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Millie is now a famous engine and there is a big surprise for her.


Millie had become famous which has brought more visitors to the Island of Sodor. They come and go to see Millie. Everyone was happy with Millie's new achievement, so they decided to have a celebration for her. They invited all of Millie's friends and other engines. Millie could not believe she could become one of the most famous engines of the railway. Millie was at the Blue Mountain Quarry, she got ready to go to the celebration, but on the way, she broke down. Her drivers called for help. At the celebration, Millie wasn't around. Luke knew something wrong had happened. Later, Luke heard the news, so he went to rescue Millie. Luke looked all around until he finally found Millie. He then shunted her back. At the celebration, everyone was complaining about how long it was taking to start. Some moments later, Luke brought Millie to her ceremony and was happy. Everyone was very proud of her.



  • Spencer makes a joke that Millie had gotten lost and is hiding a secret, which is a reference to Hero of the Rails.