Delete's Longest Run is the fourtieth and final episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


Shortly after Delete learned he was one of the three of his class in existence, he knew he was technically 33% of the class since three survivors out of 410.

"Some extra coaches are needed," said Duck, "but I'll give you some help."

"Thanks. I feel lucky I have at least one of my class preserved."

"So do I, but I feel bad for the ones who don't."

"David and Dodger have helped me a lot, and are my best friends, so I feel a bit ashamed."

"You shouldn't. You didn't select who would be preserved. David arrived here by scrap, and Dodger came here because we needed them, and we needed you too. You may not know it or feel it, but, you're a great help to us."

Delete soon set off with Duck 'banking' the first mile, or in other words he pushed from behind.

He was making great speed.

This was a special non-stop Wild Nor Wester to London.

"I have to do this perfect, I have to represent my class and LNER! Or North and Eastern Regions! Whatever!"

"Come along! Come along!" he hummed to the coaches.

He was tired and had burned almost all his coal when he reached London.

"An hour and two minutes," said the stationmaster, "not bad. You on the North Western Railway, well, I have to admit you'll represent LNER well."

And Delete was very pleased with that comment.


  • Duck
  • Delete
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