Dave is a kind Diesel who used to run on the Other Railway.



BR Class 11


British Railways


Doncaster Works


Dave was built at Doncaster in 1982 and worked on the Other Railway with other Diesels, including Diesel 10. He had an overhaul in 1999 and worked on the Other Railway for a few more years. Then Dave sometimes took trains to Vicarstown, where he saw the Dieselworks and other Diesels. The Fat Controller noticed how hard he worked and purchased him in winter 2013. 

In spring 2014, Dave's past was starting to bother him, so he decided to tell DenDart, and BoCo the story of his past and his incident with Diesel 10. He felt better afterwards, and his past is at peace, even if Diesel 10 doesn't think so. Later, he, along with Paxton, convinced Norman that popularity wasn't everything.

The following year, he encouraged Timothy when he collected Jerome and Judy, brought back Rob Durham's clippers after being repaired at the Dieselworks, and helped Duck out with taking The Slip Coaches to the Steamworks.

In 2016, he cheered Stafford up after Spencer knocked him down, and was there to support him when he was called to shunt Spencer to the Steamworks.

He usually shunts the engines' trains and does random jobs around the Island, and is seen as BoCo's other best friend, besides Edward.


On the Other Railway, Dave originally didn't like steam engines and called them names as well as played tricks on them. But one day he saw Diesel 10 arrive on the Other Railway, and he hurt a steam engine with his fierce claw. Being shocked, Dave had a change of heart.  

Nowadays, Dave's a cheerful fellow who always does his best and tries often to solve conflict. He cares for his friends and would stand up to them if possible. Even so, he can be a bit cheeky and laugh at an engine's comeuppance. Dave also likes to help whenever possible. His friendliness towards all kind engines makes him popular with the engines.


Dave is currently painted brown with green lining with "Dave" written on a nameplate on his side in black. On the Other Railway, Dave was painted BR Black all over.


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