Edward and the Coaches and Other Adventures is a DVD containing two second season episodes, and two third season episodes.

Edward and the Coaches and Other Adventures


Thomas & Friends: Adventures on Rails

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April 3, 2012

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Everyone on the Island of Sodor likes to be Really Useful. So watch Edward once again go out much to Gordon's dismay. And can James make his delivery on time despite having a horrible first day. Gordon certainly still won't be special after you see his adventure. Then watch Spencer take on a job perhaps out of his league. So join Spencer, Edward, James, and the rest for four exciting adventures.


  1. Edward and the Coaches
  2. James and the Frieght Cars
  3. Gordon the Record Breaker
  4. Spencer & the Express


  • Help Edward shunt coaches
  • Help James make his deliveries
  • Colour in Gordon or Spencer
  • Bonus episode- Gordon and Spencer with Michael Angelis' US narration


  • This is the first DVD to have only four episodes.
  • Gordon and Spencer's tenders are absent in the colouring game.
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