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Duck finds himself in a "ducky" situacion after he doesn't listen to Toad's advice.


One day, Duck and Oliver were ready to start their day. Sir Topham Hatt arrived and asked Oliver to pull a special goods train. Duck kept telling Oliver about being Great Western but Oliver just reminded him about the time Duck got stuck in the water. Duck kept doing his jobs that day, when Sir Topham Hatt arrived and asked Duck to pull Oliver's train because he broke down. Duck agreed and went to find Oliver. He took his train and Toad. Oliver warned Duck because some of track was flooded. Duck was very proud of pulling the special train that he didn't listen to anything Toad told him. It soon started to rain really hard and the track started to flood really fast. Toad decided for Duck to stop and head toward higher ground but Duck still believed that Great Western engines always finish their jobs as they promised no matter what. The rain made Duck not see well that he went to a track that was flooded and crashed. Duck couldn't believe it, he was a sitting duck. Ducks swimmed around Duck. The rain soon started to stop but Duck and Toad couldn't go anywhere and the special train was late for sure. Duck apoligized to Toad for not listening to him. Toad kept reminding Duck that they would be rescued. Soon Oliver came to where Duck and Toad where and Rocky lifted them out. They said thanks and Oliver helped push Duck and the rest of the train to its destination. Sir Topham Hatt was very surprised but was happy his engines were very useful engines indeed.



  • This is the second time Duck is in the water.
  • The plot is similar to the Thomas and Friends episode Percy's Promise.
  • The events of Toad Stands By and Duck in the Water from Thomas and Friends are mentioned.