Duck the Great Western Engine is the ninth episode of the eleventh season.

Duck the Great Western Engine
Season 11, Episode 9
Air date February 26th, 2013
Written by Rev. W. Awdry

Adaptation by MainLineEngines

Directed by MainLineEngines
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The work at Tidmouth had increased over the past few years. Most of that work included shunting.

"Hurry up! Hurry up!" groaned Henry, as he impatiently waited for Percy to shunt his coaches into place.

"Every day, it's the same," Gordon said to James, "Percy has no enthusiasm to shunt our coaches. And then we're late, and the Fat Controller blames us."

"Hurry up!" moaned Henry, "or I'll be late."

This continues until eventually, it got to the Fat Controller's attention.

"I'm really sorry I made Henry late the other day," Percy said breathelessly.

"Don't worry Percy, its just a timetable, no passengers were late for any special events. And actually, I'm glad you brought that up."

Percy looked up.

"I know that you've worked very hard, and I've decided that you need a change. So, I have requested a NWR No. 8, and I'll let you help on construction of Knapford Harbour."

"Oh, thank you, Sir. It will be lovely to work with Toby and Thomas."

"Do you know what?"


"Do you know what?"

"Silly, of course I don't know what. If you don't tell me what what is."

"The Fat Controller's sent for a new engine to help out at Tidmouth, so that then I'll be able to work on Knapford Harbour."

"Rubbish!" grumbled James, "any engine could do the work. If you worked more and chattered less, this yard would be a sweeter, happier place!"

Percy just went off to fetch some coaches.

A couple days later, the engine arrived.

"Hullo, what's your name?" the Fat Controller asked.

"Montegue, Sir, but I'm, usually called Duck. They say I waddle, I don't really, but I like Duck better than Montegue."

"Good. Duck it shall be. Percy can you show Duck around?"

Percy showed Duck everything, and went he went off to work at Knapford Harbour, Duck managed easily, to easy.


  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Thomas (mentioned)
  • Toby (mentioned)


  • This episode is partly based off 'Duck Takes Charge' from 'Percy the Small Engine' by the Rev. W. Awdry.
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