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(As expected, here is a new story. This one continues what we saw previously with the Norramby Branch. I hope you enjoy and all feedback is appreciated.)
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*[[Brendam Docks]]
*[[Brendam Docks]]
*[[Norramby Branch Line]]
*This story officially establishes Emily running the Norramby Branch Line.
*Some of the events of this story occur concurrently with the previous story.
[[Category:Adventures on Rails]]
[[Category:Adventures on Rails]]

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Emily's New Route is the twenty-second story of volume two.

Emily's New Route
Season X, Episode 48
Air date 22 November 2020
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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It was a busy day for the Fat Controller's engines. There were passengers to take along the line and goods to deliver. They were all excited except for Emily. She hadn't been out for a few days.

"More trains were added but that meant my service was removed," she told the other engines.

"I'm sure the Fat Controller will find something for you," said James.

"Aye," agreed Douglas. "Juist wait a while and ye'll soon be back oot on the tracks."

"I hope so," sighed Emily. "I don't like being stuck in here. I know I have my limitations but I still like to be useful."

That afternoon, she was still in the shed when Edward puffed in.

"Hullo Edward. I haven't seen you in a while," said Emily.

"Hullo Emily. Nice to see you," replied Edward. "I'm just resting before the evening service."

"Ah, I do miss my service to Wellsworth," said Emily.

"Hmm, perhaps you could take my train today if you'd like," suggested Edward.

"Oh yes please! That's most kind of you."

Their Drivers agreed to the change so Edward's crew helped get Emily ready and soon her fire was burning brightly and making steam.

"Have a good journey!" called Edward.

"Thanks again!" replied Emily and backed into the Big Station. Gordon was already there waiting with his coaches.

"Hey Emily, what are you doing here?" asked Gordon.

"I'm taking Edward's train," replied Emily.

"A new route for you then."

"I suppose so."

"Well, all you have to know is that you leave fifteen minutes after I do."

"Sounds easy enough."

"Yeah. Just hope there aren't any mishaps if you know what I mean."

Emily waited and waited. Finally, Gordon's train left the station and soon, it was time for Emily's train to leave. The Guard blew the whistle and Emily puffed away.

She was soon making great time and steaming well.

"Keep it up," encouraged the Driver as Emily clattered past the Junction. Soon, she reached Edward's station.

"Right on time," said the Stationmaster.

Emily was pleased. Then, she made her way down to Brendam.

"That was a great journey," said Emily.

"You did a good job," agreed the Driver.

Emily went home feeling very pleased with herself.

The next day, the Fat Controller came to see her.

"Emily, I heard you did a good job yesterday with Edward's train."

"Thank you Sir."

"Now, I was thinking that perhaps you'd like to take charge of that service for a while since Edward will be needed elsewhere."

"I'd like that."

"Glad to hear that."

The Fat Controller walked away.

Emily was very excited.

"Finally, I have a proper job," she told the others.

The other engines were glad for Emily even if she talked so much about her new service.

The next evening, her Fireman was getting her ready.

"I musn't be late. I musn't be late," she thought to herself.

James puffed into the shed.

"All ready for the evening service?"

"Not yet but I will be soon."

"All right. Just take care."

"I know what to do. I am quite confident."

Emily was still full of energy as she backed onto her coaches. She was so excited that she didn't stop in time and bumped into the coaches.

"Ouch! Careful there!" cried the coaches.

"Sorry," apologised Emily. "I'll be careful. I'm just so excited."

"Don't worry, you have plenty of time," said Gordon.

No-one noticed that Emily's bump had made the coupling between the brake coach and the penultimate coach loose. When Emily puffed away, the coupling broke and the brake coach was left behind.

She was at Edward's station when she realised this.

"Oh no," cried Emily. "This is sure to delay us."

Norman had to bring the coach. By the time he did, Emily was very late indeed.

"That did not go as I thought it would," sighed Emily. "I will do better tomorrow."

The next day, Emily's Fireman was having difficulting starting the fire.

"We also need to take on water," said the Fireman.

At last, Emily was ready to go and she went over to the water column. Donald and Douglas were already there.

"If I wait, I am sure to be late," puffed Emily.

"Dinna fash yersel," chuckled Douglas.

"Ye can wait a while," put in Donald.

"We can't wait any longer."  said Emily. "I'm sure I can make it to Edward's station."

Her Driver agreed so Emily went to the platform without taking on water.

"I have a bad feeling aboot that," said Donald.

"The lassie goin' off withoot water. No doubt aboot it," said Douglas.

Emily was feeling confident but as she passed the Junction, she began to feel dry.

"I have to make it!" she cried.

But it was no use. She ground to a halt.

Presently, Douglas came to help her to Edward's station.

"You were right. I should have waited," said Emily.

"We all make mistakes," said Douglas.

The next day, the Fat Controller came to see her again.

"I've heard all about the mishaps you've had and I know you are sorry and want to be useful," said the Fat Controller. "Perhaps this service is not the best for you. Edward will take charge again and until the end of the week, you will take china clay trucks to the Harbour."

Emily was disappointed. She tried to be cheerful as she went to Brendam to collect her train but she still felt down.

"At least I can bump trucks," she thought. "Hopefully I can manage them."

The trucks were not easy to handle. Emily had to work very hard to keep them in order.

Finally, she had only two days left.

"I want no tricks from you today," scolded Emily.

"Oh, of course not," giggled the trucks.

"They never listen," sighed Emily.

She passed Edward's station and almost didn't see Molly there talking to Edward.

"I almost didn't see you two. It's just been a rough day," she said, then continued on her way.

Finally, she reached the Harbour and left the trucks. She went to the sheds to rest.

"I just hope to have a proper job after this is over," she told her Driver and Fireman.

"I'm sure there's something for you," soothed the Driver.

Just then, Molly puffed in with some news for Emily about the Norramby Branch Line.

"I would love to run it," said Emily, happily.

"I will make arrangements right away," said the Fat Controller.

"So I haven't seen you in a while and now I have a Branch line to run," chuckled Emily.

"I just thought of it today actually," smiled Molly.

"Thanks so much. The past few weeks have been difficult."

Then Emily told Molly all about it.

Nowadays, Emily runs the Norramby Branch Line. She keeps busy and continues to be a hard worker. She made new friends along the way too. But that's another story.




  • This story officially establishes Emily running the Norramby Branch Line.
  • Some of the events of this story occur concurrently with the previous story.