Edward and Jenna

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Edward and Jenna is the seventh story of volume three.

Edward and Jenna
Season X, Episode 57
Air date 28 March 2021
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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Jenna the 'Jinty' was getting used to her job on the Fat Controller's Railway. She was based at Edward's station to help act as a banker for heavy trains going up Gordon's Hill. Usually, Edward sleeps at the station but one night, BoCo came into the shed. Jenna was apprehensive upon seeing a diesel but she soon found that he friends with Edward.

The next morning, Edward was in the yard and found the two engine talking.

"I see you've met BoCo," smiled Edward.

"I have," replied Jenna. "He told me a lot of great stories about Bill and Ben. They seem like trouble."

"They can be," chuckled BoCo. "In the end, we all get along and they are hard workers."

"I look forward to getting to work too," put in Jenna. "How exactly does this whole banker business work?" she asked.

Edward was glad to explain.

"You have to stay here to be on duty in case any engine needs help up the hill. Sometimes, they will stop at the station and you will be called over to help. At other times, they may come back down."

"Henry, James and Bear handle the heavy goods," said BoCo, "so you'll see them very often."

"You'll also see Gordon, who pulls the Express," put in Edward.

"I understand," said Jenna. "In the meantime, I can shunt trucks in the yard."

Then she set to work.

"And how have you been getting along with her?" asked BoCo.

"It's been all right," replied Edward. "She has a lot of energy and is definitely keen to work."

"And you're a bit more laid back," put in BoCo.

"Well, yes," replied Edward. "It is nice having someone else around though, so I'm getting used to it."

"Good to hear," said BoCo. "Now I have to get to Brendam."

BoCo rolled away and then Jenna came back to the shed.

"The Foreman says a goods train is coming and I might be needed," she said.

The two engines waited. Presently, they heard a loud horn and a big diesel growled in.

"That's Bear," said Edward. "Now listen for his horn."

Bear blew his horn signalling that he needed a banker. Jenna puffed over.

"I'm here to help!" she called.

"Thank you!" replied Bear. "I'm ready when you are!"

Then the two engines forced the unwilling trucks up the hill. Once they reached the top, Bear ran ahead. He tooted his horn again to say "thanks". Jenna stopped at Maron and ran back down to Edward's station.

"You did a good job Jenna," smiled Edward. "Now I have a passenger train."

"I'll fetch your coaches Edward," said Jenna.

So she fetched his coaches and once he had gone, she waited for the next train that needed help up the hill. In the meantime, other goods trains came in and Jenna helped sort out the trucks. One of these was brought by Henry.

"I also have to collect some trucks of china clay," said Henry.

"Yes. I'll have those arranged in no time," said Jenna. "I'm Jenna by the way," she added.

"Ah, so you're the 'Jinty' that the Fat Controller purchased."

"Yes indeed."

"Well, it's very nice to meet you. I hope you're enjoying yourself so far and it must be nice being here with Edward."

"Everything is going fine so far. Edward is a really experienced engine since he knows a lot."

"Definitely!" chuckled Henry.

"Are you two close friends?" asked Jenna.

"Of course. We go way back to the early days of the railway."

"Very interesting."

Later that day, Jenna helped Gordon up the hill with the Express. They didn't talk for much, but at the top, Gordon whistled good-bye to her.

Later, Edward and Jenna were resting in the shed.

"So far I've met Henry and Gordon," she told him.

"Ah nice," said Edward. "We're all friends now but when Gordon first arrived he thought I wouldn't be able to help him up the hill!"

"Is that why it's called Gordon's Hill?"

"Yes indeed."

Just then, a big red engine pulled into the station with a goods train.

"Who's that?" asked Jenna.

"That's James," said Edward.

"Well, I have to shunt some trucks," said Jenna and she puffed out of the shed.

James saw her coming. "Ah, good thing you're here. Take away the trucks so I can be on my way as quickly as possible."

Jenna didn't like to be rushed but didn't say anything as she shunted some trucks away.

"You'll need help up the hill," she called.

"No thanks. I can manage myself," replied James.

"All right, if you say so."

So James puffed away. Jenna came back to the shed.

"He said he didn't need any help."

"He should know better," replied Edward. "He tends to think he can do almost everything and that often leads to trouble."

"He is a bit bossy too," put in Jenna. "Surely you don't get along with him very well, do you?"

"I will admit that we have our differences," said Edward. "However, like all the others, we help each other when needed."

Jenna was rather surprised at this but she said nothing. Presently, they saw James back at the station.

"Well, looks like I have to help him after all," said Jenna.

Meanwhile, James was not very happy.

"This is going to make me late," he complained.

"I did offer you help," chastised Jenna.

"From you?"

"Who else did you think? Besides, I am more than capable to be a banker engine."


"Yeah, besides I am learning from Edward."

"I'll give you that, but being a banker is hard work."

"Of course it is but it's nothing I can't handle."

"Very well then."

So the two engines began the climb up the hill. However, as they climbed, James deliberately dawdled.

James's Driver was concerned.

"You're losing steam!" he called.

"I know, I know," interrupted James. "Now we'll see just how capable this 'Jinty' is." But he said it to himself.

Jenna was feeling the weight of the heavy train on her buffers.

"I have to do it! I have to do it!" she panted and puffed and pushed with all her might. Finally, the trains was over the top of the hill. Jenna was exhausted but James was feeling pleased with himself. Once at Maron, Jenna ran into a siding just as James was about to depart.

"You really are a good banker engine," said James.

Jenna was still catching her breath, but she said, "Thank you. You didn't think I was going to give up just 'cause you magically ran out of steam, did you."

"Oh, uh, of course not," stuttered James.

"And if you ever run out of steam again, I am sure to be available."

With that, Jenna puffed away.

James just scoffed and started as soon as he heard the Guard's whistle.

Back at Edward's station, Edward was about to depart with a passenger train when Jenna returned.

"How did everything go?" asked Edward.

"It went just fine," replied Jenna. "I got the train up the hill, completed my banker duties and taught that stupid red engine a lesson."

"Okay . . . What exactly happened?"

"Nothing much. Just James in his usual ways, thinking he could do everything and then trying to make me feel redundant."

"I see . . ."

"Honestly, I hope I never have to help him again," finished Jenna, and she steamed back to the yard.

Edward puffed away thinking about the situation.

"I guess the two engines started off on the wrong foot," said Edward's Driver.

"I suppose so," said Edward. "Hopefully I can speak to James soon or just hope for the best, I suppose."

At Brendam, he met BoCo and told him about what had happened.

"She did rather surprised when I said that despite everything, I still consider James a friend," said Edward.

"You are easy-going with almost everyone, but not everyone is like that," said BoCo.

"I can't force her to get along with James."

"Well, even you aren't the best of friends with James but you work well with him."

"He is a hard worker. I suppose I must find a way that they can at least work together," sighed Edward.

The next day, Jenna was getting ready for work when Edward puffed into the shed.

"Morning Edward."

"Good morning Jenna. Ready for another day of work?"


"Good to hear. Now, I know you had a conflict with James yesterday, so I just wanted to say that you don't necessarily have to get along with everyone. However, all the engines here like to be really useful so at the very least we should help each other out in our work," said Edward.

"I understand what you're saying," said Jenna. "I will put aside any conflict from now on and just do my banker duties as I have been assigned."

"All right then," said Edward though he wasn't exactly sure if she was going to keep her word.

Later, she was resting in the shed when James pulled into the station with a passenger train.

"I will need help up the hill today," said James.

However, Jenna would not come out of the shed.

"I know what I said to Edward, but truth is that I'd rather not help him."

James couldn't wait for longer so he had to pull all his coaches up the hill by himself.

Later, he came to Edward's station and saw Edward.

"What happened to the banker engine?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" asked Edward.

"That new banker engine left me to pull my heavy coaches up the hill."

Just then, Jenna puffed in.

"Well if you had been nicer yesterday, I might have considered helping you today."

"Huh!" scoffed James. "I could have been delayed because of you!"

Then he puffed crossly away.

"Serves him right," muttered Jenna.

Edward knew he had to intervene.

"Jenna, it is your job to help other engines up the hill and like I mentioned, you don't have to be best friends. Even I'm not best friends with James. However, he is a fellow member here on the railway, and because of that, we all help each other out so we can all be really useful. Do you understand that?"

"Fine. I just have to learn to put aside my differences," replied Jenna.

"That's good to hear. After all, the Fat Controller is relying on us to be really useful engine."

Jenna knew that Edward was right.

"I suppose everyone here wants to be useful. Even James."


The next day, Jenna was ready and waiting by the time James came in with a goods train.

"I'm here to help!" she called.

James was rather surprised but he was glad to have help. This time, the two engines worked together and pulled and pushed the heavy train up the hill.

"Thanks for helping me," said James.

"It was my pleasure," replied Jenna.

"And sorry for the other day. I was cross that I was being delayed so sorry I was rude with you."

"I'm sorry too for not helping you. Edward helped me realise that we all want to do our best on the railway."

"Definitely. I can tell that you're learning a lot from Edward."

"He is very wise!"

"Indeed! He's given me some good lessons."

Then the Guard's whistle blew.

"Goodbye, Jen -, er, uh . . ."

"Jenna. My name is Jenna."

"Okay. Goodbye Jenna!" whistled James.

"Bye James!" whistled Jenna in reply.

Then she ran back down to Edward's station.

That night, she told Edward what had happened.

"I'm glad you two have made peace," said Edward.

"Yeah. Besides, now I can focus on my job," said Jenna.

Edward was glad to hear this.

Nowadays, Jenna is always ready to help engines up the hill. She is always glad to take on her banker duties because she knows that it makes her really useful indeed.



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