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Daisy the Green-Eyed Railcar
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date November 14, 2016
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Daisy the Green-Eyed Railcar is the fifth episode of the first season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Every summer, visitors from far and wide come to enjoy the beauty of the Island of Sodor. Because of this, the engines are busier than ever taking them to and fro to their favorite destinations and making sure they have a pleasant time. Sometimes, the visitors have a pleasant time just from riding on the trains and seeing the sights from their coaches. Daisy, the diesel railcar, tends to be one of these engines as visitors enjoy riding in her and seeing all the sights along the Harwick branch line and she doesn't even need to pull coaches, for which she is happy about. However, this year, there were more visitors than usual and Daisy was kept extra busy showing them the branch-line and taking them up to Harwick, then returning back to Arlesburgh to pick up more. It was hard work for her, but she tries her best to make sure the visitors have a good time.

One morning, Daisy was resting in the sheds near Arlesburgh. She was just dozing peacefully when….

"Peep! Peep!

Wake up, lazy Daisy! It's time to get moving!" Ryan chuckled.

"Oh, not now Ryan," she moaned. "I had a busy day yesterday and I still need to give my axles a break. You go do something until I'm ready."

"Okay, but I don't think Sir Topham Hatt will appreciate that," puffed Ryan cheekily.

Daisy looked at Ryan. "He doesn't have to know that, you know, my dear Ryan."

"Well, he will know if you don't go to Knapford soon," added Ryan, "because he needs you to go there now."

That made Daisy wake up immediately. "Oh! Well why didn't you say that in the first place?" she grumbled.

"Well, I just wanted to have a little fun with you and see had you'd react," replied Ryan cheekily. Daisy just snorted, then headed for Knapford.

When she arrived, Sir Topham Hatt was nowhere to be seen. Toby and Henrietta were though and they were surprised to see Daisy.

"Oh hello, Daisy," said Toby. "What brings you here?"

"Well according to Ryan, Sir Topham Hatt needed me to come here for something," replied Daisy, "but since I don't see him, I'm beginning to think that silly tank engine was just playing a trick on me so I would stop sleeping."

"Oh? And why were you sleeping?" asked Toby. "You're not trying to get out of doing work again, are you?"

"I most certainly am not!" huffed Daisy. "As a matter fact, dear Toby, I've been quite busy lately, taking visitors all around the Harwick branch for hours and letting them enjoy their rides with me. That's why I was so tired this morning."

"Well, that's good," said Toby. "I'm glad to hear that you've been busy and being really useful."

"Thank you, Toby," smiled Daisy. "I do work hard, but at the same time, it is hard to stay on time and keep up appearances with the visitors and making sure they are happy."

"Hmmm, sounds to me like you need some help," said Henrietta. "Perhaps Sir Topham Hatt needs you to start taking coaches on your runs so that you won't have to go back and forth so many times a day."

Daisy sniffed. "I do not need coaches on my runs, thank you Henrietta. Besides, the visitors would much rather ride in a comfortable diesel railcar like me than ordinary bumpy passenger coaches."

"Like who?" Henrietta asked suspiciously.

"Well, just ordinary coaches," replied Daisy. "I never said I was talking about you, dearie, though no offense, you are rather old and probably not nearly as comfortable or attractive as other coaches, let alone me."

Toby and Henrietta were cross. "You know, Daisy?" huffed Toby. "That attitude of yours will come back to get you if you don't stop insulting others to their face like that, and I suggest you especially stop talking like that to coaches."

"Pah," huffed Daisy, "and why should I? They can't do anything to me."

"Well, you can't be too sure," warned Toby. "For all you know, just one coach could probably replace you as a special attraction."

"Nonsense!" hissed Daisy. "There's not a single coach on this island that could outshine a smart, classy diesel railcar like me."

"Oh really?" chuffed Henrietta. "Well we'll just see about that."

Before Daisy could reply, they heard a bell. It was Flora, the little yellow tram engine. She arrived with her coach and Sir Topham Hatt.

"Ah, there you are, Daisy," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I have some news for you. I heard that there's been many visitors going up to Harwick and there have been too many for you to handle, so I am borrowing Flora here and her coach for a while to help you out with maintaining all the visitors."

"Oh yes, of course. Um, thank you, sir," replied Daisy.

"I'm sure you two will work well together and make sure that all the visitors have a good time. So please be kind and really useful," added Sir Topham Hatt. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my office. Good-bye for now!"

"Good-bye, sir," replied the engines, and Sir Topham Hatt left.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Daisy," said Flora after Sir Topham left. "Toby has told me so much about you and I'm looking forward to working with you as well."

"Oh um, yes it's a pleasure to meet you too, dear," replied Daisy, who was staring at Flora's double-decker coach.

"Do you like my coach?" asked Flora. "It was given to me on my first day here on the island. Isn't it lovely?"

"Well, um…it's uh…" Daisy didn't know what to say. She was too proud to admit that Flora's coach really did look nice.

"Ha ha!" chuckled Flora. "I guess it's also breathtaking as well. Don't you think so Toby?"

"Yes," agreed Toby. "Very breathtaking, according to Daisy." And he, Flora, and Henrietta laughed. Daisy was embarrassed.

"Oh well, it's alright Daisy," soothed Flora. "It will definitely help with taking more visitors so you won't have to do so many runs. After all, two engines are better than one, you know. Speaking of which, we better get going." And Flora set off for Arlesburgh. "Good-bye, Toby and Henrietta! We'll see you later."

"Good-bye!" they called back, but Daisy didn't move. She was still speechless about Flora's coach. Toby and Henrietta could tell.

"What's the matter, dearie?" mocked Henrietta cheekily. "You’re not jealous of her coach, are you? I thought you said that 'not a single coach could outshine you.'"

Daisy quickly snapped out of it. "I did say that, and I'm still standing by it," she huffed. "So what if Flora's coach is larger than me? There's no guarantee that it will be better."

"Sure, Daisy, sure," chuckled Toby, and he winked at Henrietta. Daisy snorted, then she set off for Arlesburgh as well.

Along the way, she caught up with Flora. "Oh hello again," peeped Flora. "I was wondering when you were coming. I was a little worried that I would have to take all the visitors myself if you didn't come along!" Flora, of course, was just joking, but Daisy thought she was being serious.

"Ha! Oh, don't worry, dearie," Daisy purred smugly. "I have a feeling you will be lucky if you get any visitors at all since so many of them know me and enjoy my rides. They might be afraid of riding in your double-decker coach since it's so tall and people have a fear of heights, you know."

"Oh, my coach is not that tall," chuffed Flora brightly, "and I'm sure I will get plenty of visitors too. After all, I thought Sir Topham Hatt said you needed my help because there are too many visitors for you to handle."

"Well…..alright, I will give you that," Daisy admitted hastily, "but don't feel too bad if I get more visitors than you."

"Ha ha! I won't Daisy," chuckled Flora, who was beginning to think Daisy was being very silly.

Soon they arrived at Arlesburgh and sure enough, there were a lot of visitors for the two engines and definitely too many for one engine to take.

"Well, it looks like we will have a fair share of visitors, Daisy," puffed Flora.

"Ah, don't be too sure, my dear," warned Daisy. "There's always appearances and everybody knows that they are everything." Then they saw the visitors looking in amazement at them. "See?" said Daisy. "I told you so." And she purred towards them.

"Hello, everyone," Daisy purred to the passengers. "A splendid sight, am I? Why, thank you so much. I'm highly sprung, you know, and right up to--"

"Excuse us," interrupted one of the visitors. "We're trying to get a good look at that other engine and her coach, if you don't mind."

"Wait, what?" exclaimed Daisy, and sure enough, when Flora pulled up to the platform, everyone oohed and awed at her coach and hardly paid attention to Daisy.

"Wow, look at the size of that," said a visitor.

"You could see the horizon from up there," said another.

"I could be taller than a train!" said a little boy.

"I'll bet the seats are very comfortable too," said a woman.

Daisy was feeling jealous. "I-I have comfortable seats too, ma'am," she stuttered.

"Oh I know you do," replied the woman, "but I've ridden on you before and they could use some improvement. Besides, this coach looks new and very splendid." Daisy scoffed.

Soon Flora's coach was packed with visitors and there were still some trying to get in. "Sorry," said Flora. "My coach is full now, but don't worry. Daisy will still get you all up to Harwick. Right, Daisy?"

"Oh yes, of course," said Daisy cheering up a little bit. "I'll get you all there in no time. You all can be sure of that." But instead of hearing cheers, Daisy heard some of the passengers groan. She felt hurt.

"Don't worry, Daisy," whispered Flora. "You're still getting a lot of passengers, you know, and I'm sure most of them want to get to Harwick and go to the beach as soon as possible." Then the guard blew his whistle. "I'll see you later up there, Daisy!" called Flora, and she trundled away with the happy visitors.

Daisy still felt upset and jealous, especially when the rest of the visitors were still complaining.

"Mommy, I want to ride on that coach!" yelled a little boy.

"I'm sorry, dear," said the boy's mother. "There's no more room for us. We'll just have to ride in this diesel for now."

"Aw! But that coach is more exciting!" whined the boy, as he got into Daisy.

"That engine must be very lucky to have such an amazing coach," said a man.

"Yes," agreed his friend. "I'm sure it does not smell like diesel fuel or oil all the time."

"Indeed. That would never do. You would need to hold a bag close to your mouth at all times in case anything happened!" And he and his friend laughed, not knowing that Daisy heard them and was getting very cross.

Soon, Daisy was on her way up to Harwick, still fuming. When they passed by the harbour, she heard the visitors oohing and awing at the town and the sea, which made her feel slightly better, but then she heard a bell and looked ahead to see Flora was just up in front.

"Oh no! Please don't notice her, please don't notice her, please don't notice her," muttered Daisy under her breath about the passengers, but of course, her visitors noticed Flora and turned their attention to her coach once again.

"Look mommy!" cried the boy again. "There's the special coach!"

"Those people must feel very lucky to be on such a grand object with such a lucky engine," said the man.

Daisy was cross, then Flora saw her. "Hello Daisy," she puffed. "Are your visitors enjoying the ride?"

"Probably not as much as yours," Daisy replied enviously.

"Well, I have heard many them say what a beautiful view they have from the upper deck and how comfortable the seats are," chuckled Flora.

"Yes, I'll bet they're having a marvelous time," puffed Daisy.

Just then, the two of them heard Ryan. "Hello Daisy!" he called. "Oh, and hello to you too, madam," he said to Flora. "Are you Daisy's helper? Or should I say--" as he looked at her coach "--her replacement?"

"Ha ha," laughed Flora. "No, I'm just here to help her out with work."

"Ha ha, oh I know," chuckled Ryan, "and you're doing well. Keep up the good work! And I'm just teasing you Daisy! You're doing fine too!" It was probably lucky for Ryan that he didn't see how angry Daisy was at this point.

"Excuse me, dear," she said to Flora. "I think I heard my passengers say they really want to get to the beach as soon as possible and I don't want to upset them, so I'll see you later." And she rushed ahead.

"Oh okay, Daisy," replied Flora. "See you later." But she was surprised to see that Daisy's passengers were more interested in her and coach and did not seem the least bit interested in getting up to Harwick.

Soon Daisy arrived at Harwick beach, feeling relieved, until she heard the visitors remarks again.

"I still want to ride in that coach, mommy!"

"That was a rather hasty and bumpy ride."

"Well, at least we can enjoy the sea now."

Before Daisy could say anything to them, the Harwick station master came up.

"Hello Daisy," he said. "I just received a message from Arlesburgh that Duck has brought in more visitors. Since you're the first to arrive, I need you to go and collect them."

"Yes sir. I'll get them here in no time," replied Daisy, and she headed back for Arlesburgh.

On the way, she passed Flora again, but didn't say anything.

"Wait Daisy! Can I talk to you when we get back to Arlesburgh?" asked Flora, but Daisy was well on her way back and ignored Flora.

"I'm sure these visitors will want to ride on me this time," she thought hopefully to herself.

When she arrived at Arlesburgh, she saw the visitors waiting and was pleased to see them, but they all seemed disappointed.

"Awww, where's the engine with the special coach?" said a man.

"I thought we were going to ride in that and see more sights," agreed a woman.

"Well we'll just have to ride in this old diesel, I guess," sighed another.

This made Daisy crosser than ever. "Right! That does it!!!" she boomed. "You all would much rather ride in a coach than a smart, classy railcar like me? Fine! Go ahead then!!! See what I care!" Then she growled and stormed away, leaving the visitors very confused.

"What's the matter with her?"

"Don't know. Must have had a bad day or something."

A while later, Flora arrived and was surprised to see there were a lot of visitors waiting on the platform. "That's odd. I thought Daisy was supposed to pick them up," she thought.

"Oh look!" exclaimed a visitor. "There's the engine with the special coach!" And all the visitors cheered.

Flora was pleased, but she was worried. "Thank you everyone, but I'm afraid not all of you are going to fit on my coach all at once. I'm going to have to make a couple of trips in order to get you all up to Harwick."

"Oh that's alright," said a visitor. "We can wait. We'd much rather do that than ride on that diesel that abandoned us."

"What?!" exclaimed Flora. "Daisy was here?"

"Yes," replied a woman. "She was mad about something and yelled at us, then just left us here. Now we're sitting ducks."

Flora was puzzled, but she knew she still had to get the visitors up to Harwick, so once her coach was full, she headed back up to Harwick. Because she had to make a few trips, Flora had to hurry up to Harwick so that she would have time to collect the rest of the visitors before the end of the day, but it was hard work because of her packed coach and the eventual climb up to Harwick.

On the way, she passed Ryan again, who was collecting goods at Arlesburgh Harbour. "Hello again, Flora!" he called. "Are you doing alright?"

"As best as I can," replied Flora.

"Ah well, at least you have Daisy to help you out," said Ryan. "She may be lazy, but she's still helpful and really useful."

"Well right now, I think she's being lazy," said Flora, "because she never picked up more passengers and there's still quite a few waiting at the station."

"Really?" puffed Ryan. "That's odd. I wonder what's going on. Well, I have to take these goods to Knapford now, so I'll talk to you later, Flora, and good luck!"

"Thank you dear!" called Flora, and she continued up to Harwick as Ryan headed for Knapford.

Sure enough, as Ryan passed Arlesburgh, he saw the visitors waiting and was very surprised. "This is very strange," he thought. "It's not like Daisy to miss out on taking passengers. I wonder what's wrong."

Eventually he arrived at Knapford, then he saw Toby and Henrietta.

"Hello there, Ryan," said Toby. "How are you doing."

"Hello Toby," replied Ryan. "I'm doing fine, but do you know where Daisy is?"

"No," puffed Toby. "Why do you ask?"

"Because she's supposed to be helping Flora with taking visitors, but she apparently left her to do all the work," explained Ryan.

Toby and Henrietta were puzzled. "Why would she do that?" asked Henrietta.

"I don't know," replied Ryan, "but I hope it isn't anything serious because Flora cannot take all the visitors by herself, you know. I mean, I know the passengers like her coach, but not all of them can fit in it at once." This gave Toby and Henrietta an idea.

"Oh well, I hope she turns up soon," sighed Ryan. "I need to get back to the branch line now, so if you two see her, could you let her know?"

"We will, Ryan," promised Toby.

"Trust us, we most certainly will," added Henrietta.

"Great! Thank you!" said Ryan. "I'll see you both later. Good-bye!"

"Good-bye!" called Toby and Henrietta, and Ryan left.

"So are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Henrietta chuffed to Toby.

"I most certainly am," puffed Toby. "We need to find Daisy." But then they heard a voice and then a goods train moved to reveal...

"Stupid coach," Daisy muttered, "and such rude passengers. How could they say that about me? It's so--"

"Well, well, well," said Toby. "What do we have here, Henrietta? A green-eyed monster, I suppose?"

"That's what it seems like to me," smiled Henrietta. "After she said earlier today that no coach could outshine her and yet, it looks like one did."

"That's enough, both of you!" Daisy hissed. "It's not funny. You should have heard the way those dreadful visitors were talking about me."

"Well they probably have a lot more dreadful things to say now after you abandoned them," puffed Toby.

"I don't care," scoffed Daisy. "It'll served them right for saying such rude things and saying how a coach is better than me."

"Now Daisy," said Henrietta firmly. "That's no reason to abandon your job. I'm sure the visitors may have said a few things, but you should not let them get to you."

"But it was just so degrading the way they were attached to Flora's coach and hardly any of them wanted to ride in me," sobbed Daisy. "I mean, that's my branch line! She has no business taking over it with her 'special coach.'"

"Oh relax," soothed Henrietta. "You're acting like Sir Topham Hatt brought her to replace you."

"Well she basically did," whined Daisy.

"Oh, stop it!" scolded Toby. "You're being silly. So Flora's coach is getting more attention, but that's not a bad thing. Besides, it means more visitors will come to see your branch line and don't you want to take a lot of visitors?"

"Yes, but only if they want to ride in me and not some coach," huffed Daisy. "Otherwise, what's the point of me being around?"

Toby and Henrietta sighed. "Now Daisy," said Toby. "Even you know better than to say that. You are still part of Sir Topham Hatt's Railway, right? So you definitely are worth having around. I know it can be hard for you to accept the fact that there are people that have more attention than you, but guess what, Daisy? Appearances are not always everything. It most certainly does not make you really useful. What makes you that, and special for this matter, is how you do your work and present yourself to other people and engines. And I'm sure even you know that, don't you?"

Daisy took a deep breath then spoke. "Yes, I know," she replied. "It's just the way those visitors were talking about me and I usually don't get those kind of remarks, but I know now that if I want to make them happy, I must prove myself."

"And that you should," said a voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt.

"Daisy, I heard all about you abandoning your job and leaving Flora to handle it and I'm not happy,--" Daisy squirmed "--but after hearing your little talk with Toby here just now, I see you have learned your lesson and I will believe you have if you go back and make it up by collecting Flora and the visitors."

Daisy was puzzled. "Collect Flora, sir?"

"Yes," replied Sir Topham Hatt. "Because of you leaving her to do all the work, she had to work extra to get the visitors up to Harwick and even though she did, she's broken down and can't get all the visitors back to Arlesburgh."

Daisy was ashmed. "Oh dear, I'm very sorry about this, sir. I never meant for her to breakdown, but don't worry. I'll get her and the visitors back in no time."

"That's what I want to hear," said Sir Topham Hatt proudly. "Now off you go and please be quick about it."

"Yes sir. You can count on me," said Daisy and she hurried off to help Flora.

"Thank you for the talk, Toby!" she called.

"You're welcome, Daisy!" called Toby proudly.

Soon Daisy was well on her way to Harwick. "Oh I hope not all of the passengers are cross," she thought. Then she passed by Arlesburgh and saw Duck waiting.

"Daisy? Where did you--"

"Sorry Duck, can't talk right now. This is an emergency," called Daisy as she continued on leaving Duck confused.

At Harwick, all the visitors were very upset, but not with Flora.

"Now because of that diesel, we'll miss our train!" complained one of the visitors.

"At least I can ride in the coach!" said the little boy.

"We're sorry you had to do this," said a visitor to Flora. "We know it's not your fault. You certainly do work harder than that lazy, feeble…."

"Feeble? Feeble?!" Daisy had just arrived. "Oh uh, I mean, I've come to rescue all of you."

The visitors and even Flora were not convinced.

"Look, I know it was wrong of me to leave you all behind," Daisy apologized, "and I shouldn't have let Flora do all the work, but you have to trust me when I say I learned my lesson and I'm here to make sure you all get back to Arlesburgh safely. So please, just listen to me."

The visitors were not entirely certain, but they knew they had to get back soon, so they all climb aboard Flora's coach and crowded into Daisy and when they were ready, Daisy pulled Flora and her coach back to Arlesburgh. It was harder than Daisy thought, but she did her best.

"Keep it up, Daisy!" encouraged Flora, who knew Daisy was sorry. "You're making good progress!"

"Thank you, dearie!" called Daisy as she foraged ahead.

Back at Arelsburgh, Duck was getting impatient. "Oh where are they?" he grumbled. "Sir Topham Hatt will be cross if the visitors don't get here soon."

"I don't know," puffed Ryan, "but hopefully--" Just then they heard a horn and there, coming in feeling tired but triumphant, Daisy brought Flora and the visitors back. The visitors were very relieved and could tell that Daisy was sorry too.

"Thank you for getting us back," said one.

"Yes, very quick and efficient," added another.

"And smooth too," another chimed in.

"And for what it's worth, we are sorry for what we said," added the rude man from earlier. "We just really wanted to see what it was like riding in a double-decker coach."

"That's alright, sir," said Daisy. "It's understandable."

"Also," said the man's friend, "you do not smell bad either. You are probably one of the better smelling engines on this island."

"Oh ho ho, why thank you sir," blushed Daisy.

"Ahem," said Sir Topham Hatt who had just arrived with Toby in Henrietta. "I'm glad all of you made it back safely and saw how useful this engine can be, but please, next time, if any of you have a problem with one of my engines, come to me and don't take it out on them. It'll just cause a disruption otherwise."

"Yes sir," replied the visitors.

"Actually, sir," said one of them. "We have to admit that even though she left us behind, she knows how to make it up and still prove she's a really useful engine and you are lucky to have her." And all the visitors agreed. Daisy blushed.

"Yes, she is," said Sir Topham Hatt. "A very useful engine indeed."

"Um, excuse me?" Duck cut in. "Beg pardon for interrupting, but don't all of you have to get home?"

"Oh yes, right! Of course," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Ahem, well come along everyone. Get in quickly please." And all the visitors quickly climbed on board as well as Sir Topham Hatt and Duck was ready to go.

"Good-bye! Hope all of you enjoyed your time!" called Ryan.

"Oh we did!" called the visitors. "And we'll be back tomorrow and this time, we'll be sure to get a ride on that special engine there!" Daisy smiled, and soon, Duck was out of sight.

Afterwards, Daisy spoke to Flora. "Flora, I am terribly sorry for leaving you to do all the work. I was feeling very jealous of your coach and I was tired of everyone paying more attention to that more than me."

"It's alright, Daisy," soothed Flora. "I understand that my coach is special and gets a lot of attention from people. I hope you didn't feel like it was going to replace you because you are far too useful to be replaced by a coach."

"Well, to be honest, I did for a while, but Toby talked some sense into me letting me know that appearances are not everything and there's more to it in being really useful," admitted Daisy, smiling at Toby. "Oh, and also. While we're on the topic of coaches, Henrietta, I'm sorry for what I said to you this morning. You may be old, but you are still a really useful coach and Toby is lucky to have you."

"That's alright, dear," replied Henrietta. "It doesn't bother me too much. I've know you for years, so I know how you behave and I'm used to it."

"So am I," said Toby. "You may still have to be taught a few things, Daisy, but I think we can agree that it's a good thing that I'm here to help you, right?"

Daisy smirked. "Yes, that's true. You are pretty good with that, Toby, and despite what I say to you, I'm glad you're there to help me, so thank you."

"You're welcome, Daisy," said Toby.

"Ah Daisy," said Ryan joining in. "I've known you for a little while and I can tell, even though you tend to be lazy, you are still a good and really useful engine."

"Thank you, Ryan," replied Daisy.

"Yes, that is definitely one of the things Toby told me about you and I have to agree with Ryan on that as well," added Flora.

"Oh really?" said Daisy, raising an eyebrow at Toby smirking. "Is there anything else you told your girlfriend, Toby?"

"Girlfriend?" puffed Toby. "Oh don't be silly, Daisy. I didn't tell her everything about you, but I did tell her about your boyfriend."

Daisy was puzzled. "My boyfriend?"

"You know? Champion?" teased Toby.

Daisy groaned. "Please tell me you didn't?"

"Well, it might have slipped out," puffed Toby.

"Oh Toby!" groaned Daisy. "Flora, whatever he told you about that bull is not--" Suddenly, there was a loud mooing noise. "Ah!!! Where is he? Where is he? Get him away from me! Ooh!" Daisy cried, but it only Henrietta.

"Surprise!" Henrietta chuckled and everyone laughed, and even though she felt quite embarrassed, Daisy couldn't help but laugh too.




  • References to the television series episodes, Daisy, Bulls-Eyes, and Tram Trouble, are made in this episode.
  • Going canonically by the television seires, this episode marks Flora's first appearance since the twelfth season television series episode, Tram Trouble, as well. This is also her only appearance in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.
  • Henrietta's mentioning of Daisy being replaced by Flora is an allusion to the fan theory that Flora replaced Daisy in the television series back when she was introduced.