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Diesel's Good Deed
Season 2, Episode 15
Air date September 8th, 2020
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Diesel's Good Deed is the fifteenth episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Most engines on the Island of Sodor are nice and like to be really useful. However, there are some who tend to be less than so and are rather cheeky and mischievious instead, and no engine tends to be more like this than Diesel, for he is one of the most cheeky and rather troublesome engines on the island. He is also not very friendly to anyone as well and there are very rare occasions when he'll do something nice and useful for other engines. However, there's one engine that Diesel vows never to help at all and that is Duck. The two engines have never gotten along due to an incident that happened years ago and try to avoid each other at all costs. Most engines know about their feud too and believe the incident is the reason why Diesel is the way he is. Secretly, they wish they would make amends and maybe, Diesel would be nice and be really useful and finally get along with Duck, but they also know that might never happen.

One morning, Thomas was taking on water at Knapford Station Yards. He was just humming quietly when Ryan came up alongside with a goods train.

"Hello Thomas," Ryan whistled cheerfully.

"Hello Ryan," said Thomas. "How are you doing today?"

"Quite well actually," said Ryan. "Nice day, work is getting done, and nothing has gone wrong yet today."

"Well let's hope it stays like that," smiled Thomas.

Then…"Thomas!!!" Diesel came out of nowhere and backed up and bashed into Thomas. Thomas lurched backwards, causing the pipe from the water tower to come lose and splash water all over him.

"Ow! Diesel!!!" hissed Thomas.

"Oops, sorry Thomas," chuckled Diesel snidely. "Didn't see you there. Should make yourself heard more. Nobody can see a small blue puffball like you, you know, He, he, he."

Thomas was cross. "Why do you have to be so mean and annoying, Diesel? You know no one on the island likes that, right?"

"Pfff, so? I don't care," replied Diesel. "No one gives me a reason to be nice, so why should I? Besides, being tough and mean is just right for me and I don't care what anyone else says."

"Not even if they call you really useful?" huffed Thomas.

"Pah! Since when has anyone called me really useful?" said Diesel. "Everyone who knows me knows I'm tricky, devious, and full of surprises and they never called me that, so who…" Then they heard a whistle, and saw a familiar green engine puff up alongside them, next to Thomas and Diesel.

"Good morning, everyone," said Duck, then he saw Diesel. The two glared at each other for a second, then Diesel growled, coughed out black smoke, and hurried out of the yard.

Duck coughed. "Ooh!!!" he hissed.

"Hmm, probably shouldn't have mentioned the whole 'nothing going wrong' thing," chuffed Ryan. "Are you two alright?"

"Yes I'm fine," huffed Thomas.

"So am I," replied Duck. "Just wished I didn't have to start my morning off running into him. Such a despicable and nasty brute, that Diesel, and disgraceful as well."

"Whoa Duck, that seems a little much to say about Diesel, don't you think?," puffed Ryan. "I know that was rude what he did, but it wasn't harmful or dangerous, so perhaps…"

"Um, Ryan," interrupted Thomas. "It's more than just that. Duck and Diesel had a little history together that didn't go so well, right Duck?"

"That's right Thomas," replied Duck, "and one that I will never get over, and I'm sure he will never either."

Ryan was surprised. "Oh? What kind of history? Is it as bad as it sounds? I mean, everyone doesn't get along with Diesel, so why is your history with him any different, Duck?"

"It's different with me," chuffed Duck, "because he did something quite devious that got me in trouble for the wrong reason."

"Really? What happened?" asked Ryan.

"Well, when he first came to the railway," began Duck, "Diesel was a showoff and bragged about diesels being revolutionary, so I decided to put him in his place and have him try to pull some old trucks from a siding. He couldn't though, and lost control and shot forward. The trucks thought it was hilarious and sang songs about Diesel's incident. He got cross and blamed me for it, and to get back at me, he spread hateful lies about me and made the other engines think I was horrid. Sir Topham Hatt briefly sent me away to help at Edward's station until he could get to the bottom of it, and luckily, he found out about Diesel's lies and sent him away from Sodor and I came back. Everything was back to normal after that, but ever since Sir Topham Hatt kept Diesel here on Sodor after the third time he brought him back, we try to avoid each other because we neither one of us wants to even see each other after that whole event."

"Wow," chuffed Ryan. "I never knew that about you and Diesel, but I have to admit, it sounds like Diesel really overreacted to that incident with the trucks."

"And that's what I've been saying too," added Duck. "Frankly, he really should have done the Great Western thing and realized just how silly he was with those trucks and moved on, but considering how stuck-up and self-centered he is, I'm not surprised he didn't." Duck took a deep breath and sighed.

"Well, at least you won't have to worry about seeing him for the rest of the day," chuffed Thomas.

"That's true," smiled Duck. "At least there's that."

"And getting back to work will help with that," added Ryan. "Which I'm going to do right now. See ya!" Then Ryan puffed away.

Thomas thought for a moment. "Say Duck, now that I think about it, do you think you and Diesel will ever reconcile and be friends?"

"Oh I highly doubt it, Thomas," replied Duck. "Especially being friends. We dislike each other so much, I'm sure reconciling will never happen between us." Then Duck paused. "But to tell you the truth, if I would've known that trick was going to such an impact on Diesel, I never would've played it on him in the first place."

Thomas was surprised. "You mean that?"

"Yes," replied Duck. "It just caused trouble for both of us and nothing got resolved and I slightly regret it. Also…" He paused to see if anyone was looking. "…I secretly do want to make it up with Diesel and move on from this whole thing."

Thomas was shocked. "Really? Are you serious?"

"Indeed," said Duck. "We've been going on about that event for too long and it's not healthy for the two of us to cling on to something that happened years ago. Now I still don't like him regardless, but nonetheless, I just want to at least make peace with him. It would be the Great Western thing to do anyway."

Thomas was slightly impressed. "That's a pretty wise thing to say, Duck," he chuffed. "Why don't you just tell him that?"

"Oh, because he would never listen to me," grumbled Duck. "He's too conceited and selfish to believe anything I tell him, and frankly I don't think he would believe it if someone else told him. Besides, he's rarely on my branchline anyway, so I don't even have to worry about telling him. Speaking of which, I best be getting ready for my next train, so good-bye Thomas. I'll see you later." Then Duck puffed away.

Thomas felt a little puzzled, but unbeknownst to the two engines, Sir Topham Hatt had secretly heard the whole conversation from the station, and was thinking. Then a workman came up.

"Excuse me, sir," he called. "There's a telephone call waiting for you. It's from Arlesburgh and sounds like it's an emergency."

"Oh, alright, I'll be there in a sec," replied Sir Topham Hatt, then he went into his office and picked up the phone. "Hello? Is everything alright? Mm-hmm, yes I see. Oh dear! That's not good for Oliver. I'll send Ryan to take him to the Steamworks and I'll have another engine to replace him in no time. Yes, yes, alright, very good. You're welcome. Good-bye." Then he hung up and his phone, and thought for a moment then got an idea. "Ah-ha. That might just work."

A few minutes later, Duck came to the platform with the slip coaches. As the passengers made their way onboard, Sir Topham Hatt came up to him.

"Ah hello Duck," he said. "Now you may not have heard it, but unfortunately Oliver had a little accident at Arlesburgh and needs to go for repairs."

"Oh dear, poor Oliver," sighed Duck. "Who will be taking care of the goods work while he's gone, sir?"

"Not to fear, I found another engine as soon as I got the call and he'll be there at Arlesburgh West when you get there," said Sir Topham Hatt.

"Great, sir," chuffed Duck. "That was quick thinking. Who is the engine, by the way, sir?"

"Oh-ho, let's just say one that you know well and worked with before," smiled Sir Topham Hatt.

"Oh? How exciting," said Duck. "I do like working with someone I know and who works hard. Who is it, sir?" Sir Topham Hatt smiled cheekily.

(cut to Diesel in another location)

"ME?!?! Work with Duck?!" exclaimed Diesel loudly. "Oh, but sir, you can't be serious?"

"I am serious, Diesel," said Sir Topham Hatt. "You don't have any other work to do, so that's why I chose you."

Diesel growled quietly. "But sir, you know we don't like each other. What good will this do for the two of us if I work with him? It'll just be trouble for us."

"Now Diesel," said Sir Topham Hatt firmly. "I'm well aware of your past with Duck, but needn't I remind you that was ages ago and you two should have moved on from that by now." Diesel stayed silent. "Now I'm counting on you to work hard and help Duck with the goods work on his branchline, and if I hear anything about you causing trouble for him or anyone else, you'll have me to answer to and I promise you, you will not like the punishment I have in mind for you. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," replied Diesel grudgingly through clenched teeth.

"Good, now run along now and get started," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Remember, I'm counting on you." Then Sir Topham Hatt left.

Diesel was cross. "Well if I must work there, then fine, but that Duck better stay out of my way." Then he set off for the Little Western.

At Arlesburgh West, Duck was telling the other engines the news about Diesel coming to work with them.

"What? Why would he chose him?" exclaimed Daisy. "You two practically despise each other. Did you do something to get Sir Topham Hatt cross with you and now he's punishing you for it?"

"No, Daisy, I'm sure it's not that," huffed Duck, "but I would like to know what was going through Sir Topham Hatt's mind when he made that decision."

"Wait, this Diesel," inquired Rex. "Is he that engine that spread lies about you and caused you to almost get shaved by a barber?"

"Well, he didn't do that last thing. That was me," replied Duck, "but yes, that's the engine I'm talking about."

"Oh I see," said Rex. "Well even though he sounds rather mean, perhaps things will change and it won't be so bad having him here after all. Maybe you two will even get along at some point."

"Huh, I doubt that, Rex," huffed Mike. "An engine like that always means trouble and the way I see it, no good is going to come from this."

"Mike's right," agreed the first slip coach. "Diesel is sure to cause trouble here and nothing will get done."

"And to make matters worse," added Daisy, "he'll most likely bump us and ruin our springs and swerves. Oh dear, nothing good will come from him being here."

"Don't you all think you're being a little hard on Diesel?" asked Ryan, who had arrived back a little while ago from taking Oliver. "I know he's troublesome and you have a history with him, Duck, but I'm sure he won't be quite as bad as you all are making him out to be. Why don't you just give him a chance?"

"Pah! If we did that, the Little Western would be in ruins in minutes," chuffed Mike.

"Yes I quite agree with that as well, Mike, it would," said the first slip coach.

"Total annihilation," added the second slip coach.

"Abysmal dystopia," said the third slip coach. "All we can say is best of luck to you, Duck."

"Alright Alex, Adrianna, Andrew and everyone else, that's quite enough," finished Duck. "Listen, let's just not get worked up about this and try to do our work without Diesel getting in our way. That's the best we can do at this point and soon, he'll be out of our hair and things will be back to normal."

"Well said, Duck," agreed Rex. "Couldn't have said it better myself."

"Uh-oh, looks who's approaching," said Mike.

Everyone looked and saw Diesel coming into view, looking cross. He stopped a few feet away from them, glaring, particularly at you-know-who.

Duck could tell. "Hello Diesel," he said firmly.

"Grrr," muttered Diesel.

Duck glared back. "Alright look Diesel, I'm not happy about you being here either, but Sir Topham Hatt chose you to take Oliver's place while he's away, so I'm sure he expects you to work hard, as do as I, and as long as you do your work, then good, but no funny business whatsoever. We take the Great Western Way seriously here and we won't stand for any trouble. Understand?"

Diesel paused, then spoke. "Sure, whatever you say. Just stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours. Got it?" Then Diesel purred loudly away.

Duck was cross. "No problem there," he muttered.

"Don't you worry, Duck," whispered Daisy. "With us around, I'm sure Diesel will stay in line and won't pull any tricks."

"Thanks Daisy," smiled Duck slightly. "I appreciate that." Then they heard Diesel bashing some trucks around.

"Ow! Oh! Ah! What was that for? We were just sitting around thank you, so no need for bumping!" shouted a truck's voice.

"Oh, be quiet and get moving!" came a disgruntled Diesel's voice.

Duck groaned. "Oh, this is going to be a long day," he muttered.

Soon the engines were hard at work, and were keeping an eye on Diesel whenever he passed by. As he was working, Diesel noticed them and was secretly getting cross, but then he thought of something.

"That Great Western engine must have told them about me," he thought. "Well I'll show them. Sir Topham even wants me to behave, and that's what I'll do. I'm not devious all the time and can be useful when I want to be and I'll prove it."

When he was due to collect a goods train from Arlesburgh Harbor, Diesel came in slowly and carefully. Daisy was nearby at the Maritime Museum, keeping a close eye on him. She was expecting Diesel to bump the trucks into the sea, but to her surprise, Diesel didn't. He carefully buffered up to the trucks and waited to be coupled, though still had a scowl on his face.

"Hmm, that's rather odd," Daisy murmured. "I thought for sure he would push them into the sea. I wonder what he's thinking."

Then Duck came puffing into view. Diesel saw him, and as soon as he was coupled up, he charged forward, and raced past Duck, coughing black smoke at him again, and disappeared.

"Excuse me!" he growled as he went by.

Duck coughed. "Ohhh! Not again," he grumbled. "He barely just started and already he's giving me a hard time. Unbelievable." Then he puffed on. Daisy however was a little confused about Diesel's behavior.

Later, Diesel brought in some hopper trucks for loading at Arlesburgh West. Rex was already there waiting with a train of ballast for loading.

"Ah there you are, Diesel," he chuffed. "Got a full load of ballast ready and waiting for you. Ready for loading?"

"Yes, yes, I'm ready," huffed Diesel. "Just try to make it quick, alright?"

"Okay, Mr. Grumpy Wheels," chuckled Rex. "Whatever you say. Here you go." Then Rex pushed the ballast trucks into place.

Mike and Bert watched from nearby, both expecting Diesel to move while his hoppers were being loaded. However, Diesel stayed put the entire time as the ballast was loaded. They were surprised.

"Well, there you are, Diesel," puffed Rex. "All ready for you, and thank you for being patient too."

Diesel just gave a small smile, then he looked over and saw Duck coming into view again.

"Grrr," he huffed, then he hurriedly raced away with his hopper trucks and once again disappeared, slightly spilling some ballast on the rails while doing so.

Duck saw this and was cross. "Oh, there he goes again," he huffed. "Why can't that Diesel just behave for once?"

"But Duck," said Rex. "You may not believe it, but Diesel actually cooperated as I was loading his trucks."

"It's true," added Mike. "I couldn't believe it either, but that Diesel didn't pull any funny tricks just now. He only raced away when you came in."

Duck was surprised. "Hmm, that's strange. The same thing happened at the harbor as well. I wonder what he's up to," he chuffed curiously.

Throughout the day, whenever Duck came up next to Diesel, the latter would glare and race away from him, but Duck was told from anyone who was there that Diesel still did his job without causing any sort of trouble. Duck became more and more curious, and wanted to find out for himself what Diesel was up to.

Later, Duck decided to finally ask Diesel and went to look for him. He soon found him refueling at Arlesburgh Yard. Duck felt a little nervous to talk to him, but he took a deep breath and puffed up to Diesel.

"Ahem, good afternoon, Diesel," Duck chuffed solemnly. Diesel just glared. "Um, I heard that you have been doing a good job today with all your work, so that's nice," Duck continued. Diesel stayed silent. "And I'm happy to hear it," Duck added. Still, no word from Diesel. "Uh, but I have noticed," chuffed Duck, changing the topic. "Every time you see me, you leave very quickly and cough black smoke in my face. May I ask why you keep doing that?"

Diesel glared, then finally spoke. "Surprised you have to ask that, when I think you already know the answer," he said slyly.

Duck sighed. "It wouldn't happen to be that you're still cross with me over that whole incident with the trucks, would it?"

Diesel smirked. "You got it," he teased snidely. "Now how about you go away and leave me alone before I cough another cloud of smoke in your face, hmm? That would make me happy and I thought I already said you stay out of my way and I stay out of yours in the first place."

Duck was annoyed. "Oh come on, Diesel," he huffed. "Don't you think you're being rather ridiculous? I mean, I'll be honest: I'm still cross with you over those lies you said about me, but at least I don't let it interfere with my work. So why don't you stop that childish behavior and get over it?"

This made Diesel cross. "Get over it? Get over it?! Do you know how humiliating that whole thing was? You tricked me into taking those trucks and made me look like a fool. Worse still, you made those trucks sing songs about me and then I got sent away from Sodor after that, and you're telling me to just simply get over it? Grrrr, you really are something, Duck."

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute," Duck hissed crossly. "I didn't do half of those things: you did. You made yourself look like a fool for trying to take those trucks and you got yourself sent away because of you spreading lies about me. You're just too conceited to own up to that and you just hate me. Also, I in no way made those trucks sing that silly 'Pop Goes the Diesel' song about you either. That was all them."

Then some nearby trucks spoke up. "Wait, did he say 'Pop Goes the Diesel?'"

"I think he did," said another.

"Hey, I remember that song!" chimed in another. "How did it go again?"

"I think," said another, "it went like, Trucks are waiting in the yard, tackling them with ease'll."

"Show the world what I can do, gaily boasts the Diesel," sang another.

"In and out he creeps about," said another.

"Like a big black weasel," said another.

"When he pulls the wrong trucks out," chuckled another.

"POP GOES THE DIESEL!!!" all the trucks sang together, and burst out laughing.

Diesel was red in the face now, and looked menacingly at Duck.

"Oh, don't even think I intended for that to happen," huffed Duck. "You know how silly trucks can be and…"

"How about this?" interrupted Diesel fumingly. "You, stay out of my way, get out of my way, and more importantly, don't even talk to me for the rest of the day, got it? We're through here, Duck, now stay away from me." Then Diesel fumed away.

Duck had it too. "Fine with me, you ungrateful, selfish weasel!" he shouted back, then he went back to work.

For the rest of the day, the two engines did not get along at all. Diesel tried to get away from Duck whenever he got the chance and did so even when he wasn't ready to move yet, which caused minor confusion and delay. Worse still, the trucks' song spread to other trucks along the Little Western and whenever they got the chance, they would sing it loud and proud to Diesel and laugh rudely. This, of course, just made Diesel even crosser and blamed Duck even more for it. Ryan, Daisy, and the Arlesdale engines noticed all of this and were getting worried and hoped nothing bad would happen.

The next day, things were no better. Diesel was still cross with Duck and still avoiding him. As he was taking a goods train along the Little Western, the trucks were teasing him again.

"Whoa, be careful guys," the leader of the trucks said to the others. "Diesel's in a bad mood today. We wouldn't want him to take it out on us, would we?"

"No, absolutely not," chuckled another. "We would never do that, or he'll not only get mad, but probably…'pop' too." Then the trucks laughed.

Diesel was cross. "Be quiet, all of you," he growled.

"Yes Diesel, of course, Diesel," replied another truck. "We're sorry, we're just trying to help you, that's all."

"Yeah, how about we sing you a song? Hmm?" smirked another truck. "That always cheers everyone up."

"Don't even think about it," snarled Diesel through clenched teeth.

"Ooh, yes he really wants one now," laughed another truck. "Shall we sing his favorite?" "Yes let's," chatted the others.

"I'm warning you," Diesel growled again. "This is your last chance."

The trucks sniggered, then they began. "Trucks are waiting in the yard, tackling them with ease'll…" Then they continued to sing.

Diesel had had it. "I said…BE QUIET!!!" Then he stopped furiously just outside of Bluff's Cove station and banged the trucks together hard.

"Ow! Ooh! AH! OUCH!!!" they all exclaimed.

"Serves you right," hissed Diesel. "Now I don't want to hear another word out of any of you for the rest of the way to Arlesburgh, got it?"

"Yes Diesel, we got it," the trucks said meekly.

"Good, now let's go," finished Diesel, and he started again. But what Diesel did not know was that his sudden stop had caused some cargo from the trucks to fall out onto the rails and were now blocking the line for the next train.

Meanwhile, Duck was taking his usual passenger train with the slip coaches, still cross with Diesel.

"I just don't understand it," he chuffed to the coaches. "You would think after all this time, he would learn to take responsibilities for his actions, but he did none of that yesterday and blamed me for everything. Honestly, I don't know what Sir Topham Hatt sees in that Diesel."

"Well, we did warn you nothing good would come from this," said Alex, "so with all due respect, Duck, you brought this on yourself."

"Yes, I say you should have went to Sir Topham Hatt and asked him for another engine," said Adrianna.

"Um, but don't forget," said Andrew. "It was Sir Topham Hatt's decision to make Diesel work here."

"Oh yes, that's right," said Adrianna, "but still, you should have kept avoiding him and you two wouldn't have gotten yourselves into this mess, Duck."

"Oh believe me, I wish I had done that," muttered Duck. "Normally, I wouldn't say it about a situation like this, but ignoring Diesel would have been the Great Western thing to do, and…" But Duck was so caught up with complaining about Diesel, that he wasn't paying attention to the line ahead and was soon approaching Bluff's Cove, on the line that had the cargo blocking it.

The passengers from the station saw this and tried waving their hands at Duck to make him stop.

"Stop!" "Look out!" "There's something on your track!"

Duck saw them but didn't know what they were waving at. "Hmm, I wonder what they're so worked up about," he chuffed.

"Watch out!" the passengers yelled in unison.

Duck was surprised, then he saw the cargo on the line. He quickly slammed on his brakes and tried to stop. The signalman in the nearby signal box saw this and tried diverting Duck into the siding, but it was too late. Duck crashed into the cargo, his wheels came off the tracks, slid into the siding, and fell on his side into the sand and stopped. Luckily, his driver and firemen managed to jump clear before the accident and the slip coaches were safe, but poor Duck lay in the sand feeling foolish and embarrassed.

"Are you alright, Duck?" asked Alex.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just tipped over, that's all," sighed Duck. "No damages or anything, but would like to get out of this sand as soon as possible though, if it's not too much trouble."

"Don't worry, I'm sure someone will call for help," said Andrew.

"I hope so," sighed Duck. "I just don't want this day to get any worse, that's all." Then they waited until helped arrived.

Meanwhile, Diesel was still fuming about the trucks and Duck as he was arriving at Arlesburgh. When he finally fussed into the harbor, there was Thomas, who was collecting a goods train.

"Hello Diesel," said Thomas. "How are things going on the Little Western? Everything going well for you?"

Diesel stopped roughly, banging the trucks together again, causing more cargo to fall out. "Pah! Yeah right," huffed Diesel. "I've been getting nothing but trouble here and I've about had it, especially with Duck."

Thomas groaned. "You and Duck are still having problems, aren't you?"

"Yes," replied Diesel. "That Ungreatful Western Engine has been giving me a hard time and made those trucks laugh at me again. Honestly, I don't know what that engine's problem is."

Thomas was annoyed. "Diesel, don't you think you're overreacting a little bit? I mean, I'm sure Duck didn't mean what he did and it was probably just an accident. So why don't you calm down and just give him a chance?"

"Give him a chance? Thomas, haven't you forgotten my little history with Duck?" spluttered Diesel. "He hates me, and I hate him. He knew what he was doing when he tricked me into taking those trucks and I'll never forgive him for doing that, no matter what he says or anyone else says."

Thomas thought for a moment, then spoke. "Not even if he told you he regrets that trick?"

Diesel stared at Thomas. "What? What are talking about?"

Thomas took a deep breath, and explained. "Well, he probably wouldn't want me to tell you this, but Duck told me yesterday, he sometimes wishes he never tricked you into taking those trucks in the first place." Diesel was puzzled. "Yes, he said he didn't know it was going to have such an impact on you and regrets that he did that. Also, and you may not believe this, Diesel, but he wants to make peace with you as well."

Diesel was surprised. "What? Are you serious?"

"Yes," said Thomas. "He said clinging onto something like this for years is not healthy and wants to make up with you and move on from that whole event, and I think that would be a good idea too. Maybe not become friends, but at least get along with each other."

Diesel paused for a moment. "He really said all of that?"

"Yes Diesel, he did," answered Thomas firmly, "and to tell you the truth, I think you really ought to take him up on this, because I think deep down inside underneath that annoying, devious exterior, you want to move on from this too and get along with Duck too. Right?"

Diesel didn't say anything for a moment, then he was about to, but then Daisy came in honking her horn.

"Help! Help! There's an emergency at Bluff's Cove!" she shouted.

Thomas and Diesel were surprised. "What happened, Daisy?" asked Thomas.

"Duck came off the tracks and is derailed laying in the sand," explained Daisy, "and he still has passengers to take. I can't because I have my own passengers to take, but someone needs to get Judy and Jerome to help him."

"Hmm, what made Duck derail?" asked Thomas.

"Apparently, there was cargo on the line and Duck crashed into them," replied Daisy. "Someone said it must have come off of a train or something."

Diesel looked very meek, then Thomas noticed some of his cargo laying on the tracks next to him. Thomas knew what had happened. "Diesel, do you know anything about that?"

Diesel squirmed. "I might," he said meekly.

"Diesel!" barked Thomas.

"Okay, fine! Yes it was me," huffed Diesel. "I guess I bumped the trucks hard enough to make some cargo fall out, but I didn't know I did that."

"Well, you certainly did a number on Duck this time, didn't you?" hissed Daisy. "Now, you really did cause confusion and delay, you silly diesel, and now Sir Topham Hatt will get cross with you and punish you and…" But as Daisy talking, Diesel had started to slip away from them. "Um, excuse me, where do you think you're going?" Daisy barked at Diesel.

"None of your business," hissed Diesel, but then he secretly winked at Thomas as he was leaving. Thomas smiled, knowing what he was doing.

"Well, that was quite rude," scoffed Daisy. "I was just talking to him, that's all."

"Ha, ha, don't worry, Daisy," chuckled Thomas. "Diesel's just going to do the right thing, that's all." Daisy was very confused.

Soon Diesel arrived at Arlesburgh Yard. Ryan was there resting in the shed. "Oh hello, Diesel," he called. "What brings you up here?"

"There's an emergency at Bluff's Cove that needs these two's attention," replied Diesel, referring to Judy and Jerome. "Hey you two, wake up! Time to get ready to rescue." Then he buffered up to them.

Judy and Jerome woke up. "Huh? What? Ooh great, an emergency! Duty calls, Judy," exclaimed Jerome.

"Yes, it's showtime," agreed Judy. "Um, where is the emergency again, Diesel, and who are we rescuing?"

"It's at Bluff's Cove and we're rescuing Duck," replied Diesel.

Ryan and the cranes were surprised. "Did you say Duck?" pondered Jerome.

"And you're taking us to him?" added Judy.

"Yes, that's right," huffed Diesel.

"But we thought you too didn't like each other," puffed Ryan.

"Yes, yes, that's true, but he's in trouble and needs help," grumbled Diesel. "Now anymore questions?"

Judy and Jerome looked at each other. "No not from us," chuffed Jerome.

"Nope, we're ready to go when you are, Diesel," added Judy.

"Good," said Diesel. "Also, now that I think about it, Ryan, I'm going to need your help too."

"Really? Uh, okay, Diesel, whatever you say," chuffed Ryan. "With what exactly?"

"Just follow me to Bluff's Cove and I'll tell you," huffed Diesel. "Now let's go." Then together, the rescue party made their way to Bluff's Cove to rescue Duck.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Duck still laid in the sand on his side, and feeling silly. "Oh would help get here already?" he grumbled. "I'm tired of laying like this and the seagulls are starting to build nests on me."

"Well, perhaps they know your name is 'Duck' and they think you are one and trying to get acquainted with another bird of their species," chuckled Alex. The other two slip coaches laughed, but Duck didn't find it funny at all.

"Huh, could this day get any worse?" grumbled Duck again. Then they heard a horn and there coming around the bend was Diesel and Ryan with Judy and Jerome. Duck was pleased to see Ryan and the cranes, but not Diesel. "Great, it's worse," he muttered quietly to himself.

"Oh dear, looks like you were in a bit of a muddle. Are you alright, Duck?" asked Jerome.

"Yes, I'm fine," grumbled Duck. "Just want to get out of this sand and back on the rails now, thank you."

"Well don't you worry," chuffed Judy. "We'll have you up again in no time."

"Thank you," said Duck relieved, then he looked at Diesel. "And what are you doing here? Did Sir Topham Hatt force you to rescue me too?"

"No, I did that myself," retorted Diesel. "Sir Topham Hatt doesn't even know about this and I brought Judy and Jerome to help you." Duck and the slip coaches were surprised.

"What did he just say?" whispered Andrew to Adrianna.

"I have no idea," whispered Adrianna back, "but it almost sounds like Diesel's willing to help Duck."

"Um, Diesel," called Ryan. "What did you need me for again?"

"Ryan, I need you to take the slip coaches away and finish Duck's run with them," replied Diesel.

"Oh okay," puffed Ryan, "but what will you do?"

Diesel paused, took a deep breath, and answered. "I'll stay here and help Duck," he replied reluctantly. Everyone was very surprised, especially Duck.

"Okay, very well then," conceded Ryan. "I'll get going in that case."

Soon Ryan was coupled up to the slip coaches, and puffed away with them, all three still confused about what Diesel was doing.

"Alright Duck," chuffed Jerome. "Time to get you back on the rails."

"Yes, hold on tight," said Judy, then together, both cranes slowly lifted Duck out of the sand, back in the upright position, then carefully lowered him back onto the rails. "There you go, Duck," said Judy. "Back safely on the rails again."

"Oh thank you, you two," said Duck. "I do appreciate it, but, um…all my coal split out when I tipped over. How am I supposed to get back to Arlesburgh?"

Diesel thought for a moment, then sighed. "I'll help you back, Duck," he muttered.

"What?" asked Duck, then Diesel buffered up to the back of him.

"You heard me, I'll get you back and have filled up with coal again," said Diesel. "Unless you want to stay here and wait until someone comes along."

Duck was about to agree to that, but quickly conceded. "Um, no, no. You can take me back," he said.

"Very well," said Diesel. "Now come along you two," he said to Judy and Jerome. "Let's get you back home as well."

Soon Diesel and Duck were coupled up to Judy and Jerome and then with all his strength, Diesel pushed Duck and pulled the cranes all the way back to Arlesburgh. It was hard work, but Diesel didn't mind. He just kept going as a very puzzled Duck was trying to figure out what Diesel was doing now.

At Arlesburgh West, Ryan and the coaches were telling the Arlesdale engines about Diesel.

"What? Are you serious?" gasped Mike.

"Yes, we couldn't believe it either," said Alex.

"That Diesel was actually trying to help Duck," added Adrianna.

"Even I couldn't believe it either," chuffed Andrew.

"But that can't be right," said Mike. "At least not from what Duck has told us about him. He sounded too troublesome to do that."

Just then, they saw Diesel coming in with Duck, Judy and Jerome. Mike couldn't believe it.

"Well, would you look at that," chuffed Rex. "Perhaps Diesel isn't as bad as any of you made him out to be. Good work Diesel! And keep it up!"

Diesel didn't say anything, but he was secretly pleased to hear that.

"Yes, good work indeed," said Ryan, who was confused about what was going on too.

Then Diesel and the party made their way through Arlesburgh. Thomas and Daisy were there and saw them too. Daisy was surprised, but Thomas was pleased.

"Good work Diesel!" he whistled. "I knew you had it in you and keep it up."

Diesel didn't answer to Thomas either, but he did give a honk of his horn in return. Thomas knew what he meant. Daisy of course, was bewildered.

"What on earth is going on here, Thomas?" she asked. "Why is Diesel helping Duck?"

"Oh don't worry, Daisy," said Thomas. "Let's just say he's still doing the right thing." Daisy was still puzzled, but conceded.

That evening, Duck was in Arlesburgh Yard having the sand cleaned off of him and having new coal placed into his bunker. He was feeling much better now, but was still puzzled about Diesel.

Then at that moment, Diesel himself came up alongside. Duck decided to find out. "Hello Diesel," he said.

"Hey," grunted Diesel. "H-how are you doing?"

"Fine, thank you for asking," replied Duck suspiciously.

"Good, good, glad to hear that," puffed Diesel.

"Though I am curious," added Duck. "What exactly happened with you today? Care to explain why you helped me despite trying to avoid me and accusing me of making the trucks sing songs about you again?"

Diesel grumbled, then he spoke. "Alright, you want to know why I helped you? Fine, I'll tell you," he huffed. "It's because your buddy Thomas told me everything, that's why. He told me that you regretted playing that trick on me years ago and you wanted to make peace with me and move on from it."

Duck was surprised. "Oh, he really did tell you what I said," he murmured.

"Yes he did," replied Diesel. "Now before anything else happens, I just want to hear it for myself: do you truly regret that whole thing?"

Duck paused for a moment, then answered. "Yes Diesel, I do," he confessed. "To tell you the truth, I wish I never played that on you. I guess it was rather mean to do to you, especially on your first day, and I'm sorry. I honestly didn't know it was going to be as bad as it turned out and if I could go back in time, I would stop myself from doing it. Though at the same time, I only did it to teach you a lesson in showing off and bragging, Diesel and frankly, you overreacted by telling lies about me."

Diesel thought about Duck's words for a moment, then he answered. "Well, you know, normally, I would deny that last part, but I'll let that go this time because if you truly meant what you said just now, then I'm sorry for telling lies about you. That was foolish of me and it was a way to get back at you for the trick, but it was wrong of me to do that and I wish I could take that back too."

Duck gave a small smile. "Do you really mean that, Diesel?"

"Well…yes, I do," chuffed Diesel, "and on top of that, I'm sorry for causing so much trouble the past few days. I was just still cross with you over the whole thing and I know you didn't cause the trucks to sing that dreadful song again. Also, I'm sorry for causing your accident as well. That was truly an accident and I didn't do it on purpose."

"That's alright, Diesel," puffed Duck. "You're forgiven. So after admitting all of that, what do you say: are we on good terms now?"

Diesel stared at Duck for a moment, thinking about what to say, then he answered. "Sure, Duck. We're on good terms now."

Duck was pleased. "Thank you Diesel, and also, do you want to be friends as well?"

"Whoa, whoa, easy there," squirmed Diesel. "We might be on good terms, but friends is a little too much to take in right now."

"Alright, fine, you make a good point," said Duck. "I guess it's too soon to call us friends, but does this mean you're possibly going to be nicer to everyone too?"

"Mmm….no," replied Diesel.

"What?!" exclaimed Duck. "Why?"

"Well, because frankly Duck, being nice is just not me, okay?" explained Diesel. "I feel most comfortable when people see me as tough and intimidating, and even if that whole event hadn't happened years ago, I would still have been the same way. Perhaps not as mean, but I wouldn't be as nice as the rest of you steam engines. It's nothing personal, but it just wouldn't feel right being someone I'm not."

Even Duck had to agree with that. "I certainly can respect that, Diesel. You can't change someone into being someone else and I guess no one can change you to being nice, but I will say you have changed in some way from my point of view."

"And what's that?" asked Diesel.

"I see now that you are and can be…a really useful engine," smiled Duck.

Diesel gasped. He couldn't believe what he just heard. "W-w-what do you just say?"

"You heard me," chuffed Duck. "After everything you just admitted and what did for me today and all the work you did the past few days, you have certainly proven yourself to be one: really useful; two: you know the Great Western Way; three: you really are full of surprises; and four: you are a credit to Sir Topham Hatt's Railway."

Diesel didn't know what to say, but for the first time ever, he gave Duck a genuine smile. "Thank you, Duck," he puffed. "I'll admit that means a lot coming from you, and you know what? Although I'm not sure about the whole 'friends' idea right now, I'll think about that and for the time being, let's just say if you're ever in trouble and I'm around, I'll be happy to help you."

"That's perfectly fine with me, Diesel," agreed Duck.

"And that sounds like good plan to me as well," said a voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt. He arrived onboard Thomas. "Well Diesel, I heard all about your events here on the Little Western and I have to say, although you caused minor trouble, I'm glad to see and hear that you and Duck have finally made up and I'm proud of you."

"Thank you, sir," said Diesel.

"And I can assume you two are officially on good terms now, correct?" added Sir Topham Hatt.

"Yes indeed sir," replied Duck. "We've put the past behind us and we're ready to move on."

"Very good," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Oh, and before I forget, Oliver will be back to work tomorrow, so Diesel, you can go back to doing your regular work, unless you would prefer to continue working here."

Diesel thought for a moment then answered. "That's alright sir, but I do kind of want to go back to my regular work, but if any help is needed around here again, I would be willing to help."

"Very well, Diesel," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I'll keep that in mind for next time. Anything else I'm missing, Thomas?"

"No sir, I think that was everything," replied Thomas, "but I have something to say to you Diesel." Diesel listened. "Doesn't it feel good to finally be on good terms with Duck?"

"Yes, it does," muttered Diesel, "and thank you for telling helping us with that, Thomas."

"You're welcome, Diesel. Happy to help anytime," puffed Thomas.

"Alright, very good," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now come along Thomas. Time to head back to Knapford. I best be getting home now, so good work today, Duck and Diesel, and good night."

"Good night, sir," they replied, then Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt left.

"Oh Duck, by the way," added Diesel. "Could you do me one favor?"

"Of course, what is it?" asked Duck.

"Um, could you and everyone else on your branchline not tell the other diesels about this?" asked Diesel.

Duck chuckled. "Is it because it could ruin your reputation by any chance?"

Diesel gasped. "How did you know?"

"Oh, let's just say Thomas told me something about you as well," replied Duck. "Like the time you helped him and the other engines at the docks one time and you asked him the same thing."

"Oh, he told you that too, huh?" muttered Diesel.

"Well not everything, but he told me your were nice and helpful then too," replied Duck, then he thought. "Are you sure you don't want to be a nicer engine?"

"Yes I'm sure!" grumbled Diesel.

"Calm down, you silly engine," laughed Duck. "I'm just teasing you, that's all. I remember what you said, but if you don't mind, I would like to hear what you did for them."

"Alright, since you asked and I felt proud of that event, I'll tell you," puffed Diesel, "but you know there might be bragging and showing off involved, right?"

"I had a feeling, but I'll make an exception in this case," promised Duck.

"Alright, sounds good," said Diesel. "So here's what happened: the docks was busy that day and Sir Topham Hatt had brought in these two diesels who I thought were nice, but were actually quite horrible, even I'll admit that, and were given the engines a hard time, so when Thomas told me about them, I said…"

So Diesel and Duck continued on talking for the rest of the evening and got to know each other better as if they were becoming good friends, and even though Diesel didn't want too many other engines to know about it, they soon found out about what he did and had to admit that they were glad he and Duck finally made peace with each other. Also, despite being devious and mischievious most of the time, they also know that Diesel can be a really useful engine, and nice too, when he wants to be!




  • This is Semaj5nodrog4's favorite episode of his own.
  • Numerous references to the second season television series episodes, Pop Goes the Diesel, Dirty Work, and A Close Shave are made throughout the episode. Flashbacks to the events are made when Duck tells Ryan about them as well.
  • Duck mentions Sir Topham Hatt keeping Diesel after the third time he brought him back. This is a reference to the seventh series television series episode, Fergus Breaks the Rules, as after that episode, which was his third time coming back, Diesel appeared to have stayed on the Island of Sodor from that point onwards.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this marks the first time the slip coaches’ names are revealed: Alex (first coach), Adrianna (second coach), and Andrew (third coach).
    • This episode also marks their only appearance in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.