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Edward's Brass Band is the fifteenth story of second volume.

Edward's Brass Band
Season X, Episode 41
Air date 24 July 2020
Written by Robyn Charteris (original)

MainLineEngines (adaptation)

Directed by MainLineEngines
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One winter morning, Edward stood at the platform at the Big Station ready with his coaches.

Then the Fat Controller came out of his office.

"Good morning Edward. I have some news for you," he said. "The Brass Band is coming to Sodor for a concert in two days. I want you to pick them up at Vicarstown and bring them here."

"That sounds fine," said Edward.

"Good," said the Fat Controller and he walked away.

"Well this is exciting," said Edward to his Driver.

"Indeed," agreed the Driver.

Then, the Guard's whistle blew and Edward puffed away.

At the Junction, he saw Thomas.

"Hullo Edward. What's going on? Your smile is as broad as your smoke-box."

"The Brass Band is coming and the Fat Controller said I'm to collect them and take them to their concert."

"That sounds fun," replied Thomas. "Don't crack your smoke-box!" he teased.

Edward chuckled and puffed away.

Later that day, he was at Brendam Docks waiting for some china clay trucks.

At last, Bill and Ben arrived.

"Sorry we took so long but Ben had a hard time getting steam up," said Bill.

"What nonsense," replied Ben.

"I'm just glad to see you both," chuckled Edward.

"Well, we'd best get back to the Clay Pits," said Ben, and they scampered away.

Edward was coupled up and he set off. As he passed the quay, one of the cranes was unloading some pipes. As they were lowered, one of the pipes slid off the pallet. Edward was passing as this happened. The pipe hit Edward with a bang!

"That hurt," exclaimed Edward.

His Driver stopped him and got out to inspect Edward.

"That pipe cracked your funnel," said the Driver. "Sorry old boy. That means no more work for you today."

Salty shunted Edward into a siding and BoCo came to take his train.

Edward was worried. "I hope I can be ready in time to pick up the Brass Band."

That afternoon, Douglas arrived.

"Hullo Edward. I see ye had a wee accident."

"Yes indeed."

"Och, dinna fash yersel. We'll get ye back to the station and have ye ready for this weekend."

"Thank goodness," sighed Edward.

Douglas shunted Edward into the shed and soon workmen came to start repairs to his funnel.

That night, snow fell heavily across the Island.

"Hopefully the Brass Band will still be able to come," thought Edward, as he watched the snow fall outside.

The next day, a thick blanket of snow lay over the tracks.

Donald and Douglas kept busy all morning clearing the tracks.

Meanwhile, repair work on Edward resumed.

That afternoon, the Fat Controller came to see him.

"I'm sorry to say that you will not be ready in time to pick up the Brass Band," he said to Edward.

Edward was upset but he understood.

So the next day, Bertie picked up the Brass Band and got them to their concert with no trouble. On the way back however, the weather changed for the worse. Snow began to fall heavily. Many roads were blocked. Bertie reached Edward's station.

By now, Edward had mended and had just gone out for a test run and was still in-steam. He was surprised to see Bertie.

"Lots of roads are blocked," said Bertie.

"We have to catch our train back to England," said the Bandsmen.

Just then, they saw Donald and Douglas. They were working hard to clear the tracks of snow.

"I can take them," said Edward.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'll get you to Vicarstown," promised Edward.

The Brass Band were delighted.

Edward quickly collected some coaches and the Brass Band climbed aboard.

"All right. Here we go," said Edward's Driver, and they set off slowly onto the Main Line.

Luckily for them, the Caledonian Twins had cleared the line but as they got closer to Vicarstown, the snow began to get deeper.

They met Donald and Douglas at the Works station.

"Hey Edward!" called Douglas.

"We juist cleared the tracks but this snow is being a muckle nuisance," said Donald.

"Now we have to clear the line again."

"I'm heading to Vicarstown," explained Edward.

"Och, the snow is deep all right," said Donald. "Ye won't get through on yere own. We'll clear the track for ye."

"Wheesht! Not so fast Donal'. We have the Main Line tae clear for the Express," reminded Douglas

"Och, yere right Douggie."

"Don't worry," said Edward. "The Works has several spare snowploughs. I'll get the Brass Band to Vicarstown."

"Hey, that's the spirit," cheered Douglas.

"Juist be careful!" called Donald.

Edward was soon fitted with a snowplough and he set to work. It wasn't easy. The snow was thick and hard to get through. But Edward didn't give up. Finally, he saw station lights.

"Nearly there!" he panted.

At last, he came to a stop at the platform. He was very tired and covered in snow but was glad to have brought the Brass Band safely. Now they could get home.

The Bandsmen thanked Edward.

"You're a very useful engine," they said.

Edward was happy.

Then, as a farewell, they played "Joy to the World" before boarding their train.

Edward watched till they were out of sight and then went to the sheds for a rest.

Molly, Dodger, and David were surprised to see him.

"Hey Edward. It's good to see you," said David. "Welcome to our humble home."

"What a pleasant surprise," added Dodger.

"Thanks for the welcome," replied Edward, kindly.

"No problem," said Molly. "Though we heard you had an accident."

"I did but then the Brass Band needed to catch their train," explained Edward.

"So you went through all this snow?" asked Dodger.

"Yes indeed."

The other engines were proud of Edward. He was just pleased to have been very useful.




  • This story is based off the series seven episode of the same name.
  • This story was originally considered as a way to bring Edward home after the events of Saving Edward. However, the idea for Christmas with Friends came along and this re-write was shelved and thought to be cancelled but the Writer still had several ideas and decided to go forth with it after all.