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Duke Does it Again
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date April 11, 2018
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Duke Does it Again is the eighteenth episode of the first season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Duke the little tender engine has been enjoying his new life back on the Skarloey Railway. Ever since he came back, he's met several familiar faces and has gotten to know a few new ones as well, like his current Grace, Sir Robert Norramby, on his first day. Since then, Duke has gotten to know more and more people and engines and has made friends with each and every one of them. They are all fascinated with Duke's life and adventures and admitted he deserves to be named after the Duke of Sodor. Some people also admire how old Duke is as well and remark how it's amazing that he's still in service after so many years of working. Some of the engines take offense to this as Duke is their friend, but Duke himself doesn't mind: he knows that no matter how old he gets, he still has a lot of life left in him and will prove it at any given moment.

One day, Duke was resting at the sheds. He was just dozing peacefully when he was suddenly woken up by a few familiar whistles.

"Good afternoon, lazy bones," whistled Peter Sam. "Having a little nap, are you? Seems typical for an old engine such as yourself. Right Sir Handel?"

"Indeed, Peter Sam," agreed Sir Handel cheekily. "Old engines need their sleep every now and then, but we better make sure he doesn't sleep for too long or else we'll have to do his work for him until he wakes up again…in ten years!" And the two engines chuckled.

Duke just rolled his eyes and smiled slightly. "Ha, ha, very funny you two," he muttered. "Laugh all you want, but I'm wise to your jokes and no matter how much you make fun of my age, you know I'm just as useful now as I was when I was younger."

"Oh we know that, Granpuff," smiled Sir Handel.

"Yes, we just like poking a little fun at you, that's all," added Peter Sam.

"Well, I figured that was the case," puffed Duke. "Now, what did you two wake me up for?"

"Oh, we came to tell you that you're due to take some visitors later," replied Peter Sam.

"Mr. Percival said you'll need to be ready when it's time because it's a large crowd and it'll be heavy, so he said to wake you up now so that you'll be prepared when it's time," added Sir Handel.

"Oh-ho I see, well in that case, thank you for waking me up," chuckled Duke. "Better to be ready ahead of time than when it is time. Visitors always like a good host who can give them a good time, and that's what I intend to do."

Just then, they all heard a puffing sound and then Luke chuffed in.

"Hello everyone," he whistled.

"Hello Luke," replied the engines.

"What brings you down here?" asked Sir Handel.

"I've come and brought this train of slate down from the Blue Mountain Quarry," replied Luke. "Mighty Mac is due to take it the rest of the way to the Wharf and…" Luke paused when he saw Duke. "Oh hello there. I don't think we've met before. May I ask who you are?"

"Certainly, young fellow," smiled Duke. "My name is Duke, named after His Grace himself, and I take it you must be…Luke?"

Luke was surprised. "Whoa, good guess," he chuckled. "I didn't think you would know me so quickly. You must be very smart."

Duke chuckled. "Well, actually Luke," he puffed, "I've heard about you from Stuart and Falcon here."

Luke was puzzled. "Um…don't you mean Peter Sam and Sir Handel?"

"Yes, yes, I do," replied Duke, "but I know them best for their original names from the Mid Sodor Railway."

"The Mid Sodor Railway?" exclaimed Luke. "Oh! Wait a minute! You're the Duke that Sir Handel and Peter Sam told me about! The one who worked with them on that old railway and came back to work with us again."

Duke smiled. "Yes, the one and only, young chap," he replied proudly.

"This is quite a surprise," puffed Luke. "Peter Sam and Sir Handel have told me so much about you and what a brave engine you are. You sound legendary from what they said."

"Well, legendary is a little too nice," said Duke modestly, "but yes I can certainly be brave, that's for sure."

Luke was in awe. "Wow. So just out of curiosity," he said. "Since you said Sir Handel and Peter Sam told you about me, how many other engines do you know or remember since you came back?"

"Oh well, let's see," chuffed Duke. "I certainly remember these two scallywags right here--" looking at Peter Sam and Sir Handel "--and definitely Skarloey, Rheneas, Rusty, and Duncan, and I do remember Freddie from our time back on the Mid Sodor Railway as well, and…I'm trying to remember who else."

"Do you know Bertram?" asked Peter Sam.

"Oh yes, Bertram, I almost forgot about him," puffed Duke. "Yes I know he works at that amusement…uh, mine of his and good for him, but I feel like there is one more engine and I think you mentioned him, Luke. What was it? Was something like Mighty…?" But before Duke could finish his sentence, they all heard a pair of whistles and then puffing into the depot was Mighty Mac. They arrived with a train of goods and were planning to take it along with Luke's train of slate down to the Wharf.

"Phew," puffed Mighty. "Finally, we made it."

"I know," replied Mac. "These goods are heavy, but at least we don't have much further to go from here. Plus, this train of slate isn't too much, so we should make it down there in no time."

"Quite right, Mac," agreed Mighty. "The sooner, the better." Then they turned to the engines. "Oh hello, everyone. What's new in the yard?"

"We were just talking to Duke here," replied Luke.

"We were asking him how many engines does he know on this railway," added Peter Sam.

Mighty looked at Duke. "Oh, so you're Duke, the lost engine we've heard about. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Duke. My name is Mighty."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Mighty," replied Duke.

"Hey I can't see him!" complained Mac. "Mighty, move forward so I can get a good look at him."

"Oh alright, alright, keep your pistons on, Mac," huffed Mighty, and then they moved forward.

When Mac saw Duke he gasped. "Wow! Hello there," he puffed. "Nice to meet you, Duke. I'm Mac. I'm Mighty's twin."

Duke was surprised to see Mighty Mac. "Um, it's nice to meet you too, Mac," he puffed.

Mighty Mac was puzzled. "What's the matter, Duke?" asked Mighty. "Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, oh, certainly not," gasped Duke. "It's just…I've never seen an engine like you before. You're two engines put into one!"

Then Mighty Mac and the other engines laughed. "Oh-ho, yes that's true!" laughed Mac. "We get that a lot and we're used to it."

"Indeed," agreed Mighty. "We don't mind it really. In fact, we enjoy the attention. People have also noted that we're the biggest engine on the Skarloey Railway too."

"Yep," added Mac. "The biggest and the strongest. Probably the strongest engine on this railway."

Duke frowned. "Well, you two might be the biggest, but I don't know about the strongest. There are many hills on this line and at some point, you either have to slow down or struggle along the way regardless of what you say."

Mighty Mac chuckled. "Oh no need to worry, Duke," chuffed Mighty. "We don't usually have to worry about that happening."

"We are always careful on hills and we rarely have accidents," added Mac. "We know what we're doing."

"Well just because you say you do doesn't mean it'll always happen," warned Duke. "You still could have an accident sooner or later and I suggest you be careful what you say."

Mighty Mac scoffed. "Nonsense, Duke," said Mighty. "We've taken heavy loads before and nothing bad happened."

"Yeah, so calm down there, Duke," huffed Mac. "We don’t need to take that sort of advice from an old engine that we just met. Besides, since you're so old, maybe you should be careful about taking heavy loads too or else something might happen to you as well, like a piston might pop or something like that." Duke snorted. Sir Handel, Peter Sam, and Luke gasped.

"Alright, Mac, that's enough," said Mighty. "No need to get into an argument now. Let's just get the slate coupled up to our train and move on." So they did.

Soon, Mighty Mac had coupled Luke's train onto the back of theirs and started off.

"Good-bye everyone," called Mighty.

"See you later," called Mac, "and we'll take care. We promise." And then they left.

After they had gone, the engines spoke to Duke. "We're sorry for how they behaved just now, Granpuff," said Peter Sam.

"They're usually not so cocky," added Sir Handel. "They're quite nice really and…"

"Oh it's quite alright, you two," soothed Duke. "I've dealt with that kind of behavior before and it's nothing new to me. They just need some time to learn. In fact, in a way, they remind me of you two back when you were young: always teasing me, making fun of my age, and saying I'm useless."

Peter Sam and Sir Handel squirmed. "Well, we learned our lessons afterwards," added Sir Handel.

"That's true you did," admitted Duke, "and good thing you especially learned your lesson after almost falling down that mountain, Falcon."

Sir Handel blushed, Peter Sam chuckled, but Luke was curious. "Falling down a mountain? Did that really almost happen?" he asked.

"Yes, I wasn't paying attention to the line and then I derailed and was dangling over a mountainside," explained Sir Handel, "but luckily Duke was there to rescue me and to this day, I'm very grateful he was there to save me."

Luke was shocked. "Wow, that sounds amazing! You really must be very brave, Duke."

"Well, I was there at the right time, that's all," chuffed Duke, "and I'm sure Falcon learned a valuable lesson from that, didn't you?"

"Oh yes," replied Sir Handel. "Always pay attention to where you are going."

"Exactly," said Duke.

"Well, certainly sounds like you're the type of engine that others need to listen to," Luke puffed to Duke. "You're so wise and smart and also a life saver."

"Thank you, Luke," smiled Duke. "I appreciate that a lot, but I'm just being really useful."

"That's right," said Peter Sam. "Now if only Mighty Mac could take a few lessons from you too."

"Well, I'm not saying I'm worried about them, Stuart," said Duke, "but I just hope all of this 'biggest and strongest' nonsense doesn't go to their boilers. Otherwise, they might wind up in trouble, though I hope for their sake they don't." The three other engines agreed.

Just then, Duke's driver spoke up. "Alright Duke, you're warmed up and ready to go," he called. "Let's go and collect our visitors."

"Yes sir," replied Duke. "Well everyone, it was nice talking to you, but I must go now. So good-bye and I'll see you all later."

"Good-bye Granpuff," called Sir Handel and Peter Sam.

"Good-bye Duke," called Luke, "and it was nice meeting you again!"

"Nice to meet you too, young fellow," replied Duke, and with that, Duke set off to collect the visitors and the three other engines went back to work.

Meanwhile, Mighty Mac had just arrived at the wharf and delivered their load, but they were still grumbling about Duke.

"Who was he to tell us what to do?" huffed Mac. "We only just met today and already he's ordering us around? Huh! What nerve!"

"Calm down, Mac," said Mighty. "I'm sure Duke wasn't trying to be mean and insulting, though I have to admit he was being a little too strict and bossy towards us. It's not like we were boasting or anything like that."

"Exactly," agreed Mac. "We know what we were talking about, so what does Duke know? I'd say we should put him in his place and show him who's right."

"Now, now, Mac," puffed Mighty. "Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. We may know what we're talking about, but that doesn't mean we should prove it."

"Why not?" huffed Mac. "We haven't had any trouble with heavy loads yet and at this point, we probably won't. So I'd say we should do it."

Mighty was still not sure, but before he could reply, the wharf manager came up. "Ah, Mighty Mac, there you are. I have a few more jobs for you. First, I need you to go and collect a train of coal from the mines and bring it down here for shipping. Then I need you to go to the Blue Mountain Quarry and collect a train of slate and bring it here for shipping as well. Both trains will be rather large and heavy, so it'll be best if you take one at a time just to avoid delay and confusion. I'd also recommend that you get started very soon since both loads have to be shipped by the end of the day, so take care and good luck you two."

"Yes sir, we will sir," replied Mighty Mac, then the wharf manager left.

After he did, Mac got an idea. "Mighty," he chuffed. "I think this is our chance."

"Our chance for what?" asked Mighty.

"Our chance to prove to Duke that we can take heavy loads without a problem," replied Mac. "You see, instead of taking one train at a time, we could take both trains at once and bring them all the way down to here. Then Duke will see we are capable of taking very heavy trains."

Mighty frowned. "I don't know Mac. If the manager said these trains are very heavy, then they might be too heavy for us to take together."

"Oh come on, Mighty," huffed Mac. "Don't be such a stiff. This would be the perfect opportunity to prove ourselves. Besides, both trains are due to go out by the end of the day and it's already the middle of the afternoon, so taking them at the same time would save us the trouble of rushing down here and back. What do you say now?"

Mighty paused for a minute. "Hmmm, well you have a point there, Mac. Taking both would save us time, but I still think it might be a bit risky, especially since if they are too heavy together, we might stall and…"

Mac groaned loudly. "So what? We'll still get down here regardless and be on time. You know, you're really starting to be as stiff and stubborn as Duke."

This made Mighty cross. "I am not! I'm very cooperative and easy going, thank you very much, and I'm certainly not stiff or stubborn!"

"Alright then, prove it," retorted Mac.

"Fine, I will," huffed Mighty. "In fact, now that I think about, let's go ahead with your plan. Let's prove that we can take very heavy loads without trouble and that we know what we're talking about."

"That's the spirit, Mighty!" said Mac excitedly. "Let's do it!" Then with that, the two of them puffed away from the wharf and started their journey.

First, they went to the coal mines. When they arrived, they saw their train of coal waiting for them, and it was long.

"Well, here's our first train, Mac," called Mighty.

"Yep, let's go ahead and get coupled up," replied Mac, then Mighty buffered up to the train and they were coupled up.

Just then Freddie came up. "Ah hello you two," he puffed. "Your train is all ready and waiting to go. Take care on your way to the wharf."

"Oh actually, we're not going to the wharf just yet, Freddie," said Mighty. "We're actually going to the Blue Mountain Quarry next."

Freddie was puzzled. "Why are you going there? This train is meant to go to the wharf, not the quarry."

"Oh we know," replied Mighty.

"We're trying to make a point that we can take very heavy loads," explained Mac. "So we're taking this train and our next train from the quarry down to the wharf at the same time."

Freddie frowned. "Hmmmm, well, I don't know if that's the best idea, but since you two are the biggest engine on this railway, I guess you could handle both trains."

"Exactly, Freddie," replied Mighty, "and don't worry, we know we can handle them, right Mac?" "Right Mighty," agreed Mac proudly.

"Well alright then," conceded Freddie. "If you two are certain about this, then good luck and take care."

"Thanks Freddie!" replied Mighty Mac, and with that, they puffed away and headed for the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Along the way, the two of them were feeling confident with themselves. "You know, Mac," said Mighty. "I think this is a brilliant plan now. This train of coal isn't that heavy and if the train of slate is the same, then we should have no problem with getting the both of them down to the wharf."

"Now you're thinking Mighty," chuckled Mac, "and also, we will definitely show that old timer that he was wrong and we were right."

"Indeed," agreed Mighty, "and I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees us." "Me too!" chuckled Mac, and they continued on.

Soon they approached the viaduct, but as they hurried across, they hadn't noticed that some of the bricks in the middle of the bridge were starting to come loose, and their rushing didn’t help. Then a few bricks fell out and plummeted to the valley below.

"Hmmm, say Mac, did you just hear something?" asked Mighty.

"No I didn't," replied Mac. "Did you?"

Mighty paused. "Hmmm, oh it was probably nothing. Might have just been a fly, so never mind. Carry on, Mac." Mac shrugged, and the two of them continued on their way.

Soon they arrived at the quarry. Skarloey and Rheneas met them.

"Ah hello Mighty Mac," welcomed Skarloey. "Nice to see you two, though you're here rather early."

"Indeed. We were expecting you to come much later," added Rheneas.

"Oh we're trying to save time," explained Mac.

"And we're doing that by taking our two trains at the same time," added Mighty.

Skarloey and Rheneas were surprised. "Um, both of them?" exclaimed Skarloey. "Are you two sure you can handle all of that?"

"Yep, we're sure Skarloey," replied Mac. "As sure that we're also the strongest engine on the railway." Then they buffered their coal train up to their slate train.

Skarloey and Rheneas frowned at each other. "Well you two might be the biggest engine," said Rheneas, "but I wouldn't be so quick to say you're the strongest. I mean, have you taken…" Rheneas paused to count how many cars were in their train "…about fifteen or sixteenth cars before?"

"No," replied Mighty, "but that doesn't mean we can't. Besides, we've taken plenty of heavy loads before, so this should be no problem for us, right Mac?"

"Right again, Mighty," agreed Mac. "No problem at all."

Skarloey and Rheneas were still a little unsure. "Very well, you two," conceded Skarloey, "but do be careful. The line to the wharf is all down hill from here, so you'll need to go slower pace then usual, especially if you're taking all these cars."

"Thank you, Skarloey," called Mighty, "but I think we can handle it. Right now we must be off."

"Yep, we got some slate and coal to deliver and a point to make," added Mac. "So good-bye you two, and see you later."

"Good-bye," called Skarloey and Rheneas, and with that, Mighty Mac started off, slowly heaving and hauling their heavy load out of the quarry.

"What did Mac mean when he said 'a point to make'?" Rheneas asked Skarloey.

"I don’t know, Rheneas," replied Skarloey, "but I have a feeling it has to do with them taking all those cars, and frankly, I don’t like the sound of it."

"Neither do I," agreed Rheneas. "Hopefully, those two know what they're doing." Skarloey could only agree.

Meanwhile, Mighty Mac was huffing and puffing as hard as they could. The train was definitely heavy and it was by far their heaviest load, but they were determined to make their point to Duke and get it down to the wharf in time.

"Phew," panted Mac. "This is…heavier… than I thought."

"I know," huffed Mighty, "but you…suggested…we should do this,…so don't…start…complaining now…and keep…on puffing." So they did, but the faster they wanted to go, the slower their journey became. They were also losing time as well.

"Mighty, I think we need to go a little faster," chuffed Mac. "We're starting to run late."

"I don't know Mac," replied Mighty. "I think Skarloey might have a point. Maybe we should go slowly since this train is very heavy and we'll be going down hill soon. If we go any faster, we might run into trouble."

"But Mighty, if we keep going at this pace," puffed Mac, "we'll probably run late to the wharf."

"Well considering we saved the trouble of going back and forth to retrieve the trains," huffed Mighty, "I think we'll definitely arrive at the wharf on time. Besides, we have so much time, we could even take a little break, which frankly I think we should do because I'm already getting exhausted."

Mac snorted. "No Mighty, if we stop now, then we will prove that Duke was right all this time, and do you really want to do that?"

"Well, no," replied Mighty, "but it really doesn't matter right now since Duke isn't even around. So how about we rest for a little while and then…"

"No," huffed Mac. "I say we keep going and speed up and prove our point, no matter how heavy this train is. I'm determined to make it happen…unlike you, you old timer."

Mighty sniffed. "What did you say?"

"Oh nothing," said Mac. "Just pointing out that you're old, and slow, and can't handle heavy trains…kind of like Duke."

That got Mighty's attention and he was cross. "How dare you! I am not an old timer and I can handle heavy trains. I can especially go fast too and you know what? Here's your proof!" And Mighty surged towards Mac and they started picking up speed.

Mac was pleased that he got Mighty to move, but then there was trouble. The track was indeed starting to go down hill and it was very steep. The engines started going faster and faster. They were going faster than they ever had before. Mac was excited, but Mighty was a little worried.

"Wheee!" called Mac. "Now we're making good time! Wait to go, Mighty!"

"I-I don't know about this, Mac," called Mighty. "We are going pretty fast, and I don't like it."

"Oh lighten up," chuffed Mac. "We're making up for lost time now. We'll be down at the wharf in time. Plus, Duke is bound to see us at some point, and then he'll see we were right."

Mighty thought for a moment, then conceded. "Okay Mac, I guess you have a point, but at least pay attention to the tracks ahead."

"Yeah, yeah, I will," huffed Mac. "Now come on! Let's keep puffing!" And the two of them hurried on.

Further down the line, Duke was at the Tea Room station with his visitors. He had taken them all around the railway and now, they were all enjoying refreshments from the Refreshment Lady. Duke was resting and refilling with water, and was feeling tired. Just then, Sir Handel and Peter Sam arrived, shunting cars in the nearby sidings.

"Hello again, Granpuff," said Peter Sam. "Enjoyed taking the visitors around?"

"Phew, yes I did, Stuart," puffed Duke. "Enjoyed it very much, but there were definitely a lot this time. Probably the largest bunch I ever taken."

Sir Handel and Peter Sam chuckled. "Well a lot more visitors have come over the years, Granpuff," chuffed Sir Handel. "Much more than there were years ago. They're not too much for you, are they?"

"No, no, not at all," chuffed Duke. "I was just not expecting there to be so many of them today, that's all."

"Oh alright," said Sir Handel. "We were just wondering, because otherwise we might have to take over your duties in case you fell asleep on the line." Then he and Peter Sam laughed.

Duke was modest. "Alright, you two, I think that's enough old jokes for one day. I'm still not quite over what that Mighty Mac said earlier, just so you know, so please stop."

"Oh cheer up, Granpuff," soothed Peter Sam. "Don't let their words get to you. We know you're definitely not what they said you were and you are still a strong and reliable engine. They just tend to get a little ahead of themselves sometimes, that's all."

"And like we said," added Sir Handel, "they're really quite nice and friendly and I'm sure when they get to know you better, you all will get along just fine."

"Well, I guess you have a point there, Falcon," admitted Duke. "Maybe I do need to know them a bit better and see how they really behave. Speaking of which, have you seen them since this morning?"

Sir Handel and Peter Sam looked at each other. "No we haven't," replied Sir Handel. "I think they must be taking another load or something."

"Oh," said Duke. "Well I was just wondering because…" Then suddenly at that point, Mighty Mac came speeding by right through the station with their train. The three other engines and the passengers were surprised.

"Wheeee!" called Mac. "Just look at us Duke! Told you we were the strongest."

"Yes and t-t-the most c-careful," added Mighty, though he was still nervous. Then like a flash, they were gone.

Duke, Sir Handel, and Peter Sam were worried. "That can't be good," said Sir Handel.

"Yes, they're going way too fast," added Duke, "and taking too many cars as well."

"And what’s worse," added Peter Sam frantically, "they're heading for the viaduct, which seemed rather unsafe when Sir Handel and I crossed it earlier."

"What?!" exclaimed Duke. "What do you mean?"

"Well, it feel like the middle part of the bridge was sinking a little bit," replied Peter Sam, "as if bricks were falling out and part of the bridge was crumbling."

Duke was very nervous now. "Oh dear! That's not good at all! At their speed and recklessness, Mighty Mac is bound to have an accident on that viaduct! We need to stop him!"

"But what about your visitors, Duke?" asked Sir Handel.

"I'll leave them for now," replied Duke. "They're not due to leave for a while. Right now, we need to save Mighty Mac!"

Sir Handel and Peter Sam agreed, then the three engines hurried after Mighty Mac. The visitors cheered and called out good luck to the three of them as they set off.

Meanwhile, Mighty Mac was still racing along the line, unaware of the trouble ahead. Mac was still feeling pleased, but Mighty was feeling rather nervous.

"Okay, Mac. Duke saw us," he puffed. "I think we can slow down now."

"Nonsense, Mighty," objected Mac. "We're still making good time and this is fun. We'll still make it to the wharf in no time, and might be early for that matter."

"Yes, but we are still going too fast," huffed Mighty. "I seriously don't like this. I think we really do need to slow down."

"Oh alright," moaned Mac, "but after we cross the viaduct, how about that?"

Mighty grunted. "Fine, but after we cross it, then we slow down no matter what."

"Fine, whatever you say," huffed Mac, as they hurried on.

Further up the line, they were approaching a level crossing. Elizabeth the quarry truck came up to it, she saw Mighty Mac racing along the track and stopped just in time.

"Whoa, excuse us, Elizabeth!" called Mac.

"Sorry for rushing by!" added Mighty.

Elizabeth was very surprised. "Slow down, you two!" she called. "You're going much too fast with that long train of yours! You're going to have an accident! And do be careful when you come to that viaduct! I heard it's unsafe!" But Mighty Mac was too far away to hear her.

Soon Mighty Mac was approaching the viaduct, but as they were getting closer, Mac looked closely and noticed there was something on the bridge. Then when he could see it clearly, he gasped.

"Stop, Mighty stop!" he cried.

"Oh so now you want to slow down," huffed Mighty. "Well it's about time. I've just…"

"No Mighty stop seriously!" wailed Mac. "There's a gap in the bridge!"

Mighty gasped too, and he and Mac quickly put on their brakes as hard as they could, but the weight of their heavy train surged into them so hard, they couldn’t stop in time. The two engines shut their eyes and braked hard, but it was too late.


When they opened their eyes, they could see they were derailed and luckily still on the bridge, but now perched dangerously on the damaged part of the bridge and Mac was now looking directly into the valley below. The two of them were horrified.

"Oh dear," wailed Mac. "Now what do we do?!"

"I don't know," cried Mighty, "but let's just hope someone sees us soon!"

"Me too!" said Mac, then they heard a bunch of whistles and then Duke, Sir Handel, and Peter Sam came up.

"Oh thank goodness," sighed Mighty. "Mac, help has come!"

"Hooray!" said Mac, though he tried not to look into the valley.

The three other engines surveyed the mess, trying to figured out how they could rescue Mighty Mac.

"What should we do, Duke?" called Peter Sam, who was behind Mighty Mac's train along with Sir Handel.

"Shall we go for help?" added Sir Handel.

Duke thought for a moment, then he decided. "No. There's not enough time for that. By the time help comes, Mighty Mac will have landed in the valley by then."

Mighty Mac squirmed. "Please don’t say that!" whined Mac. "I'm looking in the valley as we speak!"

"Well then what should we do?" huffed Sir Handel. "If we keep talking like this, they will fall for sure, so what do we do instead?" he asked Duke.

Duke then had an idea. "You and Stuart take the cars away, Falcon," he called back to them, "and then I'll pull them back onto the rails."

Mighty Mac were worried. "B-b-b-but Duke, we're the biggest and heaviest engine on this railway," said Mighty, "and you're just one engine. How can you be sure you can do it?"

"And you'll be uncoupling the cars too," added Mac. "If you do that, we'll fall for sure. Please, just go get…" Then suddenly, Mighty Mac just shifted a little bit more. Now they were right up against the wall of the bridge, which was very unstable. Sir Handel and Peter gasped.

"There's no time now!" Duke declared commandingly. "My driver and fireman will hook our chains up to me and you two and then Sir Handel and Peter Sam will take the cars away. Then I'll pull you back to safety, but we must move now!" Mighty Mac were still unsure, but they knew there was no time for arguing, so they agreed.

Hastily and carefully, Duke and Mighty Mac's driver and firemen hooked the chains up to the two engines and when Mighty Mac was secure enough for Duke to handle on his own, they gave the signal to Duke.

"Alright Falcon and Stuart! Take the cars away!" called Duke.

"Yes sir!" called Sir Handel and Peter Sam and then they quickly pulled the cars away.

Duke's fire was burning and his boiler was bubbling. Mighty watched as Mac worried. Then suddenly the wall gave way and Mighty Mac lurched forward! They were now dangling dangerously over the edge of the bridge.

Mac was horrified. "Help!!!!" he cried. "We're going to fall!"

But Duke stayed firm and didn't let go, then when he gained enough steam and courage, he slowly started puffing backwards and began pulling Mighty Mac back to safety. It was very hard work for Mighty Mac was definitely a heavy engine, but Duke was determined. He heaved and huffed and huffed and heaved. He felt his boiler was going to explode. Then with a mighty effort, Duke managed to pull Mighty Mac back onto the tracks and back to safety. Mighty Mac was very surprised, and very relieved too.

Sir Handel and Peter Sam had managed to watch the end of the rescue operation and they came up blowing cheers and whistles for Duke.

"Hooray!!!" called Peter Sam. "Well done, Granpuff! You saved them!"

"Yes indeed!" agreed Sir Handel. "Marvelous rescue and very courageous! Definitely just as heroic when you saved me!"

Duke was entirely out of breath and puff, but he managed to give a big smile.

Mighty Mac was very impressed. "Wow!" claimed Mighty. "That was amazing! I didn't know you had it in you, Duke."

"Neither did I," agreed Mac. "I thought for sure you would need another engine's help, but you just worked hard enough for three. Thank you Duke."

Duke finally gained enough breath to speak again. "Well…I told you…there wasn't…enough time…to get help…so…we had to…think quickly."

"And also," added Peter Sam. "I believe Granpuff just proved that he's not as old as you two think he is."

"And he's actually much stronger than you think as well," added Sir Handel. Mighty squirmed, and Mac winced shamefully. They knew they were wrong.

"Well, we shouldn't worry about that now," said Duke, after he gained full breath. "Right now, we must let Mr. Percival know about the viaduct." So Duke's driver went back to the nearest telephone and called Mr. Percival.

Eventually, Rusty came with the breakdown train and some workmen and building supplies, and on that train was Mr. Percival, and he did not look happy…with Mighty Mac.

"So what's this I heard about you two taking both of your trains at the same time and rampaging down the line like a couple of stampeding bulls?" he asked them.

"Well, sir, that was our fault," said Mighty.

"We got a little offended about something Duke told us earlier and we were trying to make a point to him," added Mac. "We're very sorry sir. We never meant to let this happen."

"Well whatever Duke said shouldn't have gotten to you," scolded Mr. Percival. "You two should have known better than to first of all, pull more than you're capable of, and second of all, race along the line at tremendous speeds. You should also considered yourselves very lucky that Duke's quick-thinking saved you both from almost falling into the valley."

"Oh we're grateful for that definitely, sir," puffed Mighty.

"Yes, very grateful indeed," agreed Mac. "Duke was magnificent. When it was almost certain that we were going to fall, Duke held us back and was as firm as a…um…..well, a bulldog." Duke and Sir Handel exchanged cheeky looks.

Mr. Percival smiled. "Well I'm glad to hear that, Mac, but now, you two need to go to the Steamworks to be repaired. You're wheels are damaged and your front is dented, Mac."

"Yes sir," replied Mighty Mac, "but who's going to take us?"

"I will," said Duke.

Mr. Percival was surprised. "Oh? Really Duke? Are you sure you want to?"

"Absolutely sir," replied Duke. "I just needed a little rest that's all. I can take them down to the Steamworks for you."

"Well, alright then Duke," conceded Mr. Percival. "If you want to, then that's fine with me. Oh, but your visitors!"

"Oh yes," puffed Duke. "I almost forgot them. Hmmmm, could you possibly send another engine to collect them sir? I'm sure they'll understand."

Mr. Percival agreed. "Of course, Duke. I'll make the arrangements right away. In the meantime, you can go ahead and take Mighty Mac away and Sir Handel and Peter Sam, you take the coal and slate trains down to the wharf, but separately this time." Mr. Percival eyed Mighty Mac when he said that. They squirmed.

"Yes sir," replied all the engines.

In a little while, when the other track on the bridge was deemed safe enough for the engines to cross, Sir Handel and Peter Sam puffed away with the coal train and slate train respectively. Then when Mighty Mac was carefully loaded onto a well-wagon, Duke coupled up to them and set off for the Steamworks while Rusty and the workmen stayed to continue repairing the viaduct.

On their way to the Steamworks, Mighty and Mac spoke to Duke.

"Um, Duke," chuffed Mighty. "We have something to say to you."

"Yes?" asked Duke. "I'm listening."

"We're sorry for the way we behaved earlier," apologized Mac. "It's just we were upset about the way you were telling us how to do things. We're not used to someone we just met ordering us around."

"Oh I understand," soothed Duke. "I tend to be like that to a lot of people and I guess I was a little too bossy as well. I just wanted to make sure that you too knew what you were doing."

"Well, after what just happened," chuffed Mighty, "you had every right and reason to do that."

"Yeah, and also I want to apologized to you for saying you were old and weak, Duke," added Mac. "I was mad, that's all, and plus, after what you did back there, I have to admit that you are very strong after all, probably even stronger than us."

Duke chuckled. "Oh well, I don't know if I'm as strong as you two, but I appreciate the compliments, Mac. Some people and engines often tease me about my age, but I can assure you that I still have plenty of energy left in me."

"Indeed you do," agreed Mighty, "and that's definitely something to be proud of."

"Oh! Speaking of age, I'm sorry for saying those things to you earlier too, Mighty," added Mac. "I was just trying to convince you to go along with the plan."

"Oh it's fine, Mac," said Mighty. "It's my fault too. I shouldn't have gotten so mad with you and should have let it go, and also shouldn't have pushed you as well. So we're both to blame for all of this."

Mac agreed. "Oh yeah, and also, Duke, I have a question. Back at the viaduct, what did Sir Handel mean when he said 'just as heroic when you saved him'? Did the same thing happen to him as well?"

Duke smiled. "Yes it did, Mac," he replied. "Several years ago, almost the exact same thing happened to Falcon, or Sir Handel as you call him, and I rescued him as well."

Mighty Mac was surprised. "Wow, that's amazing," said Mac. "I didn't realize you've done this before. No wonder you knew what to do back there on the viaduct."

"Well, you learn from experience," chuffed Duke, "and you also have to think quickly in situations like these."

Mighty Mac was impressed. "Say um, Duke," puffed Mighty. "After knowing a little bit more about you, I think we'd like to know more about you and what all has happened in your life, right Mac?"

"Yes indeed," replied Mac eagerly. "You sound like you're a hero and a legend, Duke, and yes, we would like to hear more about you."

Duke chuckled. "Well, we still have a while until we get to the Steamworks, so sure I can tell you about my adventures and experiences." Mighty Mac was delighted.

So as he continued on his way, Duke started telling them about his life from the beginning to the present and I can tell you now that after getting to know him better, Mighty Mac and Duke are now good friends and the former promises not to show off and take on more than they can handle again, for they secretly believe that Duke might have to save them again and prove that he's strong, which they have to admit is very true indeed.




  • Several references to the fourth season television series episode, Bulldog, were made throughout this episode.
    • This episode also shares a few plot points with the aforementioned episode and the nineteenth season television series episode, Philip to the Rescue, as well.
  • Another reference and a flashback to the previous episode was made at the beginning of the episode.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this episode marks Mighty's first speaking role since the twelfth season television series episode, Mountain Marvel, and Mac's first speaking role since the eleventh season television series episode, Ding-a-Ling.
    • This episode also marks their only speaking roles in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.