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Dodger the Coal Mines Engine is a twelve episode spin-off series featuring the new character Dodger.


  1. Bought!
  2. Avalanche!
  3. New Colour
  4. Dodger and the Diesels
  5. Workin' Till MIdnight
  6. Night Shift
  7. All Over the Railway
  8. Special Engine
  9. Dodger's Big Load
  10. Dodger and the Hopper
  11. Trucks + Hopper = Trouble
  12. Useful Engine


The below are confirmed to appear

  1. Gordon
  2. James
  3. Percy
  4. Donald and Douglas
  5. Flying Scotsman
  6. Paxton

Character Introduced

  1. Dodger- the Gresley J50 brought to help with at Vicarstown Coal Mines.