Delete and the Diesel Engines is the thirty-seventh episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


"Two Diesels are coming to visit the Island tomorrow," the Fat Controller announced, "they will help out at Tidmouth so I expect you to treat them with respect."

"Personally, I am glad I am mostly allocated at Vicarstown," Dodger told Delete and David, "because I for one am not a fan of Diesels. Black, nasty smoke in my face, Ugh!"

"Give them a chance, Dodger. They're better than us in some areas," David replied.

"I know- epsecially tunnels, but I absolutely hate the way they distribute them. If they go into a yard, a steam engine is... scrapped."

"If they kept all steam engines AND Diesel engines, wouldn't BR have an overpopulation?" Delete asked.

"Quite right," David confirmed.

"Why again Daisy?" Thomas groaned pushing Daisy next to Rocky.

"It's the workmen's fault who didn't repair me right," she retorted.

"Well, since you're so delicate, you'll be taken to the Dieselworks on flat truck," Thomas replied.

"Hullo Thomas, need some help?"

"Yes, can you take Daisy to Vicarstown Dieselworks?"

"Yes, sure thing?"

"Thanks Delete."

Delete soon coupled the flat truck up and they were off.

Delete came back exhausted, to hear Daisy boast about her pride made him exhausted.

The Diesels were to arrive at 8, just in time for Delete's 8.15 train.

"Were are they? They should be preparing my train now?" Delete wondered as he approached the station.

Then, as he backed onto the platform, a train of trucks rolled out a bumped him.


He heard laughter and horns.


And two slate grey with red striped BR Class 08s slipped out.

"Very funny, now shunt my coaches," Delete laughed sarcastically.

But they found how to make fun out of every single thing they did, and the engines didn't like that and were glad when they went home.

"I'm so glad I didn't meet them," Dodger said, "though I could've taken them down in a heartbeat."

"I don't even think," Delete sighed and fell asleep.


  • Thomas
  • Delete
  • David
  • Dodger
  • Daisy
  • The Two BR Class 08s
  • Sir Topham Hatt
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