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Kevin's Brother comes over to help at the Sodor Steamworks after Kevin had an accident, but this new crane is really up to no good.


The Sodor Steamworks is a place where engines come to get repaired. Victor and Kevin are in charge of the place. One day, Kevin was playing Swing The Hook and he crashed so hard that his crane got broken. Victor needed Kevin, so he told Sir Topham Hatt. He decided he would get a new crane to come and help. Thomas was sent to collect the new crane from the docks and he brought him to Victor. Kevin knew who it was, it was his brother. Thomas then left and Víctor told Kevin's Brother what to do. Kevin's Brother got really well with Victor and the engines that came to be fixed. Kevin knew he couldn't let his brother stay and wanted his crane to be fixed. Then Victor had news for Kevin, he would have to leave to collect some engine parts, which would mean Kevin would have to stay with his brother without no one to save him. Victor left and Kevin tried to hide from his brother but Kevin's Brother now knew no one could help Kevin, so he knocked him down with his crane and was ready to destroy him, when Luke came in and saw what was happening. Luke knew he had to save Kevin so he went in and shunted Kevin's Brother away, making him crash and get his wheels damaged. Kevin was happy that Luke had saved him. Then Victor came back and asked what had happened. Luke and Kevin told him what had happened. Victor now understood and had Sir Topham Hatt know what happened. He later ordered Thomas to take him back where he came from. Everyone was happy after that and Kevin's crane was finally fixed. Now Kevin was happy he wouldn't see his brother anymore.



  • This is the first episode in which Millie doesn't appear with Luke.