Delete's Accident is the twenty-second episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


Delete was getting back to his life on Sodor. He was a Mixed Traffic Engine, so he could pull both coaches and trucks. One day, he departed from Tidmouth with a passenger train. Came back with a goods train from Vicarstown, and prepared to take a ballast train back to Vicarstown.

"I need a drink", Delete told his Driver.

"Don't worry, we'll get you one. Douglas won't be here in ten minutes anyways."

After he got his drink, he puffed back to the station and waited for Douglas.

Then, he heard his whistle in the distance.

"Och. He' ya are. Be carefull with the wee ballast trrucks. They naughty", Douglas warned.

"Don't worry", Delete replied.

Soon, he set off. It was a pleasent journey, at least until Crosby, where the trucks started acting up.

"Come on", Delete called to the trucks.

"We don't want to!", they called back. "First Duck, then Douglas, and now the new engine. Let's push him later."

As they passed Wellsworth, Delete whistled to Edward, and he whistled back.

"Careful on Gordon's Hill!", called Edward, as Delete charged for the hill.

Delete had some good speed, so it wasn't a problem, until they reached the top. The trucks surged him right on!

"On, on, on, on!", they cried.

"STOP!", yelled Delete.

He was terrified. His Driver put on the brakes, but it was no use against the silly trucks. They raced right past Maron.

"Oh, I can't stop. How can we stop?"

Then, he rounded a bend, and suddenly, tipped over. The trucks were broken, but triumphant.


  • Edward
  • Douglas
  • Delete
  • James (cameo)
  • Duck (mentioned)
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