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Edward and the Special Train is the sixth story of volume four.

Edward and the Special Train
Season 4A, Episode 6 (82)
Air date 17 April 2022
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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One Monday morning, Edward helped Gordon to the turntable. Once Gordon was on the turntable, Edward reversed and went back to the station. As he arrived, he saw a goods train waiting on the platform.

"Where's Gordon?" asked the Stationmaster.

"I just took him to the turntable to be turned around," said Edward. "He'll be here any minute."

The minutes passed and still Gordon didn't come. The Stationmaster went into his office. He returned shortly.

"Well, as it turns out, Gordon ran himself into a ditch so he can't take the train," said the Stationmaster. "I telephoned the Fat Controller and he says that you'll have to take it Edward."

"Hmm, what about Gordon?" asked Edward. He was concerned.

"We'll probably get him out later," replied the Stationmaster. "Quickly now, take the train. The Fat Controller is already cross and he wouldn't like for this train to be late."

Edward backed onto the trucks and once the signal went down, the Guard's whistle blew and Edward puffed away. As he puffed along the line, he was still thinking about what had happened to Gordon. Presently, he stopped at the Works station and saw James.

"Hullo Edward. What are you doing all the way out here?" asked James.

"I took a stopping train to Vicarstown and now, I'm taking over a special train meant for Gordon," explained Edward.

"That was Gordon's train?"


"Huh, I wonder if he knew he was going to be pulling trucks," said James.

"I heard he ran into a ditch."

"Really!" chortled James. He laughed till wheels began to ache.

"You know that somehow he has to get out of there," said Edward.

"Of course. I know he'll be fine. In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy the hilariousness of the situation. Imagine going to such lengths to avoid a simple job. Even I wouldn't do something that stupid."

James puffed away, still laughing.

Edward sighed and went on his way.

He stopped at the Junction for a red signal just as Thomas arrived with Annie and Clarabel.

"Hullo Edward. It's great to see you."

"Hullo Thomas. How is everything on your branch line."

"So far fantastic," said Thomas. "Toby and I are having a blast between passengers and stone trucks. By the way, I see you have quite a heavy load."

"Indeed. I'm taking it to the Big Station," explained Edward. "In fact, Gordon was supposed to pull this train but then he ran into a ditch."

"Gordon got stuck in a ditch! Ha!" laughed Thomas. "He'll smell like ditch-water for weeks to come!"

When Edward's signal turned green, Thomas was still laughing.

"You better be careful yourself," warned Edward, as he puffed away towards the Big Station. Thomas was still laughing however.

"Both James and Thomas are bound to run into trouble," thought Edward as he puffed towards the Big Station.

Arrived there, he went into the yard and saw Percy shunting trucks.

"Hullo Edward. Good to see you," said Percy.

"Hullo Percy. How are you?"

"I'm keeping busy that's for sure. I helped out at Vicarstown the other day, and had to confront a rather grumpy Gordon."

"Hmm, how has he been lately?"

"Well if you ask me, he's getting too big for his buffers," said Percy, firmly. "Henry's been doing a great job pulling the Express and you know Gordon, thinking no-one is better than him."

"Oh dear, well, this morning he ran into a ditch. This was supposed to be his train," said Edward.

"Silly old Gordon," chuckled Percy. "Fancy him running off the rails to avoid pulling a goods train. He really messed up, didn't he?"

"Yeah," sighed Edward. "I hope everything will be all right."

"Well, I better go fetch Henry's coaches. It seems like he'll continue pulling the Express for the time being."

Percy scampered away.

Edward went to the shed, and saw Henry there.

"Hullo Edward."

"Hullo Henry, I hear you're pulling the Express today again."

"Yes indeed, thanks Edward. I'm doing a fine job if I do say so myself."

"Indeed," smiled Edward. "Listen, I know Gordon has been a bit boastful lately . . ."

"He thinks he's the only one that can pull the Express," interrupted Henry. "Sorry, go on."

"I think he's learned his lesson though."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, he was supposed to pull this goods train but he ran into a ditch presumably to avoid pulling said train."

"That does sound like him."

"Anyways, I think that us three need to help each other out no matter what and you two are the railway's biggest engines. You should stand together."

"Well, I don't like how he's undermined me since my re-build but you do have a point," said Henry. "I can only anticipate that the he's going to be in big trouble with the Fat Controller."

"From what Stationmaster told me, it sounds like he wasn't very pleased to hear about Gordon's excursion into the ditch," said Edward. "So, do you promise to stand together in this one."

Henry was reluctant but he knew Edward was right. "It is what we must do."

That evening, Edward brought his last train to the Big Station. The contents of the trucks from the special train were being unloaded.

"Evening Sir, what do you have there?" asked Edward.

"I'm actually not quite sure," replied the Fat Controller. "I'm just about to find out though."

There were many boxes and inside, there were many relics, garments, dining plates, among other exhibits. There was also a letter. The Fat Controller read through it carefully just as James and Henry arrived.

"My word, this was sent to us on behalf of the Queen of England."

"The Queen herself sent this?" asked James.

"Yes, this is all from her and her family."

"Why would she send all this stuff to us though?"

"She's read about us in the books," answered the Fat Controller. "She may even visit us someday."

"Who's visiting us?" asked Percy, who had just come back from the yard.

"The Queen of England," said Edward.

"The Queen coming to our railway! That would be wonderful," cheered Percy.

"I say we leave you in the yard though," teased James.

"You'd never dare," retorted Percy.

"Now, now. Nothing is official just yet," boomed the Fat Controller. "Keep working hard though, and I'm sure one day, the Queen might visit us."

"I do have to admit that sounds exciting," said Henry.

"I agree," said Edward.

"It is a real possibility, and I'm proud of all of you," beamed the Fat Controller. "Well, it even makes me forget that Gordon's still stuck in the ditch. James and Henry, you'll have to go and pull him out. I'll be speaking to him tomorrow. James, I'd like you to take the Express tomorrow, so you come back here once you rescue Gordon."

"Yes Sir!" said James, excitedly.

With that, James and Henry set off.

"Good luck," called Edward to the two big engines. "And remember what I said Henry!"

"What is he talking about?" asked James.

"That's between Edward, Gordon, and I," replied Henry, ominously.

"Excluding me, much?"

"You just barely noticed, didn't you."

"Well, anyways, at least we're not the ones in disgrace like Gordon. You'll see tomorrow just how well I can manage the Express. I'll show everyone."

"Relax a bit. It's supposed to rain tonight so you'd better be careful. Besides, when you start to gloat, that's usually when you mess things up."

"Nonsense. Nothing will go wrong tomorrow," huffed James.

"Suit yourself."

When Henry and James arrived at Vicarstown, it was dark. Bright flood-lights illuminated the site. Pulling hard, the two engines brought Gordon to safety.

Back at the Big Station, Edward could only hope that Gordon had learnt his lesson. He wondered if Gordon would be able to redeem himself, and prove to the Fat Controller once again that he is a Really Useful Engine.




  • This story takes place within the events of Off the Rails and therefore takes place in 1952.
  • This story concludes the first part of volume four.