Delete's Overhaul is the twenty-third episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


Delete lay on his side for a long time. News got back to the yard.

"Delete is off the line. The Breakdown Train."

"We have Rocky. We'll go for him", replied Edward's Driver. "Were is he?"

"About half a mile behond Cronk, and round a bend", Control replied.

Edward soon set off with Rocky and a flat-truck.

"Don't worry Delete. I'll have you on the rails in no time", called Rocky.

Soon, Rocky had Delete right side up. Then, he lifted the B1 onto the flat-truck.

"Control said Dodger would come and pick up the broken trucks", Edward's Driver called to Rocky's Operator, so we'll leave you here. He shouldn't be too long."

"OK. See you."

"Thank you Rocky", called Delete, as they puffed away.

"You know, Henry once had an accident", said Edward. He seemed to know what Delete was thinking.

"I just, don't know, if the Fat Controller would."

Delete sighed, and stayed silent the rest of the trip.

Soon, they arrived at Crovan's Gate Steamworks. Sodor's Steam Locomotive Repair Yard.

The Fat Controller was there.

"Oh, hi Delete. I'm very sorry about your accident."

"It was my fault, Sir."

"You have proved to be very useful. Which is why, I am giving you an overhaul. You will be given a new coat of paint, any color you want. New boiler, chiminey, everything. You'll be a new engine again."

"Thank you, Sir."

And in a couple months, Delete came out in North Western Railway's Forest Green, with red lining.


  • Edward
  • Delete
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Henry (mentioned)
  • Dodger (mentioned)
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