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BR Class 17


Clayton Equipment Company and Beyer, Peacock & Co.


Clayton Equipment Company and Beyer, Peacock & Co.



Derek is a Diesel who runs trains on Edward's branch and the Main Line.


Derek was sent to help Bill and Ben out at the China Clay Works, but was known for his "teething troubles". This led him to overheat whilst pulling a stone train with the twins. After that, he was sent back to the Works.


Derek is a jolly, enthusiastic Diesel engine, who was brought in to assist Bill, Ben, and BoCo at the China Clay quarry. Unfortunately, due to his engine, he is highly prone to teething troubles, namely overheating and suffering frequent breakdowns, for which he is apologetic for the inconvenience. As a result, he spends many a day having his engine tended to. But Derek is a likable chap and even Bill and Ben decided that they liked him due to his friendly nature. Derek has an infectious charisma, is keen to help anyone around him, and has a passion for sorting things out in a jiffy - if his cooling system lets him.


Derek is painted in the British Railway's green livery with yellow warning panels.


Sodor Adventures

  • Season 1 - Stuck in the MudWhere's BoCo?, Harvey Goes Fishing, and Be On Your Guard!
  • Season 2 - Frozen Points (cameo), Fergus the Generator, Miniature Engines, The Importance of Being Neville, and Diesel Day
  • Season 3 - CoBoBill, Ben and DerekDerek Comes HomePompous Popularity, and Cold Chaos (does not speak)
  • Season 4 - Too Much of a Good Thing, Planes and Helicopters, Scrap Sculpting (cameo), and George Strikes Again
  • Season 5 - Henry Saves the Day (cameo), The Big City Engine, Silver Steam (cameo), Culdee and the Enthusiasts,
  • Season 6 - The New Diesel Fuel, Percy and the Grass Snakes, Overheated!, and Timothy the Ghost Engine Specials:
  • The Curse of the Flying Kipper

The Adventures on Sodor


Other appearances

  • Steamies vs Diesels

Lukeillie's Series

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