Thomas Made up Characters and Episodes Wiki

Express Coaches are long coaches that are used for fast trains and are only used on the main line. They come in three colors, including, green, red and brown. 

The green and cream colored coaches are the island's main type of express coach. They form the express which is pulled by Gordon. These coaches feature suburban style seating along with above the head lamps and entertainment systems similar to coach buses. In The Sodurians, there is only one set of six green and cream coaches and they have faces like Annie and Clarabel. Gordon usually takes them. 

There are blood and custard colored coaches that are similar to those as well, which are used for other fast trains. These red coaches form the local which is a train that stops at every station, unlike the green and white coaches which are used on limited stop trains. This train is usually pulled by Henry or Murdoch. These coaches do NOT have all the luxuries that the green ones do, save the suburban style seating. In the Sodurians, there is only one set of four blood and custard coaches and they have faces like Annie and Clarabel. Henry usually takes them. 

The limited units of the maroon red coaches are only used for special trains. These are reserved for special passengers like entertainers, politicians or athletes. Spencer has a coach like this named Vivian, whom he uses to take the Duke and Duchess of Boxford.