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Den and Dart is the first episode of the sixteenth season.

Den and Dart
Season 16, Episode 1
Air date 3 February 2014
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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James - Why did I have to take that midnight goods? It only stuck me here in the sheds.

Den - Hullo

James - Ah! Who are you?

Den - Oh, hullo, I'm Den, and what I mean to say is . . .

Dart - What he means is he's Den, and we're here to help out on the Dieselworks.

James - I see.

Den - Your, uh

James - the Fat Controller

Den - Yes, yes, the Fat Controller decided you were, uh, 

Dart - (groans) What he means is that your Fat Controller decided we needed to have some more diesels around.

James - Why more diesels?

Dart - Hey! You steam engines have Victor and Kevin. Who do we have?

Den - No one.

Dart - Exactly! Wait, you stole my line! Why can't people write scripts properly?!

(Next day at the Dieselworks)

Dart - Swing the hook, 'appy 'ook. Ha ha ha! This is fun!

Diesel 10 - You idiot! You're suppose to make this place better, not messier.

Dart - Hey, hey. I'm having a bit of fun here. Then, I'll get started.

'Arry - Now I'm stuck here watching him everyday.

Bert - Its your fault for not being a true 'Grim Messenger of Doom.

'Arry - That got old so fast, my dear Bert.

Bert - That got fast so old, my dear 'Arry.

'Arry - What the blaze does that mean?

Bert - I'm just told to read my lines.

The End.

(After end credits)

Diesel - I was meant to be in this episode, but I was cut out at the last minute. Like P.T. Boomer. Like the remaining episodes of Jack and the Sodor Construction Company. Like, like so many other people in not just Thomas the Tank Engine, and other series. But, anyways, Den and Dart are true trouble makers, but I think its too late to show you that. But be sure to come back to the Dieselworks. And don't worry, the arguments are always about the same thing.

Dart - I want to play!

Diesel 10 - No! Get to work you lazy slacker!

(end of Dambuster's March plays)



  • Vicarstown Sheds
  • Vicarstown DIeselworks


  • This is the first episode to feature no narration.
  • This episode constantly goes out of "boundaries". In other words, engines that don't appear such as P.T. Boomer and Jack and the Pack are mentioned.
  • The fourth wall is broken when Dart and Bert mention the script.