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Dodger and the Hopper is the tenth episode of Dodger the Coal Mines Engine.


There was a large coal hopper at Vicarstown Coal Mines used to load coal. Though some coal was loaded in trucks, some coal was loaded into the hopper for Dodger to use.

Dodger enjoyed bumping engines into it when they came.

"It is undignified to be pulling trucks," Gordon grumbled to Dodger."I am the expiremental A0 'Pacific' built at Doncaster in 1922," he added.

"I am the prototype J51/1 'Submarine' built at Doncaster April 1914."

"That does not help!" Gordon thundered, "now show me my train."

"Of course. It's right there."

"Thanks, now.."

(bumps him)

"I need coal," he said quickly.

"Fine, but hurry."

Dodger then coupled up to Gordon and pulled him into the coal!

"Disgraceful!" he spluttered.

"Sorry, but you may go."

The next day, James came to collect some trucks.

Dodger was about to fill the last truck, when he heard his whistle.

"James, my friend, you train is right under the hopper."

As the last truck was halfway filled, Dodger pushed James into the hopper.

"Ha ha!" he laughed.

"Oh my, beautiful red paint, brass dome, builder's plates, number, and gold and blue lining," sobbed James,

"Poor thing can't even go a meter without his paint all polished," Dodger mockingly retorted.

"Yes," James sobbed and puffed away.

"Where is that little tank engine?" Henry wondered.


(hears rumble)

"Oh no."

(coal pours down)

"Oh, my (cough). Oof," Henry grumbled. "Nice one."

"Yes, it was a nice one," Dodger replied.

"Oh, my paint, and (cough), I almost choked."

"My bad. I thought you were a truck."

"A truck."

That night, Dodger slept wondering who he would bump tomorrow.


  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Dodger