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Edward’s Escapade
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date October 30th, 2019
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Edward’s Escapade is the ninth episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Edward is one of the oldest engines working on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway. He is a kind engine too and is friendly to everyone he meets. He is also very helpful and does everything he can to help others in need. Sometimes the other engines, particularly the bigger ones, tease him for being too old to do certain things, but in the end, they discover that Edward is still really useful and can prove he still has a lot of energy left in him when he's given the chance.

One day, after a busy morning of shunting and taking passengers, Edward was dozing in Wellsworth Sheds. He was enjoying his nice, peaceful rest. That is, until…

"Wake up lazybones!" honked Philip loudly and cheerfully. "Time to get moving! You don't want to sleep the whole day away, do you? I don’t think Sir Topham Hatt would like that."

Edward yawned. “Don’t worry, Philip,” he chuffed. “I promise you that will not happen today, especially if a certain someone keeps honking his horn in my face and waking me up every few minutes.”

Philip chuckled. “Well technically, I get to do that Edward, since it’s daytime and not nighttime and you should be working right now and not sleeping. So ha-ha! Got you this time! You have to admit I’m right! Right?”

Edward smiled. “Alright Philip,” he muttered. “I’ll admit it: you win this time, but only because I need to wake up and get ready for my next job, understand?”

“He, he yep, I understand, Edward,” chuffed Philip cheekily, “but I still won though and I'll win the next time I wake you too!” Edward rolled his eyes.

Just then the two engines heard a pair of whistles and looked over and saw Gordon and Spencer puffing into the station with the express and the Duke and Duchess of Boxford respectively. They looked over at the two engines, then started mocking them.

“Oh dear, would you look at that, Gordon," teased Spencer. "Looks like Edward is having trouble staying awake again. I suppose this sort of thing usually happens with old engines like him."

Gordon chuckled. "Quite right Spencer. Good thing he has a noisy little boxcab alarm clock to keep him awake and stay active."

Edward was cross. “Oh honestly, you two,” he huffed. “You really can’t go one day without teasing other engines for no particular reason, can you?”

“Yeah!” Agreed Philip. “And besides, Edward’s not that old. Why if I remember correctly, you’re just about as old as Edward too, Gordon, so who are you to say those things about him?”

Spencer sniggered, but Gordon grunted. “Huh! I’m not quite as old as Edward, thank you Philip. I still have a significant amount of energy in me that proves I’m younger and more reliable than him.”

“Really?” Said Edward cheekily. “So if you have more energy and are more reliable than me, Gordon, than how come I’m always able to push you and the express up your hill with no trouble and you always get stuck on it because you can barely get halfway up with it?”

Philip chuckled at this remark. “He got you there, Gordon!” He teased. “You have to admit he’s right!”

Spencer laughed again. "Are you going to let them talk to you like that, Gordon?" he puffed.

Gordon snorted. “Grrrr, alright fine, since you have proven it many times, you have a point there Edward,” he moaned, “but unlike me, and Spencer for that matter, you are certainly not a fast engine. Why most times when I see you, you’re moving as fast as an old fashioned engine, meaning very slow. It’s a wonder that you’re still able to complete your jobs on time. I think Sir Topham Hatt is just being nice and letting you off easy because of your old age. If it were any other engine, they would surely be scolded for going so slow. So consider yourself lucky that you’re getting this special treatment, Edward.” Then Gordon and Spencer chuckled.

Edward was cross. “I may not be a fast engine, Gordon, but that doesn’t mean I’m not useful. The reason why I go slow is because I’m completing my jobs on time without trouble. Besides, that’s never posed a problem before and even Sir Topham Hatt says that going slow and steady is better for us engines. So mind your manners, Gordon, and the same goes for you too Spencer.”

“Yeah and also,” added Philip, “Edward can be fast when he wants to. He may not show it, but I know he can. In fact, I’m sure he can go even faster than you, Gordon. If a small diesel boxcab like me is able to outrace you, then an engine like Edward can surely do the same.” Gordon scoffed. "And from what Edward's told me about you, Spencer, he actually beat you in a race one time, so there's further proof that Edward is a fast engine, so the joke's on you."

Spencer grunted. "Edward got lucky during that race because I was sleeping, so that doesn't count. He's still a slow engine regardless of what you say, little Philip."

"Or you just don't want to admit that Edward won that race, regardless of what you say, Spencer. Ha-ha," teased Philip, then he, Edward, and even Gordon chuckled. Spencer snorted.

Just then, Sir Topham Hatt arrived onboard Winston, and he looked worried. "Oh dear, oh dear. Where ever could it be? We've searched everywhere Winston, and we can't seem to find it."

"Don't worry, sir," soothed Winston. "I'm sure it'll turn up sooner or later. We just have to stay positive and keep on searching."

The engines were surprised. "Oh my, is everything alright, sir?" asked Edward.

"Huh, I'm afraid not Edward," sighed Sir Topham Hatt. "Late last night, while Lady Hatt and I were asleep, two thieves broke into our house and robbed us. They stole all of my Railway Controller awards and to make matters worse, they stole my car. When we woke up, we tried to stopped them, but they had already escaped and gotten away. I've contacted the police and they're doing their best to find them, but they could be hiding anywhere on the island by now. I'm currently using Winston here to get around and look for the criminals, but so far we're having no luck."

The engines felt bad. "Oh dear, sorry to hear that, sir," sighed Philip. "Is there anything we can do to help?"

"Well now that you mention it, Philip," said Sir Topham Hatt, "if you all could, as you're working today, keep an eye out for my car. Whenever you come to a road or a level crossing, be sure to look out for a blue car and two men driving it. I'm not sure what they look like, but if they're in my car, it's definitely them."

"We'll do our best, sir," promised Edward. "When we find them, we'll report them immediately."

"Thank you, Edward," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now Winston and I must be off on our search, and to the rest of you, I say good luck, work hard today, and lastly…" he paused rather dramatically. "…please make sure my car isn't damaged if you find it. It's rather expensive and Lady Hatt will get mad if it is."

The engines smiled. "We will sir," they replied. "We promise."

"Good," finished Sir Topham Hatt. "Now come along Winston. We got places to go and hopefully someone finds my car soon." Then he put Winston in gear, and they started off with a jerk as usual.

"Hopefully very soon," muttered Winston agonizingly to himself.

"What's that?" asked Sir Topham Hatt.

"Uh, nothing. Nothing sir," sighed Winston. "Just agreeing with you, that's all." Then they soon left the station.

"Oh dear, poor Sir Topham Hatt," puffed Philip. "Robbed during the night and had his car stolen? That's a shame. I hope it turns up soon."

"Don't worry, Philip," chuffed Edward. "I'm sure it will eventually. Besides, we promised that we'll help Sir Topham find it too, so if we keep a look out, we're bound to find it sooner or later and everything will be fine."

"Yeah, you're right Edward," chuffed Philip. "Ooh, this will be fun. Those thieves have no idea what they're in for. They better watch out when we catch them."

Gordon and Spencer laughed. "Oh please, Philip," said Spencer. "If Edward's the one who catches them, they'll easily escape from him with no trouble. Why Edward will be so slow, they will be on the Mainland by tomorrow by the time he catches up to them."

"Exactly," added Gordon. "So how about you leave this to the more reliable engines, Edward, and carry on being a slow, old-fashioned engine?"

Edward was cross all over again. "That's enough you too! The slow nonsense needs to stop now. Besides, you both aren't being very reliable right now by just sitting there insulting me and ignoring your passengers, who are looking quite annoyed by the way," he hissed.

Gordon and Spencer looked back, and sure enough, Gordon's passengers and the Duke and Duchess were not happy. "Oh uh, right then," Gordon chuffed, as he whistled and started off. "Express coming through!"

"Uh yes, we're on our way now, your graces," added Spencer, and they hurried out of the station and disappeared.

After he left, Edward was annoyed. Philip could tell. "Don't worry about them, Edward," he chuffed. "They don't know what they're talking about. I know you're very reliable and you can be very fast. Other engines have told me that too, so if everything they're telling me is true, then I believe in you, and so should you."

Edward smiled. "Thank you Philip. I appreciate that and it helped. I don't mind Gordon's words all that much really, or Spencer's for that matter, but sometimes, they go so far, I can't take it anymore and they get to me. But no matter what they say, they can think what they want and that's not my problem. Now I think it's best that we get back to work."

"Good idea, Edward," agreed Philip, "and be on the look out for Sir Topham Hatt's car as well."

"That too, Philip," said Edward. "That too." Then the two engines puffed off to do their jobs.

Soon Edward was hard at work and taking a goods train to the docks. As he was working, he couldn't help thinking about the big engines' words again.

"Oh stop thinking about them, old boy," he chuffed to himself. "Never mind, what they said. They're just doing that to be rude and get attention, that's all. Don't let them get to you."

Just then, he looked over to the side of the track and through the trees, he thought he saw something blue moving along the road. Edward tried to get a better look, but the trees kept blocking it from his view. He tried to go a little faster to get a better view, but then when he came to a clearing where there were no trees, the blue object had disappeared and it was no where to be found.

Edward was puzzled. "Hmm, that's strange," he puffed. "I wonder what that was. It looked like it was Sir Topham Hatt's car, but it couldn't have disappeared just like that. Huh, oh well, must have been seeing things." Then he continued on his way to the docks.

Soon Edward was approaching Suddery Junction. As he was puffing up to the level crossing, he saw Trevor the traction engine slowly making his way up the crossing. Edward was happy to see him.

"Hello Trevor," he whistled.

"Oh hello there, Edward," chuffed Trevor. "Good to see you, old friend. How's your day been going?"

"Well it's been good and not-so-good, to tell you the truth," sighed Edward. "I had a pretty productive morning and got all of my jobs done, then Gordon and Spencer came around and did their usual teasing and mocking."

"Oh dear, sorry to hear about that," sighed Trevor. "I take it they got to you again, didn't they?"

"Huh, I'm sorry to say yes they did," huffed Edward. "I just don't understand why they have to keep teasing me about my age or call me an old-fashioned engine. Now they're making fun of me for being a slow engine as well. It's like they have nothing better to do."

"Hmm, well I wouldn't let it bother me too much if I were you," said Trevor. "They're just stuck-up in the boilers and are just being annoying. Besides, you're not that old Edward. There are plenty of other engines and vehicles that are older than you and are still really useful, like me in fact. Also, I believe you're the one who said 'people call me old-fashioned, but I don't care' the first time we met, right?"

Edward smiled a little bit. "Yes that was me," he chuffed. "I do remember saying that to you."

"Mm-hmm, and you've proven that you're still really useful and not that old after all, haven't you?" added Trevor.

"Yes, quite a few times," admitted Edward.

"So therefore, you are still a reliable and useful engine and even if you're not the fastest, you're still dependable and a really good friend," said Trevor.

Edward smiled, then Philip who had heard the last part, came up on the other side of the crossing. "Yep, that's true, Trevor," he agreed. "So don't listen to those big bullies, Edward. Just be yourself and know that everyone still thinks of you as a reliable engine, just like Trevor said, and exactly what I said earlier." Edward frowned. "Okay, well pretty close to what I said anyway," chuckled Philip, then he Edward and Trevor laughed.

Suddenly, they all heard a screeching noise, and then they saw a blue car come tearing down the road towards the crossing. Trevor shut his eyes thinking it was going to crash into him, but luckily the car missed and raced by them and disappeared.

"Whoa, goodness gracious me!" exclaimed Trevor. "Was that Sir Topham Hatt? Why on earth was he driving like drag racer? Surely he would know better than that."

But Edward and Philip knew what happened. "Um, Trevor," said Philip. "That wasn't Sir Topham Hatt."

Trevor was puzzled. "Huh? What do you mean? That was his car, wasn't it?"

"It was," said Edward, "but that wasn't Sir Topham Hatt driving it. Those are the thieves that robbed him last night!"

"Oh! I see," said Trevor. "What should we do?"

Edward thought for a moment, then he had an idea. "Philip, do you have another job right now?"

"Umm, no. Not right now," replied Philip. "Why?"

"I need you to do something for me," said Edward. "Can you take this train to the docks for me? I'm going to try to stop those thieves from escaping with Sir Topham Hatt's car and his trophies."

Philip was reluctant to agree as he wanted to catch the thieves as well, but then he thought for a moment, and agreed. "You got it, Edward," he said. "I'll gladly take your train for you as you catch those thieves and prove you're fast after all."

"Thank you Philip," said Edward, although he ignored the last part, "and Trevor, can you and Jem Cole go and alert Sir Topham Hatt about this and let him know where they're going?"

"When we find him, we will," promised Trevor, "but do you have any idea where they are going?"

"I'm not sure," said Edward, "but that's why I'm going to follow them and when we get to the nearest contact, we'll let you know."

"Right, we got you, Edward," said Philip.

Edward's driver uncoupled him from the train, then once the gates opened up, he took off after the thieves.

"Go get them, Edward!" cheered Philip. "Show them what you're made of! We're counting on you!"

Meanwhile, the thieves were still racing along the road in Sir Topham Hatt's car.

"Great, nice going, Joey!" scoffed the one. "Seen in broad daylight right in front of three engines! They're bound to catch us now!"

"Relax Rick," said the other. "We're miles from them. It'll take them ages to catch up with us. We're safe now, so take a load off and think how much money we can make off of these solid gold trophies that the fat head won."

"He, he, yeah good point, Joe," said the first one. "We'll be rich in no time, probably quicker than you can say…" Then they were interrupted by a loud whistle. "Train!" the thieves exclaimed.

Then coming from around the corner catching up to them was Edward. "There they are!" he called out to his driver.

"Oh great, now we're done for," said Rick.

"Not if I can help it," said Joey. "If that train wants to catch us, he'll just have to race us." Then he stepped on the gas and made them go even faster, getting away from Edward.

Edward was surprised. "Oh no you don't," he said and he went even faster.

Soon the race was on. The faster the thieves went, the faster Edward was catching up to them. The thieves were getting cross.

"That is one determined engine," said Rick.

"Yeah, but he ain't going to catch us," said Joey, then he rolled down the window and started shouting at Edward. "Give up, you! You can't out run us!"

"Oh I begged a differ," denied Edward. "You'll be caught sooner or later, and when you are, you two will pay for the crime you've committed. Now stop right where you are and give back the trophies and the car!"

"He, he, he, strong words, buddy, but guess what? You got no control over us! Besides, once we get to the Mainland, it'll be impossible for anyone to find us, so good luck trying to stop us!" said Joey, and then he took off again and went even faster.

Edward thought for a moment. "So that's where they're heading," he exclaimed. "I better keep track of them to make sure that's where they're going." And he continued on keeping up with the thieves.

But after a while, Edward realized that the road was starting to separate from the rails. He was losing track of the thieves. The thieves could tell.

"Ha, ha! Told you you'd never catch us!" mocked Joey. "See you later, alligator!" Then they disappeared over a hillside.

Edward was upset. "Oh great, now what should I do?" he sighed, then he had another idea. "I better alert someone at once about this! If I'm not able to catch them, then I'll find someone that can!" Then he raced off again to look for help.

Further up the road, Bertie the bus was happily rolling down the road, enjoying the peace and quiet of the country road. Suddenly, Sir Topham Hatt's car came up behind him, and swerved right in front of him. Bertie was very surprised.

"Hey! Watch where you're going, you crazy road hog!" he called, then he saw it was Sir Topham Hatt's car. "Oh! Oh dear, I hope he didn't hear that," he thought nervously, then he saw Edward racing up behind him.

"Bertie!" he called.

"Oh hello Edward," said Bertie. "What’s the rush? Is it your turn to chase me now? I don't think I've forgotten any passengers today, so…"

"It's not that Bertie," interrupted Edward. "It's about catching those thieves that just drove by!"

"Huh? What thieves?" asked Bertie. "The only person that drove by just now was Sir Topham Hatt, quite recklessly in my opinion."

"No, no Bertie, that was his car, but those were the thieves driving it! They stole it from him last night along with his railway trophies," explained Edward.

"Oh I see," said Bertie. "And you're chasing them! Ah, I got it now. Want me to help catch them?"

Edward thought for a moment, then he had an idea. "No, I actually need you to do something else for me," said Edward. "Go to the nearest station or nearest telephone and get help! Let the police and Sir Topham Hatt know that the thieves are heading towards Vicarstown and are trying to escape to the Mainland!"

"Right, I'm on it, Edward," promised Bertie. "You can count on me. We'll head them off for sure. Good-bye!" Then Bertie turned off an exit and heading for help, while Edward continued on after the thieves.

Meanwhile, Gordon and Spencer were racing each other along the main line.

"Say Spencer," said Gordon, "do you think we were a little hard on Edward earlier? I think we went a little too far with the slow business."

"Pah! Says you," chuckled Spencer. "I think we were fine. Besides, Edward's been called old and slow multiple times. He should be used to it by now and should accept that he is, and frankly so should you since I'm beating you again." Then Spencer went even faster. Gordon snorted, and went even faster to catch up to him.

Then to the side, they both saw Sir Topham Hatt's car race by.

"Oh great, seen by even more engines! Great job hiding, Joe!" shouted Rick.

"Oh shut up, will you?" snapped Joey. "You're getting really annoying, you know that, Rick?"

Gordon and Spencer were surprised. Then Edward came racing from behind them.

"Stop thieves!" he shouted, as he raced past the big engines. Gordon and Spencer were even more surprised now. "Was that Edward?" asked Spencer.

"I think it was," said Gordon, "but I've never seen him go that fast before. Are we sure it was him?"

"I'm not so sure right now, to be honest," said Spencer, as they continued on feeling very confused.

Meanwhile, Edward was still chasing the thieves, he was starting to feel tired now. Then he could see them in the distance.

The thieves looked back. "Oh look, there's our blue friend again," said Rick. "Still chasing us. Got to give him credit for not giving up, you know."

"Pff, whatever," said Joey. "He's still not going to get us. Look at how tired he's getting. He'll be out of steam in no time, then we're Scott-free. He, he, he."

Then Edward came up right alongside them. "Give up you two!" he panted. "You're not going to get away with this! People are already alerted about your whereabouts and you'll be caught before you know it!"

"Oh no, see? I told you you should have stayed hidden!" complained Rick. "Now we're done for, and it's all your…"

"Zip it!" shouted Joey, then he turned back to Edward. "So you still think we're not going to get away with this, huh? Well newsflash for you, old blue." Then he stepped on the gas again, and diverted off onto a side road away from the railway. "We just did!!! Ha, ha!" Then once again they disappeared.

Edward was annoyed. "Well, last chance is Vicarstown at this point," he sighed. "Hopefully someone's there ready and waiting to catch them." Then he headed for Vicarstown.

The thieves were still racing in Sir Topham Hatt's car, determined to make it to the Mainland soon. Then they were approaching Vicarstown.

"Oh boy, what do we do now Joey?" asked Rick. "People are bound to catch us if they see us in this car. How are we going to hide ourselves?"

"Easy," said Joey slyly. "We just ignore them and speed right through town like we own it! That's how!" Then he stepped on the gas one more time and they started racing through the town.

They swerved around each corner, dodged every traffic light, and cut through side streets. Then they could see the end of the town and the road that led to the Mainland.

"Ha, ha! We're almost there, Rick old buddy!" said Joey. "Just a little bit further and…" But before they made it out of the town, Trevor suddenly jumped out in front them and stopped right in their way. "What?!" exclaimed Joey, and he stopped.

"Sorry gentlemen," glared Trevor, "but your chase ends now."

"Huh, so you think, old timer," retorted Joey, then he started reversing back, then suddenly Bertie jumped out the side street behind them and stopped too, blocking their way.

"Uh, uh, uh, where do you do think you're going?" he snorted. The thieves were stuck, then at that point, sirens rang out and the police came in swarming the area.

"Halt! Stay where you are and don't move!" shouted the chief.

The thieves groaned. "Oh great! Look what you've done now, Joey! This is all your fault! Everything about this is your fault! I try to help you, but no, you do it your way and ignore the brains of the operation. Well nice going!" moaned Rick.

Joey was furious. "That does it!" he shouted, and he pushed Rick out of the car, and jumped on top of him. The police quickly jumped in and tried to break up the fight.

At that point, Edward arrived at the station, completely out of breath. Then he looked down at the town and when he saw the thieves were caught and were being arrested, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness," he panted, then Sir Topham Hatt and Winston arrived beside him.

"Edward! Edward!" said Sir Topham Hatt frantically. "Where are they? Have they gotten away? Are they here yet? Has someone caught them? Oh dear, I hope they…"

"It's alright sir," chuckled Edward. "They've been caught. Look down there." Sir Topham Hatt looked off the side of the viaduct and saw the commotion going on between the police and the thieves.

"It was all his idea, not mine!" accused Rick.

"What? No it wasn't! You just admitted you were the brains of the operation!" hissed Joey.

"Hmm, I have no idea what he's talking about," said Rick meekly to an officer. "He's a little crazy, you know." Joey seethed.

Sir Topham Hatt was very relieved. "Oh thank heavens that my car and all of my trophies are safe," he sighed. "Thank you Edward. I knew I can always rely on you." Edward was too out of breath to speak, so he just smiled.

Then Gordon and Spencer came in the station next to them. They heard the commotion in the town and were surprised.

"Wow, would you look that," exclaimed Spencer. "How on earth were Trevor and Bertie able to catch those thieves?"

"Because they didn't Spencer," snorted Sir Topham Hatt. "They were all part of Edward's plan to catch those thieves, so the one you should be thanking in addition to them is Edward, especially after the way you two treated him earlier today."

Gordon and Spencer were surprised. "How do you know about that, sir?" asked Gordon.

"Because the Duke and Duchess of Boxford told me," replied Sir Topham Hatt. "As they were getting refreshments at Wellsworth, they heard everything you were saying about Edward and told me about it and I for one am not impressed. You both should know better than to speak to Edward like that. He's not as old as you think he is and he certainly proved again today just how much of a really useful engine he still is. So shame on both of you for your behavior." Gordon and Spencer felt ashamed.

"As for you Edward," said Sir Topham Hatt. "You deserve a well earned rest for your efforts today and we shall have a celebration for you tomorrow in honor of your heroic work."

"Oh thank you, sir," said Edward happily. He felt very pleased with himself.

Next morning, Sir Topham Hatt invited a few engines, vehicles, and people to Wellsworth to celebrate Edward's heroic actions.

"Quiet everyone. Quiet please," called Sir Topham Hatt, so everyone calmed down and listened. "Ahem, today we are here to congratulate and honor one of my most reliable and really useful engines, for if it wasn't for him and his quick thinking, my car and all of my trophies would be lost forever. Now Edward has been on my railway for years, probably one of the oldest engines on my railway, and although some engines might think that means he's not useful, they are wrong. Edward is still just as useful today as when he first started working on my railway and he proved so yesterday with his bravery and efforts to catch those thieves. So in addition to having all of my trophies back and my car back in good condition and able to drive it again…"

"Hooray!!" cried Winston. Everyone looked at him. "Oh, oops sorry," he said meekly.

"Umm, ahem, I say three cheers for Edward the hero, and another three for Trevor and Bertie for helping with the operation!" called Sir Topham Hatt. "Hip, hip…"

"Hooray!" cheered everyone, and they cheered and cheered.

Edward felt very pleased. "See Edward?" whispered Philip. "I told you everyone still thinks you're really useful, and you really did prove it yesterday too. You should feel proud of yourself, old buddy."

Edward smiled. "You know, Philip? I do feel proud. It was a challenge trying to catch those thieves, but it was worth it in the end, and I couldn't have done it without the help of Bertie and Trevor. So thank you, you two."

"You're welcome, old friend," replied Bertie and Trevor.

Just then, Gordon and Spencer arrived at the station, looking glum. Everyone glared at them, for they knew what they said about Edward.

"Um, hello everyone," said Gordon meekly.

"We-we have something to say about Edward," added Spencer. Everyone listened. "Edward, uh Gordon and I were talking and we just wanted to say…"

"We're sorry for calling you old and slow yesterday," said Gordon. "It was rude of us to say those things and you really did prove yesterday that you're still a useful engine, as well as a fast engine for that matter." Edward smiled a little.

"And on top of that," added Spencer, "not only are you fast, but you're also a fast thinker as well. Neither one of us would've come up with a plan as brilliant as yours, Edward. Why those thieves probably would've gotten away if we tried to catch them after all."

"So what we're trying tp say is," finished Gordon, "and with everyone's permission, we want to say another three cheers for Edward the very useful engine!"

Everyone smiled and agreed. "Hip, hip…" said Gordon and Spencer.

"Hooray!" called everyone, and they cheered again.

Edward couldn't have felt happier. He felt more useful than ever before and he promised himself never to be offended about his age ever again and know that he'll always be a really useful engine.




  • This episode is loosely based on the story, Stop Thief!, from the Railway Series book, Really Useful Engines.
  • Several references to the television series episodes, Bertie’s Chase, Saved From Scrap, Edward the Great, The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead, and A Shed for Edward are made throughout the episode.