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Fergus Duncan is the railway controller of the Arlesdale Railway.


Fergus Duncan was born in 1936. In 1965, a consortium was formed by the managements of the Sudrian railways to build a new railway to exploit a source of ballast on the closed Mid Sodor Railway. Fergus Duncan was appointed to oversee the construction of the line, the Arlesdale Railway, which went ahead rapidly under his direction. Upon the line's opening at Easter 1967, he was appointed its General Manager. He lives in a house which he built himself at Arlesdale Green, near the station and his office is located at Arlesburgh West.

In 1969, he, the Thin Clergyman and the Fat Clergyman went on a search for Duke. They successfully found him in the remains of his shed.

After Rex's steampipe began leaking one day and Frank had to take his train, the Small Controller began thinking that they needed another engine and so he arranged for Jock to be built.

Around 1977, he adopted a system of Radio Control for his railway, on the suggestion of its basis, the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. By 1987, the system had worked almost perfectly and had the conditional approval of the Railway Inspectorate. Fergus Duncan, however, had no doubt of the final outcome and was looking forward to the day when the other railways on the Island are recommended by the Inspector to follow the Arlesdale's lead.

In the television series, Fergus Duncan's role is very similar to his Railway Series one and acts the same way he did during the events of Small Railway Engines. He was also confronted by many passengers and people when all three of his engines went missing. He later found out, along with Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival, that they and many other engines were at Ulfstead Castle for a "Little Engine Railway Show" that Percy had told them about, though it turned out to be a big misunderstanding.


The Small Controller is very passionate about his work. He prefers to devote his life entirely to work on his railway. Like every other controller of their own railway on Sodor, he acts as a fatherly figure to his engines and always knows when to be stern with them should they misbehave, as he demonstrated with Bert when he got the Thin Clergyman and the Fat Clergyman wet after a little mishap and when Frank got mad and damaged a support in the Arlesdale Engine Shed.


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