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Donald and Douglas are Scottish twin engines.

Donald and Douglas



9 and 10, formerly 57646 and 57647


CR 812 0-6-0


John McIntosh


St. Rollox Works



Arrived on Sodor



Originally, the Fat Controller sent for only 57646 (Donald) but 57647 (Douglas) was smart knowing he had no chances if he stayed on the Other Railway. They caused a series a mishaps which included misplacing an important coach, crashing into a signal box, and crushing the Spiteful Brake Van. They did however, work well in the snow and rescued Henry who been stuck in a snow drift. The engines made Percy their 'deputation' to convince the Fat Controller to allow Donald and Douglas to stay in fear they would be scrapped if they returned to the Other Railway. The Fat Controller eventually allowed them to stay by offering them a new coat of paint.

They now work on either the Little Western, the Main Line, and occasionally help Edward, David, and BoCo on the Wellsworth-Brendam Branch Line.


They are cheerful, friendly, and helpful. They like jokes too. They do however get the job done in the end and are a valuable asset to the Fat Controller's railway.


They arrived on Sodor with BR's goods black with red lining, and their numbers on their cab side. After they were allowed to stay, they were repainted NWR blue with gold and red lining, as it reminded them of the Caledonian Blue.


Adventures on Rails




  • Season 10 - Christmas Preparations, Tree Trouble (cameo), Thomas; Snow Rescue, Stationmasters and Christmas, Snow, Christmas Eve Crisis, Christmas Day (cameo), and New Year Problems (non-speaking role).
  • Season 12 - Bowled Out.
  • Season 13 - Edward's Exploit, Tenders for Henry (cameo), Enterprising Engines Part 1, Resource and Sagacity (non-speaking role), Toad Stands By, and New Friends, Old Enemies (non-speaking role).
  • Season 14 - Gordon Takes a Tumble.
  • Season 15 - The Twins' Passing Problem, Donald and the Lost Tarpaulin (mentioned), Quick Thinking (mentioned), Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree, and The Fireworks Display.
  • Season 16 - Dodger and the Avalanche (cameo), Edward and Rocky, Bert's Troublesome Day (mentioned), and Henry and the Express.
  • Season 17 - The Footbal Special (cameo), Wildfire (non-speaking role), and Best Dressed Engine (cameo)
  • Season 18 - James Goes Foreign.
  • Season 19 - The Spirit of Christmas (non-speaking role), Diesel Shunters, Incoming! and Stepney's Visit.
  • Season 20 - The Special Delivery, Home Coming and Ceremonium (cameo).


  • James and Percy
  • The Escape Plan
  • Thomas and the Avalanche
  • Saving the Mountain Engines
  • That's What Friends Are for
  • Work and Play
  • Best Engines Ever
  • You Lucky Engine
  • Visiting Engines

The New Adventures on Rails

The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor


Sudrian Stories


Lukeillie's Series

PH's Railway Videos Series 1


  • Their original numbers are an in-joke; the BR numbers only went up to 57645.