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Duck, Henry, and the Tenders is the twentieth story of the second volume.

Duck, Henry, and the Tenders
Season X, Episode 46
Air date 11 October 2020
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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It was a sunny morning at the Big Station. All the engines were getting ready for work.

"It's going to be very hot today," said James.

"Indeed," said Emily.

Meanwhile, Henry had his own concerns.

"Something feels wrong. I think it might have to do with my tender."

"Don't worry," said Duck, "if anything happens to your tender, I will happily give you one of mine."

Henry snorted. Duck just laughed. The engines well remembered the time Duck had given Henry some old tenders as a trick.

"The only thing that was in those despicable tenders was sludge," grumbled Henry. "I need one that can actually be used."

"All right. All right. You got me. I didn't give you the right tender," said Duck

"What do you mean?" asked Henry.

"I did have various tenders and I just gave you the ones that were bound for the smelters," explained Duck.

"So you just happened to have various tenders available?" asked Emily.

"To your surprise, I did."

"And how is that possible?" asked James.

"I'm surprised you aren't aware of it," said Duck. "The Fat Controller bought many spare tenders back around the time of Nationalisation I think. You three were already on Sodor."

Henry, Gordon and James pondered.

"Yeah, I had no idea," said Gordon.

"I wasn't working in the yard, so I wouldn't know," said James.

"I suppose that makes sense," said Henry. "That explains why we all have the same tender."

"Ye ken, Douggie," whispered Donald to Douglas. "I had ne'er noticed they aul had same tender."

"I canna believe we're juist finding oot aboot it," agreed Douglas. "In retrospect, we should have known."

"Ye juist dinna always think aboot these things," put in Donald.

"Aye," said Douglas.

"Anyways," said Duck. "If you ever need a tender, there might still be some in the yard."

"I'll be fine," said Henry. "Besides, I wouldn't want this to turn out to be one of your silly jokes again."

Henry puffed away.

"His loss," murmured Duck. "I guess that means I have two tenders if anyone wants them."

"I wouldnae worry," said Donald. "If something really were tae happen, Henry will come right back."

"Hmm, true," agreed Duck.

Then Duck puffed away to collect his coaches.

Later that day, he was working in the yard with Jessie.

"I say Jessie. Have you ever wanted a tender?" asked Duck.

"Hmm, I guess I have never thought about that. What for?" replied Jessie.

"Well, you never know what might happen," chuckled Duck.

Jessie paused for a moment. "Don't tell me you actually have spare tenders."

"I'm fairly sure there are still some in this yard," said Duck.

"Probably in some disused siding," said Jessie.

"By the way, you seem quite familiar with spare tenders," said Duck.

"Yeah. Back at the Steelworks, some were kept there for storage. Since my sisters were tank engines so we didn't have much use for them but I guess they found no other place to store them," explained Jessie.

"That makes sense then."

"Anyways, our little tender search will have to wait. I have to prepare David's evening goods train."

"I have a train to take too. Perhaps another day."

The two engines went on their way.

Jessie was almost finished arranging David's train.

"Thank you for arranging these," said David, as he backed down.

"I've still a few more to go," said Jessie, and puffed away.

Meanwhile, Henry was preparing for his evening passenger train. But he was having trouble getting up steam. Finally, Henry built up enough steam and slowly backed towards the station. Then there was trouble. The sun had damaged the rails just outside the canopy. As Henry approached the station, his tender derailed and headed straight towards the platform!

"Watch out! Stand back!" shouted the Stationmaster.

Everyone watched as Henry's tender crashed right into the platform. No-one was hurt, but Henry's tender had considerable damage. The Fat Controller came out of his office to see what was the matter.

The Driver and Stationmaster explained what had happened.

"Well, it's good no-one is hurt. Now let's get this mess sorted out. I will telephone for the Breakdown Train," said the Fat Controller. He returned a few minutes later.

"Duck will be here soon."

"Oh great," groaned Henry.

"Now you really will need one of his tenders," laughed Jessie.

Henry snorted.

"One of Duck's tenders you say," inquired the Fat Controller.

"Oh, well, yes Sir. He told me that there are spare tenders around here that were bought many years ago."

"I had almost forgotten about that. Perhaps it will provide a simple solution to a rather big problem."

"Wait. So I really would be using one of 'Duck's' tenders?" asked Henry.

"Seems like it," said Jessie. "It will work very well till your old tender is repaired."

"Jessie, go and find a spare tender," said the Fat Controller.

"I'm on it!" she replied and hurried away.

Jessie had to move some trucks around but she managed to find another tender.

"It doesn't look that bad," she thought to herself.

The tender was filled with coal. Jessie took it to be filled with water.

Meanwhile, Duck had arrived with the Breakdown Train.

"So I see you damaged your tender," chuckled Duck.

"I guess I'll take your one of your tenders then," said Henry, flatly.

"Well, here it is. Your new tender," said Jessie, excitedly.

"It's not as good as my usual tender, but I suppose it'll do," grunted Henry.

"That's the spirit," encouraged Duck. "Now you have to make up for lost time."

Soon, Henry was fitted with the spare tender and was coupled to his train.

"Somehow I have to make up time and deal with everyone noticing my new tender," thought Henry.

In the end, he gained back some lost time and he came home feeling rather pleased with himself. His story was there before him of course.

"So you got a new tender after all," laughed James.

"You're just jealous I have a new tender," retorted Henry. "I might even get another one. Think of that."

All the engines laughed.

Henry used the spare tender for quite some time till at last, his old tender was repaired.

"I'm very happy to have my old tender back," said Henry.

"Don't worry Henry," said Duck. "Remember that if anything happens, I will always lend you one of mine."

Henry just laughed and then the two engines went back to work.




  • The events of Tenders for Henry are mentioned.
  • A follow-up story was later released in 2022 titled Mark of Distinction.