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Delete is a mixed-traffic engine from the London and North Eastern Railway.





LNER Thompson B1


Edward Thompson

Build date

4th of November, 1947


North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow

Arrived on Sodor



Delete was built in November 1947, and usually handled goods trains on the Other Railway. He usually had problems with his tubes, but that problem was never fully taken care of until much later. He made requent visits to Sodor, and the Fat Controller asked for a trial after he saw that he seemed a bit trouble.

Delete was nervous at first, but gradually grew used to the North Western Railway, and helped James a lot with goods on the Main Line. After a while, Delete proved his worth enough to stay on Sodor, and was given an overhaul and his tubes problem was resolved.

By 1953, work on the Mystic River Traction Railway was rising so Delete was brought in to help. The Fat Controller had decided he was the one that would 'fit in' to the Mystic River Traction Railway.

In 1955, he had decided to come back to Sodor, but, he nearly got scrapped whilst coming back. Later, he had an accident, and was in the works for a while. Later, in 1962 he met David, but did not get along well, until a very unfortunent accident.

He works on the Main Line, usually handling most of the goods trains on the line, but also works stopping passenger service, and ocassionally the Express.





He is currently painted in NWR dark green with orange and black lining with the number 61251 on his cab and NWR printed on his tender in yellow. Before arriving on Sodor, he was painted in BR Brunswick Green with orange and black lining with the number 61251 on his cab and the BR "cycling lion" logo on his tender.


He is based on the LNER Thompson B1 'Oliver Bury', no. 61251.


Delete always keeps a good eye on his fellow friends. He is helpful and sympathetic, but is still young and still learning the ways.


  • Unlike other characters, Delete's number and prototype were real. The real engine possessing this number was scrapped in 1964.
  • Delete's name comes from how he 'deletes' work.



  • Thanks to the LNER Encyclopedia for picture and information about Oliver Bury.

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