Edward is a blue tender engine who works on the Wellsworth-Brendam Branch Line.







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Arrived on Sodor



Edward was built in 1896, and worked on the Furness Railway before being brought to Sodor in June 1915. He helped build the Wellsworth-Brendam Branch Line, but by 1923, he was no longer needed and shunted into the shed. He was let out again, and soon given the Wellsworth Branch to himself. He came back to the Main Yard (now Tidmouth) after Gordon, Henry, and James refused to shunt their own coaches.

Despite his age, Edward has proven on a number of ocassions, he is still capable of many things. Such examples, would be when some boys meddled with James's controls and he ran away without his Driver or Fireman, and when he brought his train home on one piston.

He is usually kept busy on his Branch Line, but sometimes helps out at Tidmouth.


Edward is kindhearted and always keen to help a friend in need. The small engines trust him to lend a listening ear and sympathetic advice. He is a hard worker too, and always does his best to finish a job.

Sadly, the big engines often see Edward as old-fashioned and slow. While it is true he is the oldest engine on the North Western Railway - it must be noted he helped build it - he has proved time and time again that he is more than capable of working as hard as any engine, but he is a more clever and wiser engine, too.

In the second season of Sudrian Stories, Edward begins to reveal a more nihilistic side that was not frequently seen before. He became a much more stubborn and pessimistic engine after he saved Diesel. Eventually, it was revealed that he really didn’t care much for his life, and was fine with it ending.


He is based on the Furness Railway's 'Larger Seagull' but Crovan's Gate has made modifications to him.


He is painted NWR blue with red lining and a yellow '2' on his tender with a red border. Before coming to Sodor, it is assumed he was painted FR red with yellow lining and the FR logo on his tender.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Edward is an antagonist in Thomas the Slender Engine. He inhabits The Space Station.


Adventures on Rails




The New Adventures on Rails

Sodor Adventures

He also appears in Gordon the Role Model and Worrier to Warrior.


Stories From Sodor

Season 1:

  • Emily to the Rescue (cameo)
  • Saving Benjamin (does not speak)
  • Rosie, Jacob, Sierra, and the Troublesome Trucks
  • Insignificant (does not speak)


  • The Search for the Controllers

The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor


Sudrian Stories



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