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Edward runs a branch line running from Wellsworth along a peninsula to Brendam. BoCo and occasionally Donald and Douglas assist in running the line. Thomas also worked on the branch line while a bridge on was being repaired on his branch line.

In Adventures on Rails, Edward handles most passenger trains, and BoCo and David take care of goods services on the branch. Donald and Douglas sometimes help out, and Dodger once worked at Wellsworth whilst the Mines were being repaired.

The bigger engines are forbidden to travel along the line due to the weaker rail construction, however Gordon was once switched onto the branch line with the express by accident.

History and operations

The branch, originally part of the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway, opened in 1870. The eastern end became a branchline after the North Western Railway opened in 1915.

There is extensive china clay traffic from Brendam. There are peak passenger "through" trains to and from Tidmouth, at other times there is a local service from Wellsworth to Brendam.

A small scrapyard, known as Crock's Scrapyard, is situated on the line. Edward consistently brings scrap metal to and from the yard. Reg works here.

In Sodor Adventures, the Animal Park is located along the line, so Edward and BoCo often take cattle and other animals. 


From Wellsworth, which includes a station yard and junction to the branch, trains travel to Suddery, and finally terminate at Brendam, where an extensive harbour and engine sheds are located. There is a private quarry line to the China Clay Works, serviced by Bill and Ben.