be sure to keep all your parts to yourself."

"Yes, Sir."

Then, the engines fell asleep as the stars rose above Ffarquhar.