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Duncan's Discovery
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date March 25, 2017
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Duncan's Discovery is the tenth episode of the second season of The Adventures on Sodor.


Recently on the Skarloey Railway, the boulder from Boulder Quarry had fell off its' mountainside and caused chaos on the railway, but it had also caused an avalanche at the Blue Mountain Quarry which the Thin Controller had to close down for the month. The engines were stuck to pulling passengers and shunting trucks throughout that month, they missed working at the quarry.

One morning, Duncan was complaining as he came to pick up some coaches from the depot. "'Tis is boring work," he grumbled, "I want ta go back to work at the quarry."

Rusty was shunting trucks nearby. "Oh Duncan, it's not long now until the quarry reopens." said the little diesel firmly.

"But I've been stuck with passengers all the month, and I wanna have some change." huffed Duncan.

"Well, it's not that bad, is it?" retorted Rusty.

"Well no, but it can get repetitive, and too hard," replied Duncan, "noow if you'll excuse me, I have a passenger train ta run." and he steamed grumpily away, Rusty just rolled his eyes and scoffed. Duncan complained all the way to Glennock. "Och, why can't the Thin Controller reopen the quarry now?" he grumbled. "I've been stuck with passenger duties all month."

"The less you complain, the quicker this run will take." advised his driver.

"Huh, I doubt it," muttered Duncan as he pulled into Glennock station where all the passengers got on board. "Hurry up, ye slowcoaches!" Duncan hissed.

One man just glared suspiciously at him. "Hmph" As the passengers finally boarded Duncan's coaches, the stubborn yellow engine departed the station. That night, Duncan reversed into the shed still grumbling.

"Are you still grumbling Duncan because you're pulling passengers?" asked Rusty.

"Aye, I just want ta do somethin' else for a change, that's all." grumbled Duncan.

"It's not long left now, Duncan." chuffed Skarloey. "About a week I think."

"Och, why a week, this is pathetic!" snorted Duncan. "I ain't pulling passenger trains no more."

"But I thought you liked pulling passenger trains." teased Sir Handel.

"I do, but if I pull passenger trains like ten times a day or sommin', then I loathe it."

"Perhaps you should stop complaining for once, Duncan." remarked Duke.

"Och, be quiet!" scowled Duncan at the old engine, who grimaced. "Do any of you engines even understand my problem?"

"No Duncan, we don't." admitted Rheneas.

"But like Skarloey said, there's not long until the quarry is open again." soothed Peter Sam.

"Well, perhaps one of yous can do mah passenger runs, I can shunt trucks 'ere." Duncan suggested.

"Are you sure you want to shunt trucks?" asked Rusty. "You barely even like that."

"I don't, but at least I'm doin' somethin' else for a change, aren't I?"

"Well... I suppose."

"Alright, now if any of ye mind, I need to get some sleep." and Duncan went swiftly to sleep.

The next morning, the engines were awoke by the Thin Controller ringing the bell on his bicycle, they all jumped in surprise.

"What was that for sir?" asked Sir Handel.

"Well sorry for waking you all up like this, but I have an announcement to make." said the Thin Controller.

"What is it, sir?" asked Rusty.

"Well, it's some good news, but also some bad news, the good news is that the Blue Mountain Quarry has been reopened again and-" But before the Thin Controller could finish, the engines whistled with delight.

"Finally, we can go back to work at the quarry again." whistled Luke.

"Work won't be hard anymore, thank goodness." smiled Sir Handel.

Even Duncan was pleased. "At last, I don't have ta pull stupid passenger coaches, what a relief."

The Thin Controller rang his bicycle bell even louder. "SILENCE!" he boomed, as the engines immediately quietened. "Well, I know you're all excited, but don't get too delighted, there is some bad news that may break your delight."

"And what would that be sir?" questioned Bertram.

"Well, the bad news is that many of the bridges on the railway are still collapsed from yesterday by that boulder, so I'm afraid you'll have to take the long way rounds of all those tracks, so you may be still late with your loads." explained the Thin Controller.

"Ohh." The engines muttered.

"But let's be thankful that our railway will be back in schedule again, now the Blue Mountain Quarry is opened." said the Thin Controller.

"But wait, I thought the quarry wasn't opening until next week sir," said a puzzled Luke.

"Well it was supposed to be, but the repairs have finished this week instead thankfully, so you can all get to work at once." The Thin Controller replied.

"But sir, can I work at the quarry please?" begged Duncan hoping for a positive answer.

"Yes you can, Duncan." replied the Thin Controller.

Duncan grew a slight smile. "Thank you sir, now I can do mah normal jobs."

"You're to help Luke at the quarry, it is still quite damaged because of the boulder, like most of the buildings and Owen's incline, then secondly, you must take a train of gravel to Ulfstead Castle."

"Yes sir, no bother sir." Duncan whistled. "Come on Luke, we have work to do."

"Right you are, Duncan." Luke said, feeling quite surprised, it's not like Duncan to feel so cheery and ready to work.

"Anyway, as for the rest of you, you all need to help at the quarry as well do your usual jobs." The Thin Controller demanded.

"Yes sir!" The engines whistled and as the Thin Controller peddled away on his bicycle, they all set off for the Blue Mountain Quarry. Duncan was chuffing swiftly to the quarry, glad that he could finally do something that doesn't involve pulling passengers.

"Slow down Duncan, you might cause an accident." warned Luke.

But Duncan just snorted. "Nothin' will happen Luke, I can be careful, ye know." he protested.

"I know, I was only saying." Luke muttered.

As the two entered the Blue Mountain Quarry, they were shocked to see the damage there, buildings were damaged and so was Owen's incline, and the tunnel leading to the upper floor had been closed off, so engines had to use the other tunnel to reach the floor.

"Wow... l-look at this place!" stammered Luke. "This is a mess."

"Aye, then let's get ta work then, I'm not standin' around all day." Duncan scoffed.

"Okay Duncan." and the two engines helped deliver bricks to the damaged buildings in the quarry, and Duncan collected a new chain for Owen's incline from the depot, which the chain had been damaged severely after the avalanche.

Owen sighed. "Oh, please be quick now Duncan, I miss lowering and lifting."

"Just wait Owen, don't be impatient for buffers safe," huffed Duncan, "I can't do everythin' at once, ye know."

"No need to sound morbid." retorted Owen.

"Och, but that ain't morbid, didna even know what that means?" spluttered Duncan.

"Well, no not really."

"Then dinna say anythin', be patient like I said." hissed Duncan, and Owen immediately silenced.

It wasn't long before the workmen had gave Owen his chain and the traction engine was soon repaired.

"Thanks Duncan, I can't wait to get back to work, besides Merrick's been sleep all month ever since the quarry's closure and he hasn't even noticed that it's reopened." Owen whispered.

"What, seriously? That crane needs ta start sleepin' more." replied Duncan.

"He barely sleeps at night, he's busy like all the time." said Owen. "Aren't you Merrick?!"

Merrick suddenly awoke. "Huh, what, uh yes." he mumbled.

"Don't you know the quarry's reopened?" asked Owen.

"Reopened, what?" As Merrick tried to wake up, he noticed that there was no more rocks on the quarry ground. "Well so it is," he replied, "(yawns) I say I had some good sleep all day."

"Don't you mean, a month?" Owen exclaimed.

"What, a month seriously Owen?" Merrick questioned.

"Yes, a whole month honestly." chuckled Owen.

"Well, I actually can't believe I've extremely overslept this time." replied the gantry crane.

"It doesn't matter, besides work will go back to normal soon, I hope." said Owen firmly.

As Duncan and Luke were helping to bring bricks to the damaged buildings, more of the narrow gauge engines came in to help.

"You don't need to be rushed off your wheels now." soothed Skarloey.

"We've come to help, if you don't mind." said Rheneas.

"Do you need help, Duncan?" asked Bertram.

Duncan thought. "Well I suppose, yeah can I please?"

The narrow gauge engines were surprised of Duncan's nice manners. "I say Duncan, you've received such good manners lately." commented Rheneas.

"Aye indeed I have." grinned Duncan, but he soon turned impatient. "Help me then, geez I haven't got all day."

"Sorry Duncan," apologised Rusty, "but where did your nice manners go then?"

"I dunno and I dinna care, just help me, that's all." Duncan snorted.

"Okay, no need to be such an impatient puffer." retorted Sir Handel.

"Yes, like what he said." chuckled Peter Sam.

"Just give me a second Duncan." said Skarloey.

"I'm coming now, no need to start grumbling." fumed Rusty, then soon all the narrow gauge engines began to work.

All day, the engines helped repair the buildings and clean up the mess, they were very busy hauling and shunting. At last, the work had been done, all the mess had been cleared and the buildings were repaired, Skarloey was pleased.

"Great job everyone, you really helped out a ton." praised Skarloey.

"We make a great team." observed Rheneas.

"Absolutely." agreed Rusty, even Duncan had to agree.

Then the Thin Controller arrived, he was very impressed with his engines. "Well done to you all." he said. "Now you can all get back to work at once."

"Yes sir!" The engines whistled and they immediately set off to begin work.

Soon, the quarry was back to normal and the engines were working hard shunting and hauling trucks, chopping up gravel, loading gravel and blasting the quarry's many mountains. Duncan waited as his train of gravel was being shunted by Skarloey, ready to take it to Ulfstead Castle.

"I'm ready to go now." Duncan whistled.

"Right you are, Duncan." Skarloey replied, and then Duncan chuffed away with the train of gravel.

Duncan chuffed calmly through the countryside, not grumbling for once, his driver was impressed. "Keep it up, old boy." he smiled.

"Well, it's only for now since I'm doin' somethin' else for a change." The stubborn engine replied. "I might 'tas well go back ta be grumbling again."

"I hope you don't." his driver muttered, Duncan was passing through Crovan's Gate, where James was waiting at the platform, he laughed when he saw Duncan pulling gravel.

"Ha, pulling gravel eh Duncan?" The red engine teased, but Duncan just scoffed.

"I'll have ye know James, that at least I'm not pullin' passengers for once." The yellow engine said smugly.

James stopped laughing and raised an eyebrow, confused. "Eh what, since when did you like pulling trucks?"

"Uh, yesterday."

James snorted. "Well, at least I'm not pulling dirty old gravel like you are." he retorted. "That would never do my paintwork."

"Huh, says the one who's so full of 'imself." Duncan argued, and he laughed hysterically.

This made James cross. "Says the one who derailed at a bend for going too fast." he fumed.

Now Duncan was cross. "Ses the one who crashed into a line o' tar wagons."

"That's enough!" The Crovan's Gate stationmaster boomed. "Duncan, right now you should be heading to Ulfstead Castle and James, you should be waiting for Mighty Mac to arrive with their passengers, both engines shut up, but eyed each other suspiciously.

Then Duncan steamed away, with a smug smile. "Later James!" he smirked, leaving the red engine to sit fuming.

Later, Duncan was approaching a junction, there were two different tracks; one led to Ulfstead Castle and the other went to a line that hadn't been used in years, Duncan wondered which was the right track. "Mmm, which is the right track driver?"

"Uh, I'm not entirely sure Duncan," replied the driver, "I'll ask the signalman." and he shouted the signalman, but no response came, then Duncan blew his whistle, still no response. "Oh, don't tell me the signalman is sleeping." grumbled the driver, and as he walked up the stairs and looked through the little windows of the door, he saw the signalman fast asleep in his chair. "Well won't you know it, he's asleep like all signalman are."

"I heard there's also a lot of sleepin' signalmen on the Fat Controller's railway too." chuffed Duncan.

"Well for now, let's just go down this line." suggested the driver, and Duncan chuffed down the line that was unused.

"Are ye sure we're headin' the right way?" Duncan asked his driver.

"I hope so." he replied anxiously.

Duncan chuffed along a very rusty line, with several branches and twigs scattered around the track, he was confused. "This dinna look anythin' like somewhere we've been on in this railway." said Duncan.

"I know," worried his driver, "something tells me we've headed down the wrong line."

"And I think ye're right." sighed Duncan, who was very worried. "We've travelled a long way from ta junction."

"And it'll take a while to get back."

"What if nobody will ever find me here?" thought Duncan nervously.

Meanwhile at Ulfstead Castle, Sir Robert Norramby waited for Duncan to arrive with the gravel. "Where is Duncan?" he asked worriedly to himself. Then Stephen pulled up alongside the platform.

"What's wrong sir?" he asked concerned.

"Oh, Duncan was supposed to come with a train of gravel and he hasn't arrived yet." The Earl explained.

"I'm sure he'll be here soon." said Stephen firmly, "besides, you know what he's like with his rock 'n' roll business."

"Yes, but I've heard that Duncan hasn't rocked or rolled in years," replied the Earl, "he could be in an accident, but who knows?" And Sir Robert walked sadly away.

Glynn pulled up alongside the platform, he was confused. "What's wrong with the Earl?" he asked sympathetically.

"It's because Duncan hasn't arrived with the train of gravel yet." replied Stephen.

"Oh, well you know he's quite arrogant at times and grumbles a lot, and gets into accidents, do you think he's had one?"

"I don't know," Stephen replied, "but Sir Robert isn't happy at all."

"Do you think we could cheer him up?" asked Glynn.

"I don't think we can." muttered Stephen. "He'll cheer up eventually, well I'm hoping so."

Meanwhile back at the old line, Duncan was traveling through some mysterious woods, they looked dark and gloomy, there were tree branches and twigs all over and the tracks were bent and were rusting away. Duncan squirmed the place, looking to see if any engines were about.

"Hello?!" he shouted, with a blast of his whistle, but no answer. "Hello, anyone?!" Still no answer, Duncan was worried all the way from buffer to funnel. "Now I'll never be found." he said sadly. Duncan continued to chuff through the forest, hoping there would be someone nearby, but there was no one.

Then Duncan's driver saw a shed nearby, it was old and was covered in moss and rust. "Hey Duncan, look at that!"

"What, tis just a shed, what's so special about that?" The yellow engine retorted.

"There could be something inside." his driver suggested.

"I doubt so," But Duncan chuffed towards the shed anyway. "Och, I dinna think this shed's bin used in years."

"And neither has this line." added the driver.

"Do you think we should investigate inside?" The fireman asked, worriedly.

"I'd say so." agreed the driver, and Duncan's crew pushed open the shed doors with all their might, it was very dark inside.

"Doesn't seem like there's anything in here." observed the fireman.

"It's too dark in here to see, that's why!" The driver exclaimed, albeit a bit too loud.

Then all of a sudden, a voice shouted. "Hey, do you mind? I'm sleeping!"

The driver and fireman jumped in surprise.

"W-What was that?" stammered the fireman.

"There's someone in here." whispered the driver.

"How dare you interrupt my sleep!" scowled the voice.

Duncan heard the voice and his boiler grew cold a little. "Aye, is t-there somebody in there?" he asked stutteringly.

"Well, seeing how we've just heard that voice yelling, then yes there's somebody inside... I think." said Duncan's driver. "Let's take a closer look." and Duncan's crew climbed into their engine as he chuffed into the shed and in front of where the voice had came from.

"Is this an engine?" came the voice.

"Y-Y-Yes..." Duncan stuttered. "Is there any light?"

"I've got one." said the driver, and he shone the light, which brightened up and revealed the whole shed, inside was an engine who appeared to be a 0-4-0WT class, he was covered in rust all over and his pistons and wheels were severely damaged.

"Ow my eyes, keep that light away please!" he groaned.

"Oops, sorry." Duncan's driver apologised.

Duncan was shocked. "Aye, who are you?" he asked the engine, who winced quite glumly.

"Uh, should I really tell you? The Thin Controller will probably never want me to work here again." he said.

Duncan felt sympathy. "I'm sure he does, but what tis wrong exactly?"

"Well, it's a long story to be honest," replied the engine, "shall I really explain the whole story?"

"It's up ta you, do ye want to?" Duncan replied.

"Um, I have mixed feelings actually."

Duncan was worried for the engine. "Oh, is there any way I can help you?" he acknowledged.

"Uh, probably not, I'm left here to rust." The engine said meekly.

"How long have you been here for?" asked Duncan.

"Oh, about twenty years, not that long to be honest."

"Twenty years!" gasped Duncan in shock. "I'm not gonna let ye stay here and rust."

"There's no choice I'm afraid." The engine sighed. Duncan didn't want to leave the engine abandoned, so without saying any words, he chuffed away. The engine was surprised. "Huh, where are you going?" But Duncan had already gone, the engine sighed. "Well it looks like I'm all alone again." he muttered under his breath.

Duncan was quite pleased he had made a discovery. "Och, I made a discovery." he said quite proudly, but as he was chuffing away, his eyes widened in shock, he quickly applied his brakes. "Fizzling fireboxes!" he gasped, Duncan had made another discovery, in front of him was an old slate mine which was in quite a state, there was a building nearby with its' roof tiles damaged and several trucks were derailed. "Another discovery? This is amazing!" exclaimed Duncan. "We must tell the Thin Controller."

"Only if we can find our way back, that is." observed his driver.

"Dinna know what route we took driver?"

"Um, sorry can't remember."

Meanwhile at the quarry, Skarloey and Rusty were shunting trucks of gravel, they were both confused as of why Duncan hadn't returned, they squirmed at one another.

"When's he coming back Skarloey?" asked Rusty.

"He should be, by now," replied the old engine, "I'm assuming he's had another accident."

"Yes like always, but surely the Thin Controller would inform us that he's had an accident, wouldn't he?"

"He does normally, but he'll be back eventually, I'm sure."

Then Luke pulled up alongside the two engines.

"Um, where's Duncan?" he asked the two engines. "Shouldn't he be helping with the quarry's reconstruction?"

"No clue, Luke, and yes he was supposed to help." replied Rusty.

"He could be missing, you never know." puffed Skarloey, with a worried doubt inside.

However, the Thin Controller was stood on the upper floor of the quarry, watching his engines work, he was impressed with the amount of work they had done.

"Check that eh, all my engines hard at work." he said to the quarry manager.

The manager chuckled. "Indeed sir, the quarry will be ship-shape in no time!" But as he watched the engines hard at work, he noticed something. "Um sir, I can see every engine on the railway, except..." He paused for a second "...Duncan."

"Huh?" The Thin Controller's smile quickly turned into a frown, when he noticed that Duncan was not in the quarry with the other engines. "But where could he be? He should be back from Ulfstead Castle by now."

"Do you think he's had another accident sir?" quizzed the manager.

"Well even if he had one, they would inform me about it." said the Thin Controller, and he then walked away to the bottom floor, with the manager feeling sympathy for the controller. The Thin Controller came to the bottom floor where all the engines were working, he wanted to blow his whistle, but that would just cause another avalanche, so instead he shouted. "SILENCE!" he demanded, which made all the narrow gauge engines stop working immediately, they all looked at their controller. "*ahem* Engines, have any of you seen Duncan?" asked the Thin Controller.

All the narrow gauge engines squirmed at each other. "No sir, we haven't," said Bertram.

"He hasn't come back, yet." observed Rheneas.

"Well," The Thin Controller pondered on who may know where Duncan is, then an idea sprung into his mind, "that's it, Sir Robert Norramby." and the Thin Controller got onto his bicycle and peddled immediately away. All the narrow gauge engines squirmed at each other worriedly.

After finding out that Duncan was not at the quarry, the Thin Controller rushed to a telephone box near Crovan's Gate, so he could ask Sir Robert Norramby of the engine's whereabouts. The Earl, however, was just talking to Millie when he heard his phone ring.

"Huh, oh my phone's ringing, I won't be a minute." observed the Earl and he put the phone to his hear. "Hello?"

"Um hello, is this Sir Robert Norramby speaking?" asked the Thin Controller on the phone.

"Yes, Mr. Percival, it is me." replied the Earl.

"Have you seen Duncan lately? He was supposed to come back to the quarry after delivering that train of slate to your estate."

"No, he hasn't arrived yet sir," sighed Sir Robert, "and neither has the gravel."

"Then where could he be?" The Thin Controller asked himself.

"Who knows?" Sir Robert replied. "Maybe an accident?"

"Well he can't be, because I would be informed about it otherwise." said the Thin Controller.

"(sigh) Sorry Mr. Percival, but I have no idea where Duncan could be." muttered the Earl as he put his phone down and walked glumly away.

"Huh, hello? Sir Robert?!" But he had already cut the Thin Controller off. "Well, this is a state of an emergency, I must recruit all my engines together." and the Thin Controller scurried off on his bicycle to the quarry.

Meanwhile, all the engines were hard at work again at the quarry, but they all wondered where Duncan could be.

"Where do you think he could be Bertram?" quizzed Rusty.

"I don't know Rusty, anywhere really." The Old Warrior replied.

"High in the hills perhaps?" suggested Freddie.

"We'll just have to do for now," chuffed Skarloey. "work must stay in progress."

Then the Thin Controller peddled up on his bicycle, he looked stern, but worried. "Everyone, this is a state of an emergency." he said. "We must all look for Duncan."

"Yes sir!" whistled Peter Sam.

"We're on it, sir." said Bertram.

"No engine shall be in danger!" Luke announced, albeit quite sheepishly.

"Great, now you must all get going at once!" The Thin Controller demanded.

"Yes sir!" whistled Skarloey. "Everyone, let's begin searching!" and all the narrow gauge engines set off on their search.

"We're coming Duncan, no need to worry." tooted Rusty.

The engines searched all over the railway's many landmarks; Sir Handel and Peter Sam decided to check the sheds on their old railway, which was still covered in bushes and greenery all over.

"I doubt he'll be under all those bushes." muttered Sir Handel.

"Well, it's best to check anyway." said Peter Sam.

Rusty and Rheneas checked at the Wharf, where Colin was lifting supplies off of a barge.

"Um, excuse me Colin." said Rusty.

"Oh, hello Rusty, what's the matter?" asked Colin consolingly.

"Have you seen Duncan lately?"

Colin thought for a moment. "Uh sorry, I haven't."

"Did he at least pass through the wharf?" questioned Rusty.

"No, I've haven't seen him all day." Colin replied.

"Well, thanks anyway Colin." sighed Rusty and he and Rheneas set off to look elsewhere, Colin was worried too, but said nothing.

Freddie and Skarloey checked high in the hills, they looked up and down the hillsides and into the valleys on the Mountain Line.

"Any sign of him, Skarloey?" asked a puzzled Freddie.

"Nope, still no sign," answered Skarloey. "but we must keep looking."

"Right you are, Skarloey." and the two engines continued their search. As they chuffed away, they saw Madge trundling down the road. "Um, excuse me Madge," said Freddie.

"Yes Freddie?" asked Madge.

"Have you seen Duncan anywhere?"

"Uh, sorry I haven't," Madge replied, "what's happened?"

"He went missing." explained Freddie.

"Sorry Freddie, I haven't seen Duncan." sighed Madge and she drove away, while Freddie and Skarloey puffed away again.

As the engines were searching all over the railway, Bertram had a worried doubt inside. "He can't have ended up on that line, could he?" he thought to himself.

"What line?" asked his driver.

"You know, the line on the Mid Sodor Railway that led to the old slate mines." chuffed Bertram.

"He could be, but that's just my theory." said his driver.

"I'm going to check anyway, just in case." and Bertram chuffed away, he arrived at the same junction that Duncan had came across earlier, one track led to the Old Wooden Bridge, which was still under repair and the other led to the disused line that Duncan had taken.

"Are you sure he went down that line?" The driver questioned.

"I'm afraid so," muttered Bertram, "if he's nowhere to be seen on the railway, then this has to be where he's located." But the line was switched to the Old Wooden Bridge, and the signalman was fast asleep in the signalbox. "Oh, I hope that signalman isn't sleeping again." scowled Bertram.

"If he was, I'd toot a horn in his face." said his driver, and he walked up to the signalbox and started knocking on the door, but the signalman wouldn't wake up. "Blow your whistle Bertram, that's the only method to wake him up, I suppose."

"Right!" and Bertram blew his whistle loud and long.

The signalman woke up with a start. "Huh, oh right!" and unbeknownst that Bertram was there, the signalman switched the points to the disused line and Bertram quickly headed down there.

"Don't worry Duncan, I'm coming!" called Bertram, the Old Warrior had chuffed into the woods, and like what Duncan had saw, branches and twigs were scattered all over the line. "Where could he be?" pondered Bertram.

Duncan, however, was still trying to take the route he had took earlier, but it was a long way from the junction and he was struggling to remember. At last, he give up.

"I can't go any further," muttered Duncan, "I'll never be found now." But then Duncan heard chuffing, which made his eyes brighten. "I-Is that an engine?" he thought to himself. "Will I be saved?" Then a whistle blasted, and Duncan's face brightened even more. "I know who's whistle that is." he chuffed, and Bertram had finally found Duncan. "BERTRAM!!" Duncan cried with glee and he blew his whistle with delight.

"There you are Duncan, we were looking all over for you," said Bertram. "I would've guessed you came down this line."

"But tis wasn't mah fault, i' twas that blasted signalman at the junction." Duncan protested.

"I know, he was also asleep when I was at the junction." chuffed Bertram. "Signalmen, these days."

"Yeah I know, can't do their job properly." commented Duncan. "Oh, and I need to show ye somethin' Bertram."

"And what would that be?" asked the Old Warrior.

"You'll see." and Duncan showed Bertram an old engine shed nearby. "See that shed over there?"

"Well, yes but what's so special about that?"

"Ye will see once the shed doors are open." and Duncan's crew opened the shed doors again, with the shed again flooded with darkness.

"I can't even see anything in here!" Bertram boomed, with his voice echoing across the shed.

"Oi, keep the noise down!" shouted a voice.

"Huh!" Bertram squirmed the shed, but saw nothing, but darkness.

"I've still got my light, don't worry." said Duncan's driver and he lighted the shed again. Bertram was flabbergasted when he saw the engine.

"Well, h-h-hello..." Bertram stammered. "Y-You don't look like any engine I've seen before."

The engine smiled slightly. "Neither to you too." he replied.

Bertram looked at Duncan and smiled. "Wow Duncan, you've made an excellent discovery." The Old Warrior praised.

"Thanks Bertram," replied Duncan, "but I've got somethin' else ta show ye."

"Really?" Bertram exclaimed, raising one of his eyebrows.

"Yes, I'll come and show ye." and Duncan showed Bertram the old slate mines, when Bertram saw this, his jaw dropped as memories started to rise from his funnel.

"D-Duncan, you found this?" he exclaimed. "All those memories!"

"What memories?" quizzed Duncan.

"Oh, didn't I tell you that I worked here back on the Mid Sodor Railway?" asked Bertram.

"Well, no." Duncan replied slowly.

"You've just gave me back so many memories from my past, I thank you a lot Duncan." Bertram beamed.

"Uh, ye welcome Bertram," Duncan replied meekly, "but are these slate mines?"

"Yes, this was called the Crovan's Gate Mining Company back in my day, but it was called C.G. Slate Company for short." said Bertram.

"Well, it seems they're no longer in use, am I right?"

"Yes, they're not anymore," replied Bertram, "this place has been closed for ninety-three years."

"NINETY-THREE YEARS?!" Duncan boomed in shock. "Why tis place not used anymore?"

"Well, my old railway was closed down and so was this company, it was sold to the Ministry of Defence."

"The Ministry of Defence? I've heard Skarloey tell stories aboot him."

"Yes, he took over the old slate quarry near Skarloey after its closure and he was a black electric-powered engine described as beetle-like and he had a freelance design, but due to the highly secretive nature of its work, the engine was never seen." Bertram explained. "Asides from that, let's bring you home."

"But what aboot the abandoned engine in the shed?" asked Duncan worriedly. "And mah trucks?"

"We'll take him along too." replied Bertram. "You don't need to worry, and as for your trucks, we'll just have to leave them for now."

"Okay." agreed Duncan, and Bertram chuffed over to the abandoned shed where the engine was. "Um, do you want me to bring you to the Skarloey Railway?" he asked.

The engine didn't know what to do, would the Thin Controller want him to work on the railway? "(sigh) Okay... yes please."

"Alright, then let's go!" and Bertram's driver coupled him up to the engine, though his coupling was quite rusty and would break easily, so Bertram had to be careful. "Let's get you all fixed up and ready to work." chuffed the Old Warrior, then Bertram, Duncan and the engine chuffed away back home.

Meanwhile at the depot, all the engines were gathered around, the Thin Controller had an announcement to make, but rather a sad one.

"Has anyone at least seen Duncan yet?" he asked his engines.

"No sir, none of us have I'm afraid." muttered Skarloey.

"Will he be gone forever?" shrieked Luke.

"No, he'll be found eventually." soothed Rusty, but then a whistle blasted in the distance. All the engines looked forward and saw Bertram pulling in with Duncan and the abandoned engine.

"Hello everyone, look who I've found." he said proudly.

All the engines and the Thin Controller's eyes widened when they saw Duncan, they all blew their whistles happily.

"Duncan, where have you been?" asked the Thin Controller.

"I ended up on some disused line sir," The yellow engine began, "'cos of a sleepin' signalman at the junction and I ended up in some mysterious forest and I found two discoveries."

"And would they be?"

"The old slate company from the railway's old period and this engine." replied Duncan, the Thin Controller looked at the engine and couldn't believe his eyes.

"Ivo Hugh!" he exclaimed in astonishment. "You're still here?"

Duncan was surprised. "Wait, you're Ivo Hugh, but why dinna say anythin'?"

"Various reasons." came the reply.

"How come I never saw you in the past twenty years?" questioned the Thin Controller.

"Long story sir," muttered Ivo Hugh, "shall I tell you?"

"Well, I don't mind really," said the Thin Controller, "but I'd like to hear what happened."

"Okay sir, it happened like twenty years ago," and Ivo Hugh began his story, "after the naming ceremony we had when I first arrived, I mainly worked at the quarry, shunting trucks up the incline and all that. Then one day, you asked me to take a train of supplies to the Old Wooden Bridge, which was being built and-"

"Sorry for interrupting you there Ivo Hugh," cut in the Thin Controller, "but I never gave you the job, I gave it to Duncan."

"Eh, what?" exclaimed the yellow engine in confusion.

"Well, apparently he had an accident at the time," said Ivo Hugh. "and you told me to do it sir."

The Thin Controller pondered, he couldn't really remember this, then he suddenly remembered. "Oh I remember now, sorry Ivo Hugh, do continue please."

"Yes sir!" and Ivo Hugh continued with his story. "But the signalman was fast asleep in the signalbox, like they always are and-"

Sir Handel smirked. "Good one there," he chuckled. "like they always are."

Ivo Hugh chuckled a bit as well. "Anyway, we waited and waited for the points to change, but the signalman wouldn't wake up, I'd tried to blow my whistle and still got no answer, my driver decided-"

"We'll just have to go down this line."

"So I did what my driver suggested I'd do. As I chuffed along the line, I was approaching a forest, there were twigs and branches scattered all over the tracks and then suddenly, I broke down, my driver went to examine me."

"You've ran out of water." he said.

"I asked the driver if I could get help, he tried ringing the Thin Controller, but he had no signal since we were in an abandoned part of the railway, the driver then decided that he would have to walk to get help, and he walked away, leaving me all alone in the forest."

"What a sad story." commented Rusty.

"Well, here's an even sadder part, I waited and waited for my driver to return, but he never came back, I was all alone, I was there for several days until a mysterious engine, a black electric-powered engine who was very beetle-like shunted me into a shed."

"Hahaha, you'll never be found here." he said in a gruff voice.

"I was scared, but said nothing, I was shunted into the shed and the black engine left me, I was left in the shed for years, my paintwork faded away, and my wheels became weaker, and that is what happened to me." Ivo Hugh finished, with a calm sigh.

All the engines remained silent, until Duncan spoke.

"Tis is bad," he muttered, "one of the most saddest stories I've heard since Rusty's ghost story." Rusty grinned a little.

Mighty winced. "Wait, are you referring to...?" he couldn't speak up anymore.

Then Freddie noticed something. "Wait, is that a number 7 on your side?" he observed.

"Um... yes, but why?" replied Ivo Hugh.

"'Cos I'm number 7 already, I'm afraid."

"Well, I was the original number 7 before you even came to this railway." said Ivo Hugh.

"Oh, right." stuttered Freddie.

"Okay Ivo Hugh, it's about time you got repaired and into fully working service again." said the Thin Controller. "Peter Sam, do please take Ivo Hugh to the steamworks."

"Yes sir!" whistled Peter Sam as he was coupled to Ivo Hugh and he set off for the works. "Hey Ivo Hugh, do you remember me?" asked Peter Sam.

"Uh, Peter Sam if I'm correct." he replied.

"Yes, that's me." chuffed Peter Sam as he came into the steamworks.

Victor was surprised when he saw Ivo Hugh. "Goodness, my friend, do bring him here Peter Sam."

"Of course, Victor." The little green engine replied, as he shunted Ivo Hugh onto the turntable.

"I suppose you've been shut up in a shed for a long time, haven't you?" said Victor.

"Yes, you've got it correct." said Ivo Hugh. "Um, could I please have some new wheels?"

"Of course, my friend." replied Victor. "My crane assistant will get it for you now. KEVIN!!"

Kevin scurried over. "Yes boss?"

"Do please give this engine some new wheels."

"Right away, boss!" said Kevin as he hurried over to the back of the steamworks, he then returned with a box of four wheels and two bogey wheels. "Here you are boss, WOAH!!" Kevin dropped the box of wheels, both him and Victor shut their eyes. "S-Sorry boss, slip of the-"

"Hook, yes I know Kevin?" retorted Victor. "Anyway, we must give Ivo Hugh his new wheels immediately."

"Yes boss!" and as Kevin lifted all the wheels back into the box, Ivo Hugh had been lifted off his chassis and onto the hoist, as the wheels on his chassis were removed and his new ones were placed on, Ivo Hugh whimpered a little.

Victor noticed this. "What's up, my friend?" he asked.

"I've got a f-f-fear of heights." stammered Ivo Hugh.

"Well, it won't take long now my friend," soothed Victor and Ivo Hugh was then lowered down onto his chassis fitted with some wheels, then the workmen arrived with pots of red paint, they painted Ivo Hugh all over.

Soon, Ivo Hugh had been painted all over and looked exactly like how he did when he first came to the Skarloey Railway, the only difference was that he no longer had a number 7 on his bunkers and he had black buffers instead of silver ones, then a surprise came to see Ivo Hugh, his eyes widened.

"Wait, is that?"

It was Mr. Hugh, who used to work as a foreman on the Skarloey Railway and was also the person who Ivo Hugh was named after. "Ivo Hugh, so nice to see you again!" he cried.

"Nice to see you too, sir." said Ivo Hugh.

"The Thin Controller told me everything, you were abandoned in a shed on a disused line, if I'm right." said Mr. Hugh.

"Yes, indeed sir."

"Well, it seems like you're all ready to steam again." said Mr. Hugh.

"Indeed I am." said Ivo Hugh.

"But first, Ivo Hugh will need a test run." said Victor. "Just in case for safety reasons."

"Well, okay Victor." Ivo Hugh replied, and Mr. Hugh boarded Ivo's cab and for the first time in years, his pistons pumped and his boiler bubbled, Ivo Hugh chuffed out of the steamworks.

He chuffed smoothly through the countryside, Mr. Hugh was pleased. "I must say Ivo Hugh, you are running very smoothly."

"Thank you, sir." Ivo Hugh made it to the depot, where the Thin Controller and all his engines was waiting.

"Welcome back to our railway, Ivo Hugh!" announced the Thin Controller, with a chorus of whistles followed by his speech.

But then Duncan blew his whistle louder then the other engines. "Silence!" he boomed, all the engines immediately shut up. "Uh sir, remember when I said I found another discovery?"


"Well, shall I show you it."

"Yes, of course Duncan." replied the Thin Controller.

"I'll come along as well." suggested Bertram and he, Duncan and the Thin Controller chuffed away.

"Where are we going?" questioned the Thin Controller.

"You'll see sir, you'll see." acknowledged Bertram. They arrived at the disused line and headed over to the slate mines, the Thin Controller was surprised.

"Duncan, you found our old slate company." he beamed.

"Huh, old quarry?" Duncan exclaimed.

"Well, many, many years ago long before you were built Duncan and even before I was born, this railway was built to serve a copper mine at Ward Fell owned by the Crovan's Gate Mining Company, they built a horse-drawn plate way to transport the ore from Cros-ny-Cuirn to Balladwail for shipment." explained the Thin Controller. "They upgraded the line for steam haulage in 1860, the company originally intended for the railway to continue as a mineral line only, but the re-discovery of the ancient sanctuary of Skarloey meant the Board’s thinking underwent a change."

"But what happened next?" asked Duncan.

"Well sadly, the copper had ran out and the company was proposing to close down, it was bought out by Mr. Handel Brown in 1909, the mine was swiftly closed down, while the slate quarry remained profitable until 1924, though the quarry remained in operation until 1960, when it was sold to the Ministry of Defense."

"The Ministry of Defense?" exclaimed Duncan. "I always can't stand that name bein' mentioned."

"There have been several railway myths of the Ministry of Defense engine," said Bertram. "Something makes me think that one day I'll encounter it at my old mine." Duncan gulped.

"Anyways, we must have this company restored immediately." demanded the Thin Controller. "Slate has been reducing on my railway very lately."

"Indeed sir."

"Now do tell all the other engines about this."

"Yes sir!" replied Duncan and Bertram together, then the two set off to the depot to tell the other engines.

Soon, all the other engines, including Ivo Hugh arrived at the slate company and they all immediately got to work, hauling and shunting, lifting and loading and bringing in slate from the Blue Mountain Quarry. It wasn't long before the whole company had been restored, back in working order again after several years.

"We did it everyone!" cheered Rusty.

"This reminds me of the olden days." chuckled Peter Sam.

"Well done everyone, you did a great job." said the Thin Controller. "Now, I was planning on a ceremony for this mine and we'll need several decorations for it, they're all at the depot, so you must bubble your boilers and get ready for the ceremony!"

"Yes sir!" whistled the engines and they all chuffed away to collect the decorations.

The ceremony was finally taking place, and the engines were delivering several decorations and crowds of people were there to attend the ceremony, and so was a huge banner reading 'C.G. Slate Company', the Thin Controller was stood on a small stage with a microphone, ready to announce a speech.

"This'll be exciting." bubbled Luke.

"Yes, indeed." agreed Sir Handel.

Then the Thin Controller spoke up. "*ahem* Ladies, gentlemen and engines, we welcome you to the Crovan's Gate Mining Company, slate will be more prominent on the railway now!" and the engines began cheering, whistling and tooting their horns. "SILENCE!" boomed the Thin Controller through the microphone. "I also want to welcome an old friend that one of our engines had found in a shed abandoned, welcome back... Ivo Hugh!" and the engines whistled and tooted their horns again, this time louder and longer and crowds cheered.

Ivo Hugh smiled, blushing bright red, like his paintwork. "Hello everyone," he said shyly.

"But that's not all," began the Thin Controller, "we must give praise to the engine who discovered both Ivo Hugh and this slate mine, three cheers for... Duncan the yellow engine!" Everyone cheered, as Duncan blushed bright red and smiled, too speechless to stay anything.

"Well done Duncan," tooted Rusty, "you found an astounding discovery."

"Saving Ivo Hugh and this slate mine, we thank you a ton." agreed Skarloey.

"T-Thanks everyone." Duncan replied, while stuttering a little. Duncan was proud to have found such an amazing discovery, and was also pleased to be the 'grumpy old man' of the Thin Controller's railway.




  • This episode is a continuation of the story The Return of Boulder. At the end of said episode, there was also a small sneak peek of this episode giving a hint that it would take place within the events of the former story.
  • Several references are made in this episode:
    • References to the first season story, Dashing Duncan are made.
    • References to the first season television episode Dirty Objects are made.
    • When the Thin Controller explains to Duncan about the Crovan's Gate Mining Company, he explains it in the same way of how the company's history was told in The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways.
    • Several references to the RWS book New Little Engine are made.
    • Duncan commenting that Ivo Hugh's story was the saddest he had heard since Rusty's ghost story is a reference to the fifth season television episode Duncan Gets Spooked.
    • Bertram saying that something makes him think that one day he will encounter the Ministry of Defense engine at his old mine foreshadows the next episode The "Ghost" Warrior.
  • The author was having difficulties of writing this episode, as it took him over four days to publish the whole thing, so to settle this, he decided to split the episode into a two-part story instead, but later, he decided to combine the two parts making it one episode, though the author did say that if the episode was actually released on television or video (both very unlikely), then it would be split into a two-part episode.