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Diesel and Duck try to end their rivalry, but its harder than they think.


Diesel is the most devious Diesel on the railway. He is very rude and is very hard to make him your friend. Duck the Great Western engine is really nice and very helpful to everyone. Duck once had Diesel as his biggest rival. Duck had never interacted with Diesel ever since. Diesel came to the yard, where he saw Duck. Diesel still blamed Duck for his incident with the Troublesome Trucks when he first arrived. Duck saw Diesel and they both were still cross with each other. Duck said Diesel should have never returned and Diesel said Great Western engines are no good. They left and both thought the same thing, only one could stay. Diesel came up with a plan to get rid of Duck but Duck came up with a similar plan. Diesel sent Paxton to tell Duck to come to the old mine. Duck sent Oliver to tell Diesel to come to the old mine as well. Both engines came but they didn't see each other. They both went in but as both went in, the entrance to the mine closed and blocked both of them in. Now they both saw each other but there was no time to fight. They both blamed each other for the accident. Soon they both stopped and said sorry to each other. Diesel suggested they both worked together to get out. Duck was very surprised to see Diesel being nice to him, but he agreed. They pushed hard until they broke free. They were more surprised that both of them, who were rivals, had worked together. They didn't said anything and both went away in their seperate ways.



  • This episode explores more and ends Duck and Diesel's rivalry for now.
  • A CGI recreation for Pop Goes the Diesel was used.
  • The title is based on the same words from the RWS book, Duck and the Diesel Engine.