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Fire at Ffarquhar
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date March 10th, 2018
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Fire at Ffarquhar is the fifth episode of the second season of The Adventures on Sodor.


The Ffarquhar Branch Line is a line that is run by Thomas, he has run the line for many years. The branch line begins all the way from Knapford to Ffarquhar, the top station. There are several locations on this branch line; Anopha Quarry, Dryaw airfield and the Quarry Tramroad. Also at Ffarquhar, is a three-berth engine shed where Thomas, Percy and Toby normally sleep in. At first, the shed was built with one berth specially for Thomas, but when Toby and Percy arrived on Sodor, another two berths were built, allowing berths for all three engines.

One day at Ffarquhar Sheds, Thomas had just woken up after a good nights' sleep, he was getting ready to start his first passenger run of the day, Percy and Toby were still asleep however. Thomas had to wait for his crew to arrive, so he could start his morning work. "I wonder when my crew is going to arrive." Thomas thought to himself, he didn't really like waiting, especially if it was his first run of the day. Luckily, his crew arrived, the driver yawned softly, as he walked over to his engine.

"Good morning, Thomas," His driver yawned, "ready to start our first passenger run?"

"Yes I am indeed." Thomas eagerly replied. "My branch line is very important to me."

"Don't we know it, Thomas?" Chuckled his driver. "You're obsessed with your branch line, aren't you."

"Yes, I am." puffed Thomas. "And always have been."

"Well then, let's go Thomas, I can already see passengers at the station." His driver said, looking over at Ffarquhar station.

"Yes, of course." Thomas whispered, and he steamed quietly out of the sheds, trying not to disturb Percy or Toby. Thomas went to collect Annie and Clarabel from the siding, they had also just woken up.

"Morning Thomas." Annie yawned.

"Morning, you two." Thomas replied. "We have work to do."

"Yes, like every morning." muttered Annie.

"Are the passengers already at Ffarquhar?" asked Clarabel.

"Yes, they are Clarabel." Thomas whistled, he then puffed over to the platform where all the passengers got on board, the stationmaster blew his whistle and Thomas disembarked the station.

"And this time, Thomas," warned Annie, "don't be racing against Bertie and leave our passengers bouncing around like peas in a frying pan." She said.

"Oh, stop worrying Annie." Thomas chuckled. "Bertie won't be around, I'm sure."

"Well, he's always out early in a morning like we are." Annie retorted. But as Thomas passed the Windmill, on the bridge he saw Bertie.

"Bertie!" Thomas exclaimed, and he started to speed up. Bertie heard Thomas and tooted his horn.

"Thomas, what did I tell you?!" Annie cried.

"Sorry Annie, but this is so fun." Thomas chuckled, and he went even faster.

"Woaaahhhh!!!" Annie and Clarabel cried, as Thomas raced along the line.

"Hehe, I'm going to win." Thomas puffed, but then he saw Bertie up ahead and sped up more. "Haha Bertie, I'll win the race this time." The E2 grinned.

"We'll see about that." laughed Bertie, as he took a shortcut.

"Huh!" Thomas gasped. "Hey, that's cheating."

"No, it's not." Bertie chuckled. "I'm going to Dryaw now, want to race me there?" He asked Thomas.

"Um, I'm not going to Dryaw Bertie, I'm going to Elsbridge." Thomas puffed. "I'm afraid the race is over, I'll race you later though Bertie."

"Okay." Bertie called, as he left to Dryaw. Annie and Clarabel were relieved when Thomas stopped racing.

"Oh, at last." Annie said thankfully. "Running like normal again."

"Indeed, dear." Agreed Clarabel. Thomas had pulled into Elsbridge station, where all the passengers disembarked, and then he steamed away back to Ffarquhar. When Thomas arrived back at Ffarquhar, he saw Percy shunting trucks in the yard.

"Hello Percy." Thomas whistled.

"Hello Thomas," Percy replied, "having a fun time shunting trucks in the yard."

"I can see that." chuckled Thomas. "Do you need any help?"

"I'm fine, thanks Thomas." Percy puffed, Thomas then saw some oil and fuel tankers parked in a siding next to the engine sheds.

"Um Percy, what are those tankers doing there?" Thomas asked.

"Because after I finish shunting, I have to take those oil and fuel tankers to the oil depot." Percy told him.

"Oh, right," Thomas puffed, "well, now I have to go and help Toby at the quarry, I'll see you later Percy!" And Thomas puffed away.

"Bye Thomas." Percy whistled, Thomas arrived at Ffarquhar Quarry where Toby was waiting.

"Hello Thomas." said Toby, "ready to start working?"

"Yes, like always Toby." Thomas chuffed, and he went straight to work. Thomas and Toby worked hard all afternoon. Thomas biffed into some trucks while attempting to shunt them under the hopper.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" They groaned, as they were being shunted. "Careful!" But Thomas was having too much fun shunting and biffing the trucks. Meanwhile at Ffarquhar Yard, Percy had finished shunting trucks and went to buffer up to the tankers, but he had reversed too soon and as he buffered up to the tankers, they hit the buffers and came off the rails, now they were both lay on top of one another in front of the sheds. Percy was surprised.

"Huh, did I just cause an accident?" The green Avonside asked his driver.

"Yes you reversed into those tankers too soon." He said. "Don't worry, we can just fetch Rocky."

"Yes, right away," Percy peeped, "but wait, I'm not strong enough to pull Rocky."

"Well, perhaps Stepney could help you." His driver suggested.

"Stepney?" Percy exclaimed. "He's here, I thought he went back to the Bluebell Railway?" He said confused.

"Well, he's come back to visit again." Said Percy's driver. "He can help you bring Rocky here."

"Yes, right away!" Percy peeped and he headed off to the Search & Rescue Centre, but right after Percy had left, smoke started to rise from the derailed tankers, this meant trouble.

At the quarry, Thomas and Toby had finally finished their job. "Well, that was fun." Thomas tooted.

Toby laughed. "I saw you, the whole time, bumping the trucks around." steamed the old tram engine.

"Yes, besides trucks can be troublesome." Thomas wheeshed, as he and Toby started giggling.

"Well, I can't stop to talk now Thomas, I have to take the quarry workers for their tea, I'll see you later." Toby rang, as he steamed away.

"I'd better get going as well." Thomas puffed to himself and he chuffed out of the quarry to go back to Ffarquhar.

As for Percy, he found Stepney taking on water near Crovan's Gate. "Hello Stepney," Percy whistled, "nice to see you again."

"Hello Percy, and I'm glad to hear." replied Stepney.

"Are you available right now?" Percy asked Stepney.

"Well, no not really, but why?" Stepney asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Because I accidentally shunted some tankers off the rails at Ffarquhar and I need to get Rocky to put them back on the track, but I'm not strong enough to pull him on my own." Percy explained. "And I was wondering if you could help."

Stepney thought about this. "But Percy, I might not be strong enough to pull Rocky either." The bluebell engine said unfirmly.

"Oh, please Stepney." Percy pleaded. "I'm sure you'll also be strong enough." He said firmly.

"Urm, alright I'll try." Stepney responded. "But I doubt I can manage it."

"Oh, I'm sure you will," Percy puffed, "anyway let's go."

"Right!" And Stepney and Percy headed off to the search and rescue centre to fetch Rocky. Thomas had arrived back at Ffarquhar, he was going to rest in the engine sheds, but as he was about to do so, he saw smoke rising from the derailed tankers.

"Huh, what the?!" Thomas exclaimed. "What's going on?" He then saw the derailed tankers, and found out. "Wait, it can't be, it's a... it's a, FIRE!" Thomas cried. "I must inform Belle and Flynn of this." He rapidly spoke, and Thomas whizzed off to the search & rescue centre. Percy and Stepney, however were returning with Rocky.

"So you accidentally bumped into some tankers and they came off the rails?" Rocky questioned Percy.

"Yes," Percy replied.

"But that leads to one problem, I might be too big to travel on branch lines." Rocky admitted.

"Huh?" Percy suddenly stopped. "Oh uh... I w-wasn't thinking." He stuttered.

"Couldn't you have used Judy and Jerome instead?" asked Rocky.

"Yes, I agree, besides Rocky is kind of heavy for me as well." chuffed Stepney.

"Well, it's too late now." Percy muttered. "Besides, something bad could happen."

"Oh, okay." Rocky sighed, then Thomas whizzed past them on his way to the rescue centre. "Wait, who was that?" Rocky queried. "Was that Thomas?"

"I think so." Stepney answered.

"Well, he looked like a blue E2, so it is Thomas," Percy puffed. "but I wonder why he just zoomed past."

"Maybe, another accident has happened." Stepney suggested. "But that's my thought."

"Same here," agreed Rocky, "or maybe Thomas was going to the rescue centre to fetch me, but you two are already using me." The crane said.

"I suppose." Percy muttered, he finally arrived at Ffarquhar.

"Oh, these lines look too small for me." groaned Rocky.

"Yes, but this is a-" But when Percy looked at the engine sheds, he saw blazing smoke and- "FIRE!!!" Percy cried out.

"Huh, where?!" Rocky asked, looking around.

"Look Rocky, the sheds are on f-f-fire!" Percy stammered. "but how?" Then Percy remembered. "Oh no, that fire must have spread when I bumped the oil and fuel tankers off the rails by accident earlier." He said.

"Oh, so the tankers caused the fire?" Rocky exclaimed. "But surely I can't lift the tankers back on the rails if there's fire I mean, I could burn my crane arm."

"I know, maybe that was why Thomas raced past us earlier, because he's going to get Belle and Flynn to come over." puffed Percy. "The sheds could burn down."

Thomas arrived at the Search & Rescue Centre, Belle and Flynn were sat waiting for an emergency. Thomas pulled up alongside them with his face as red as Flynn's red paintwork. "*pant* Belle and Flynn, emergency!" Thomas cried.

Belle and Flynn heard Thomas. "An emergency, where Thomas?!" Asked Belle.

"There's a fire over at Ffarquhar," Thomas told them, "and you have to come quick!" But Belle and Flynn were confused.

"Ffarcuwar?" Flynn exclaimed. "Sorry Thomas, but I don't know what that is."

"It's a station on my branch line." Thomas told them. "And the sheds near there have set alight, and you must come urgently!"

Belle and Flynn sounded their sirens. "Right away, Thomas!" Flynn said, as he roared his engine.

"We're on it!" Belle urgently announced.

"But wait!" Burst out Harold. "How bad is this fire, Thomas?" The rescue helicopter asked.

"Uh, it's not that bad," Thomas puffed, "but why'd you ask?"

"Because if it's bad, I could help you put the fire out with my big water bucket." Harold told him.

Thomas thought. "Well, it's okay Harold, I'd say Belle and Flynn are only needed this time." He said.

"Well, alright Thomas." Harold replied, "but if there is an emergency, call me anytime."

"Yes of course Harold." Thomas whistled, and he, Belle and Flynn set off to Ffarquhar. At the sheds, Percy, Stepney and Rocky stared agitatedly at the flames of the fire, the fire was getting worse.

"Oh, Belle and Flynn better arrive soon." Percy worried.

"I'm sure they will." said Stepney firmly.

"The whole area could set alight if the fire isn't put out in time." said Rocky. Finally, Thomas, Belle and Flynn pulled up into view. Belle gasped when she saw the fire.

"Bubbling boilers!" She cried. "Look at that huge blaze."

"Are you sure we can put the fire out?" Flynn asked.

"Well, judging by all those flames, I doubt so." Belle muttered.

"But you still need to try, anyway." Percy said.

Flynn agreed with Percy. "You hear Percy, Belle? We need to try our hardest."

"Yes of course." Belle replied, and the two fire engines aimed their cannons at the sheds and began spraying the fire, they were spraying as much water as they could at the fire, but it wasn't working. "It's not working!" Belle cried out.

"Belle, we need to try!" encouraged Flynn as they both continued to spray water at the fire. Thomas, Percy, Stepney and Rocky watched in awe as Belle and Flynn attempted to extinguish the fire. After every splash of water that splashed onto the fire, it just got worse." Belle and Flynn were determined not to give up, but as they were spraying water, their hosepipes suddenly stopped, they had ran out of water.

"Oh no, we've ran out of water." sighed Belle.

"I say, that fire is indeed powerful." Flynn remarked. "We can't help anymore, my friends. I'm sorry." Nobody was happy now, all they did was just stare at the fire attacking the sheds, then Thomas had an idea.

"I know, why don't we send Harold over, besides he did mention he had a large bucket of water." Thomas puffed.

"Oh yes, I forgot." Flynn remembered. "Do please, get Harold."

"Of course, I am daring to help." Thomas wheeshed and he chuffed quickly away to get Harold. Thomas arrived back at the rescue centre, where Harold was waiting. "Harold!" Thomas exclaimed, while trying to catch his breath. "You're needed right away!"

Harold was eager to start rescuing. "What is it, Thomas?" he asked.

"Well, Belle and Flynn have been trying to put out the fire at Ffarquhar," Thomas explained, "and it's not coming out, you need to bring your water bucket."

"Yes of course, Thomas!" Harold replied, as he flew into the air, while a rope was attached between his body and the bucket. Harold flew away to Ffarquhar, with Thomas following him. Everyone at Ffarquhar was waiting for Thomas to arrive with Harold, it wasn't long before the two finally arrived. Harold's bucket was overfilled with water.

"Don't worry everyone, I've come to help put out the fire." Harold said, and he flew higher up into the air above the sheds, while his bucket tipped upside down and large amounts of water splashed down onto the fire, everyone watched in worry. Harold then poured another large amount of water onto the shed, but every time he did so. The fire just wasn't setting out. Finally, Harold had gave up. "Oh bother," he sighed, "I have no more water left in my bucket."

Everyone was sad. "Oh great, now who's going to put out the fire?" Belle wondered.

"We're out of water, Harold's out of water, and no one else has water, except in their tanks." Flynn muttered.

Thomas then had an idea. "Flynn, you're a genius." The tank engine puffed. "You gave the right answer."

"Did I?" asked Flynn raising an eyebrow.

"You said some of us have water in our tanks, and we can simply use our water tanks to refill your water meters." Thomas told them.

Belle liked Thomas' idea. "Perfect idea, Thomas." she said. "Let's do it." And then the two firefighters passed their hoses to the three engines' drivers, who lowered them gently, but quickly into their tanks.

"I like setting out fires." Percy's driver laughed.

"I do too," agreed Thomas' driver, "but we'd must get this fire out."

"Indeed." said Percy's driver, the water from the engines' tanks pumped through the hoses and into the two fire engines' water meters, so they could be refilled. Belle and Flynn were soon refilled and their cannons were stationed to be aiming towards the shed, and began to spray water at the blazing fire.

"We mustn't give up, this time!" Flynn roared.

"We can just stop to re-use water anyhow." said Belle, the two firefighters' cannons sprayed jets of water at the fire, but it wasn't disappearing, and it was just getting worse. "I... don't... think... we... can do... this." Belle stuttered.

"Like what Percy said, Belle." Flynn said. "We mustn't give you." And the two firefighters continued spraying water, they had ran out of water again and it was no luck.

"That's it, we're done." Belle sighed. "There's nothing we can do."

"This fire is undistinguishable." Flynn muttered. "I'm afraid... we'll just have to let the fire spread."

"No, you can't though, the sheds will be burnt to the ground and so will the rest of the yard and station." Thomas cried.

"Yes Thomas, but there's nothing we can do." Belle responded.

"And I doubt there's any other fire engines on Sodor." sighed Flynn.

"Other fire engines?" Thomas exclaimed, he suddenly gained a memory in his funnel. "But Flynn, there are other fire engines on Sodor." The blue E2 said.

Flynn was confused. "Really, but I've never seen any firefighters here, minus us two." The fire engine responded.

"Yes, but before you and Belle arrived on the island and even the Search & Rescue Centre existed," Thomas began, "there was a firefighting team called the Sodor Fire Brigade, we helped them put out a fire at Tidmouth Hault a few years ago."

"Oh, I remember now." Percy peeped. "It was a fire that had set alight at a workmen's hut."

"Well, how do you if they're still here?" Belle asked the E2.

"I've seen them on a couple of occasions." chuffed Thomas. "Maybe they can help you."

"Well, I'd say you should Thomas and immediately," Belle suggested, "this fire was spread across the whole yard."

"Yes, of course!" Thomas whistled and he chuffed quickly away to find the Sodor Fire Brigade. Thomas arrived at the Sodor Fire Station, where he saw the firefighters training on their train tower. Thomas whistled to get their attention.

"Hello everyone." He whistled, as the firemen were training.

"Oh, hello Thomas." The fire brigade chief replied. "Not seen you in ages."

"Neither have I," Thomas responded, "we need your help, there's a fire at Ffarquhar and Belle and Flynn can't distinguish the fire alone." He explained.

The firemen winced. "Belle and Flynn?" One fireman exclaimed. "Don't you mean those two fire engines that replaced us as Sodor's main fire service?"

"Yes, them." Thomas replied.

"Well, we don't rescue very often now." said the chief.

"Normally, if there's an accident at road vehicles." another one said. "I just don't like how we got replaced by the Search & Rescue team at all."

"Well, yes but you're needed this time." Thomas puffed. "Like I said, Belle and Flynn can't put out the fire, because it is too powerful and their water gauges will keep decreasing, and you're the only other fire engines around."

The fireman chief looked serious. "You're right Thomas, we must get working." The firemen chief said. "Come on lads." And all the firemen entered the fire engine and drove swiftly off to Ffarquhar, with Thomas following behind.

"Oh, I do hope they can manage." Thomas whispered to himself. It wasn't long, before Thomas and the firemen arrived at Ffarquhar. The firefighters immediately set to work.

"Alright everyone, stand back, this'll be a tough rescue!" The chief cautioned. And the firemen grabbed their hoses and aimed at the dreadful fire, water shot from the cannons and onto the fire, the firefighters wouldn't give up, and they continued to use up all the water in their gauges. After a long while, the firefighters' hoses suddenly stopped, they had ran out of water.

"We're out of water!" One fireman cried.

"This place is gonna burn!" Another one wailed.

"No it won't, we're a team." said the fire brigade chief sternly. "Thomas, Percy and Stepney, we'll need to use the water in your tanks like we did them few years ago."

Thomas and Percy felt determined. "Yes, right away." Thomas tooted.

"We won't let our friends down." Peeped Percy, and once again, Belle and Flynn's drivers passed their hoses to the tank engines' drivers who then lowered the fire engines' hoses into the engines' tanks, water was pumping through the hoses and into the gauge meters of the fire truck.

"Alright, we're full!" The chief called. "Continue at once!" And the firemen immediately got back to work, but they weren't getting as much help either, the fire was getting worse and part of the ground beside the station had been set alight by the flames.

Thomas gasped in horror. "Cinders and ashes, the ground's set alight!" The E2 cried. "The whole area will burn."

"Not on my watch, it won't." The fireman chief stated firmly. "We'll need help from the two other fire engines." And he turned to Belle and Flynn. "Are you two out of water?" The chief asked.

"Yes, we are sir." Belle said. "We need to refill from the tank engines' tanks."

"Then do it now!" The fireman chief ordered. "This fire cannot spread."

"Yes sir!" exclaimed Belle and Flynn together, and their drivers passed the hoses to the three tank engines' drivers, who lowered them into the tanks. By now, the whole area surrounding Ffarquhar was covered in a big cloud of smoke, and nobody could see what was happening. Belle and Flynn's water gauges were immediately filled, and the two aimed their cannons at the now spreading fire.

"We must hurry, and fast!" Flynn exclaimed.

"This fire mustn't spread." Belle puffed.

"Do you want me to splash a bit more water onto the fire with by bucket?" asked Harold, who was flying above the smoke.

"Yes... We mustn't... let this fire spread!" The chief shouted. Harold saw a water tower nearby and he lowered his bucket underneath the water tower's chute. The workman was surprised.

"Harold, what are you doing?" He asked.

"I need to put out that fire at the sheds." Harold said.

"Fire, what f-" The workman gasped when he saw the huge clouds of billowing smoke. "What in the world!" He gasped. Water poured out of the chute of the water tower and into Harold's bucket.

"Full yet?" Harold asked his pilot.

"It is now." replied Harold's pilot. "Let's extinguish this fire."

"Duty calls!" Harold announced as he flew over above the engine sheds.

"Right, now is everybody ready?" The chief asked sternly.

"Yes!" The Search & Rescue team replied.

"Okay, now fire!" and Belle, Flynn and the Sodor Fire Bridgade aimed their cannons at the fire, with jets of water splashing out onto the blazing fire. Harold's bucket poured water from the air. Thomas, Percy, Stepney, Rocky, Annie and Clarabel in the yard, all watched in horror as the firefighters bravely continued to extinguish the fire, and they would always refill with water from the engines' tanks each time they ran out. While the engines' drivers made sure that the water from the tank engines was passing onto the fire engines, their firemen carried out buckets of water and splashed it onto the fire, like a normal fireman would do. As they all worked hard, they noticed the fire become smaller.

"We're doing it!" Belle cried out.

"We mustn't give up now!" said Flynn. Each time, the fire would become smaller and smaller.

"We're almost there!" Harold cried.

"You can do it!" Thomas tooted.

"Don't let the Sodor Fire Service down." encouraged Stepney.

"Bravery is what firefighters are." chuckled Percy.

"That's right, Percy." Thomas replied.

"Bravery is the most important thing about firefighters." The chief said. "Thanks for the encouragement everyone, but we'd rather not get distracted while we put out this fire."

"Okay." The three tank engines replied, chuckling quietly. The fire was turning smaller and smaller.

"Nearly there!" shouted the Chief. "Don't give up now!" Finally, the large blazing fire was out. Everyone released a calm sigh of relief. "We did it!" The chief cried. "We did it, we put out the fire!" And everyone cheered.

"Hooooooray!!!" cheered the tank engines and Rocky. Just then, Toby arrived after taking the quarry workers' home.

"Uhh, did I miss anything?" The tram engine asked.

"Well, you did miss quite a lot actually." Flynn chuckled.

"An extreme lot." added the chief.

"Well, I was just going to rest in the engine sheds and-" Everyone looked at the engine sheds, which were now burnt completely to the ground.

"Oh no, our sheds." Thomas muttered.

"They're gone," Percy sobbed, "now we'll need to sleep elsewhere."

"You two can sleep at Tidmouth Sheds, can't you?" Stepney asked.

"Well, yes I know, but-"

"What about me?" Toby puffed. "I don't normally sleep at Tidmouth with you two."

"Uh-" Thomas and Percy thought. "You can sleep at Arlesdale End, can't you?" Thomas thought.

"Well... I suppose, for now." muttered Toby.

"Asides from that, you should all be thankful that we set out the fire." said the chief.

Thomas, Percy and Toby smiled slightly. "We are now." Thomas puffed.

"That has to have been one of the most biggest fires I've fighted." Percy remarked. "Even as worse as the one at Tidmouth Hault."

"Way worse." added the chief. He then turned to Belle and Flynn. "I must say, you two," He said, "I never knew how much of a brave firefighter you were."

Belle and Flynn smiled. "Thanks for the compliment, sir." Belle responded.

"That's what firefighters are for." Flynn said proudly.

"I agree with you there." laughed the chief. "Thing is, ever since you two arrived on Sodor and the Search & Rescue Centre were built, we haven't been used as much as we used to." He sighed.

"I know," Belle sighed, "but at least we got the job done."

"That was one fierce fire." commented Harold. "Now I'd better get going back to the rescue centre, I'll see you all later!" And Harold flew away.

"Bye Harold!" The engines replied.

"But that's just came to me, how did the fire begin?" The chief asked.

"Well, I could explain." Thomas puffed, Percy felt quite ashamed.

"I'm sorry, but it was my fault." The saddletank muttered. "I was to take some oil and fuel tankers to the depot, but as I was buffering up to them, I stopped too late and they came off the tracks." He explained.

"I see now." The chief said, scratching his chin. "Well, it wasn't your fault Percy, it was just an accident." He soothed.

"I know." Percy replied, feeling quite sheepish, but he did smile slightly.

"We'd better get going as well." steamed Belle.

"And us." said one of the firemen.

"Me as well, as I'm going back home tomorrow." Stepney chuffed.

"Well, goodbye for tomorrow then." Thomas tooted. "I'd probably come to say goodbye to you then."

"Okay," whistled Stepney, "bye everyone." and the Bluebell engine chuffed out of sight. The sun was setting, and everyone was getting ready to go home.

"We're going back to the rescue centre now." Belle steamed.

"We're exhausted after putting out that big fire." Flynn added.

"Oh, and take me along with you." Rocky called, who had just put the tankers back on the tracks.

"Of course," Belle agreed, "but since this is a branch line and you're too big to travel on them, I'm going to be careful if that's alright."

"No problem." Rocky replied, and Belle and Flynn left with Rocky.

"We'll get going as well." said the fire brigade chief. "I'll see you again, I promise."

"I know you will." chuckled Thomas and the fire brigade. Now, it was Thomas, Percy and Toby alone.

"Now, it seems like we'll have to get up double early in the morning." Percy sighed.

"We'll have to travel all the way from our sheds to the quarry, or wherever we're going." muttered Toby.

"Well, that could mean we get to sleep early." Thomas suggested. "Anyway, the sun's setting so we'd best get going home."

"Agreed." said Percy and Toby together, then all three engines chuffed home together. On their way, they were talking about the fire.

"The fire was chaos." Thomas told Toby.

"You wouldn't have believed your eyes if you saw it." said Percy.

"Well, I don't really mind that I never got a chance to see the fire," Toby chuckled, "at least it's finally out."

"Toby's right," agreed Thomas. "we don't have to worry about the fire no more."

"Our sheds will be repaired soon, I assure." said Toby.

"Oh, it will be, I'm positive." Thomas puffed firmly. The two tank engines told Toby the whole story, as they made their way home, they all knew that their sheds were going to be repaired in no time.




  • A couple of references are made in the episode:
    • Annie warning Thomas to not race Bertie and leave their passengers bouncing around is a reference to the 2015 television special Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and the TAOS special, Thomas and the Storm.
    • A reference to the fifth season television episode Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach is made. Thomas and Percy also help fight the fire, by their crews lowering Belle, Flynn and the fire engines' hoses into their tanks which also happened in the same episode.
  • This episode marks Rosie's first appearance in her new red livery in The Adventures on Sodor