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Duck, previously Montague, is a Great Western tank engine who works on The Little Western.



8, previously 5741


GWR 57xx 0-6-0PT


Charles B. Collett


Swindon Works



Arrived on Sodor



Duck worked at Paddington until 1955 when he was brought to Sodor to help with the workload. When Diesel visited the Island, he was made look bad, and sent to Edward's station for a while. However, after an accident, the Fat Controller told him him he could return, and sent Diesel packing. When Diesel returned years later, he was not happy, especially after he caused trouble at the Harbour.


Duck is a Great Western pannier tank engine. His real name is Montague, but he is usually called Duck, which he prefers. This is said to be because he waddles, though he does not really. Duck knows how to hold his own and tends to stand for no nonsense from any engines that might get ideas above their station and try to order him or others about. He likes things to run like clockwork, without fuss, and is a very efficient, loyal engine. He takes tremendous pride in the responsibilities bestowed upon him, particularly in his role of running his own branch line with Oliver, sometimes known as the "Little Western" as a result. Duck is cheerful, busy, and tends to bustle about. He is very proud of his noble Great Western heritage, often claiming that "there are two ways of doing things: the Great Western way, or the wrong way", occasionally to the frustration of other engines. Duck is often welcoming of newcomers, even most Diesels, in spite of having lies told about him by devious Diesel not long after his arrival. He will often support the underdog, stick up for his friends, and help others see the error of their ways. He has earned the respect of the bigger engines and has firm friendships with Edward, Percy, Oliver, BoCo, and the Scottish twins.


Duck is a Great Western Railway 57xx 0-6-0PT with added sand boxes.


Duck is painted GWR green with red lining and black wheels. He has a plaque with the number 5741 on his cab, and "GWR" printed in yellow on either sides of his tanks.


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  • Unlike most characters in the Railway Series, Duck's number was real. The engine possessing this number was scrapped in 1958.
  • Duck has sand boxes, whilst most of his class doesn't.