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A familiar diesel comes back to help the engines but can he be trusted?


There is lots of work to be done in the Island of Sodor. The engines work hard everyday to get the work done but sometimes there is too much work. That is when Sir Topham Hatt gets a new engines to come help. The engines were waiting for the new engine to come. They were very surprised to find out he was a diesel. A diesel who had come to the railway years ago. The engines remembered the trouble he caused last time he was in the railway. Class 40 promised to do a better job this time but the engines didn't believe him so they all left. Class 40 stayed to do his jobs. He pulled trucks and coaches around. Percy saw him and was happy he had changed. The two worked together and then Thomas came. He then helped Class 40 and Percy. They worked together and then the rest of the engines joined in. They got all the work completed. Everyone was impressed that Class 40 actually was nice to them. He explained that he had matured since and now wants to be useful. Everyone was happy with their new friend. Class 40 soon left and he was thanked for his hard worked and was welcomed to the railway ever since.



  • The events of Bowled Out are mentioned.
  • James confuses Class 40 for D199 in the episode.
  • It is revelaed Class 40 had matured since he first appeared and now is nice to steam engines.
  • Nia, Rebecca, and Emily don't appear most likely to the fact they didn't appear when Class 40 was first intruduced.