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Fearful Freddie
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date January 27, 2022
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Fearful Freddie is the fourth episode of season one of The Sudrians.


An engine from long ago is found, and the engines ask for his story. He responds with his story, and how he was lost.


One morning, Thomas was puffing along the track. He was bringing a discovery to the Skarloey Railway.

Thomas: “I can’t wait for the other engines to meet you!”

”It has been a long time since I’ve been on rails, I wonder if anyone will know who I am there.”

The narrow gauge engines were all at the sheds, waiting for the engine.

Skarloey: “I wonder who it could possibly be.”

Peter Sam: “Maybe it’s Proteus!”

Sir Handel: “No silly! It’s obviously that green engine which we bought.”

Rheneas: “Hush! Thomas is coming with him!”

Thomas chuffed proudly into view. And there, on the flatbed was…

Peter Sam: “Freddie!?”

Freddie: “Well it has been a long time Stuart, but I swore it wasn’t that long.”

Sir Handel: “Not that long!? We haven’t seen you in years!”

Thomas: “The small engines found him, and I brought him here!”

Rusty: “How on Sodor did you get there? I mean, I know that the Arlesdale was built on top of the Mid Sodor, but how did you end up there?”

Freddie: “Well, it’s a long story. Would you like to hear it!”

All: “Yes!”

Duncan: “No.”

Skarloey: “Duncan! Give him a chance.”

Duncan: “Fine.”

Freddie: “So it all began when I was sent to the Mid Sodor.”

(Flashback Sequence)

Freddie: “I was young at the time and didn’t know the route. However, Duke taught me everything I needed to know.”

Freddie: “He would always say “That would never suit his grace” whenever he disapproved something.”

Peter Sam: “And you were the one to cause the problems?”

Freddie: “Oh no, no. Falcon was.”

Sir Handel (Embarrassed): “Well it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t have my proud wheels to support me!”

Peter Sam: “Are you sure you weren’t rough riding?”

Everyone Laughed

Freddie: “Now, I worked taking trains from the depot and back for a while. But then on one of my trips, I met an engine I never met before.”

Freddie (Past): “Why hello there, who might you be?”

Smudger (Past): “The names Smudger pal.”

Freddie (Past): “I’ve never heard of you, what are you doing in this shed?”

Smudger (Past): “I used to run these rails, but I rode roughly and often came off the rails. The manager got sick of me, and turned me into a generator.”

Freddie (Past): “Well I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson, why don’t you get turned back into an engine?”

Smudger (Past): “Fat chance of that, the manager won’t spend a penny on me.”

Freddie (Past): “Well, I heard some engines are going to be sold off. An investor has a preservation railway called the “Tallylyn” or something along the lines of that. You might be able to be sold.”

Smudger (Past): “I will, thank you!”

Sir Handel: “Wait, how come I never met Smudger?”

Freddie: “I presume you just didn’t pay attention to him. Now anyways, after that, the railway was losing money, so we had to find some way to earn it.”

Freddie: “That’s when I stumbled upon Stanley.”

Freddie: “I was puffing into the sheds, when…”


Freddie (Past): “Why hello there, didn’t expect other engines to be in the sheds at this time.”

”Yeah, well I’ve been here since forever.”

Freddie (Past): “Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Freddie, and you are?”

Stanley (Past): “Stanley, the names Stanley.”

Freddie (Past): “Well nice to meet you Stanley, say what are you doing back here?”

Stanley (Past): “I was the original number 2 of this line, but due to my loading Guage, I kept derailing so I was removed from service.”

Freddie (Past): “That sound just like what happened to Smudger.”

Stanley (Past): “Yeah, well he replaced me. At least we didn’t get scrapped.”

Freddie (Past): “Well I think you are lucky that you weren’t.”

Worker (Past): “Freddie, we need you to take another train of stone to the quarry.”

Freddie (Past): “Well, goodbye Stanley! But I’m off to do a job.”

Stanley (Past): “Goodbye!”

Freddie: “So then I went to do my job. A few days later, I saw Bertram pulling Stanley on a flatbed to the gold mines. I think he said that Stanley would be pumping out water so they could get more money. But one fateful day a month later…”

Freddie: “I was working in the mines when the alarms sounded.”

Worker (Past): “Get clear! The pumping engine is failing!”

Freddie: “And he did. Stanley’s boiler exploded, releasing a huge wave of water! I quickly left the mines in a hurry.”

Rheneas: “What ever happened next?”

Freddie: “As I was puffing back to the mines, I saw Stuart and Jennings race past with a crane. Followed by Gerry with some coaches.”

Freddie: “I puffed into the mines, and saw a huge flood!”

Freddie (Past): “What happened?”

Jennings (Past): “Stanley wasn’t being maintained properly, so his boiler tubes were so weak, that they caused his boiler to explode!”

Gerry (Past): “I’ve brought the nurses, doctors, and firefighters, but they haven’t been able to find anyone yet.”

Freddie (Past): “What about Stanley? Is he okay?”

Stuart (Past): “If the force caused this big of a flood, I don’t think he is. Even if he was, he would drown from all this water.”

Freddie: “That was the last straw for the MSR. A week later, engines were being sold. Stuart and Falcon were sold here, and I think Atlas was sold to the aluminum company. I’m pretty sure I also saw Smudger puffing away with a new set of wheels.”

Freddie: “Then one day, I was bought to work her, but then disaster struck. I hit a broken piece of track, and derailed. I was left there for years, but then a green engine called Rex came to get me, and Thomas picked me up.”

(Flashback Sequence end)

Skarloey: “What about the others?”

Freddie: “That I cannot answer. Let us hope that they are having good lives…”




  • The title is inspired by the title Fearless Freddie.
  • This is the first episode to be focused on the Narrow Gauge engines.
  • This is the first episode to have a death.
  • There was going to be an area where Freddie said “I wasn’t feeling fearless now.” Meaning that at some point he was going to earn the title “Fearless Freddie”.
  • This episode was released 10 days after the last.