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Dodger's Big Load is the ninth episode of Dodger the Coal Mines Engine.


"Today you have a big order to fill," the Fat Controller told Dodger. "The Other Railway is seeing a budget in coal mining, unlike us, the railway does not own the Coal Mines, thus making you have sub-ownership with Vicarstown Coal Mines and the North Western Railway. And since 1945, the mines have been very sucessfull."

"Yes, Sir. I can handle the silly trucks to fill the order."

Dodger started work right away.

He shunted some empty trucks into the shaft, then fill ten trucks at the hopper, collected the four loaded trucks, and set off.

At Barrow, a Diesel was waiting to take the trucks.

Dodger left them, then returned to the Mines.

The next train was not suppose to be collected until noon, so he had plenty of time to assemble a long train. 

However, he was only concentrating on the job, not the amount of trucks he would have to pull up the hill.

When it was time to go off to Barrow, he counted them..

"Twenty-three trucks and the brake van! That can't be right."

"I guess it is," his Fireman said, "seeing how you were only concentrating on the job."

"That's one big load. Is it your biggest?" the Driver commented.

"I don't know, but I'm sure I can do it."

"Good boy, now let's go," his Driver said.

Dodger charged the hill, and slowly pulled the trucks up.

"Nearly there," he panted, and soon he was coasting down through the village and onto the Main Line.

"I did it!" he shouted triumphantly.

When he shunted the trucks, and the Diesel had taken them away, his Driver gave him a long drink, and then he set off back to the Mines.


  • Dodger
  • Sir Topham Hatt